Grandpa's Lessons - Part Three

Sara had been busy preparing for the poker party hoping perhaps if she did a good job, he might forget. She hd beer on ice, all the snacks he wanted, and the table set up as ordered. At 6 oclock his friends were to arrive and sure enough five men, all older men who looked to be grandfathers themselves, entered. One even looked like Santa Clause a bit but as he passed her he stopped and pinched her ass as she was squeezing his own crotch.

Her grandfather had seen but just continued to greet his guests and soon had them down as she offered them beers, dressed only in short shorts, a thong and bra, as ordered.

Her grandfather dealt. "Who ever wins this hand lets say gets a blow job for the entire next round?"

The old sant pulled her close as she passed. "Good incentive to win. You'll like my ten inches."

Fighting the tears she stood there watchig as they played, and all too soon the hand was one, not by Santa bu by a balding black mn who from the logo on his shirt worked for the local mechanic. She was f***ed to crawl under the table and unzipping his pants, remove his cock. Hidden from view she allowed the tears to come as she sucked and licked the man till he came, praying it would be the end but she foud herself f***ed to continue for more as she was reminded the prize had been for the rest of the round.

She had not heard the second prize but the old store ower who had been eying her all day ripped off her bra and made her sit in his lap but facing him. His mouth went down to her large ripe breasts and bega suckling on them though he sunk his teeth deep into each nipple, causing her to hiss in pain.

He whispered as he turned her around. "You get to sit with me all nicely for this round."

Her grandfther looked at her. "We play for holes now, first call on each hole. You get your choice by win."

She sat here, her breats painfully groped through another three rounds. Old Santa won her ass, the black man whose cock she sucked won first ride of her pussy and one the others got first round on her mouth.

Her grandfather pulled her off his lap but dragged her, strippig her bottoms into the bedroom but she realized i shock the old black man went to lay bottom naked on the bed. She stuggled and fought but she foud herself f***ed to straddle the man and her grandfather pushed down hard on her till the cock was burried deep in her. But she was soon to learn the reaso for the bed.

The old santa positioned himself. "It has been decades since I road a good ass. You be a good filly now."

She screamed as he drove into her ass and she found herself being f***ed up and down the other cock by his movements, feeling fuller then she had ever had in her life. The third man was soon in front of her and she was f***ed to somw how perform oral s the other two road her hard. There was no end, as soon as the three climaxed they changed positions and once again all her holes were filled. It continued on and on until each man including her grndfather had at least two tries at each hole.

She was finally allowed to slump down on the bed. The old Santa pet her. "What a good little filly."

One of the men who was a farmer smiled. "Bring her to my barn tomorrow, I have a few to try out on her."

The men were lead out but she remained where she was as her grandfather ordered her not to move, but whe he returned he shooed her naked into the kitchen to clean up the mess. She could barely move and she waas crying the entire time, but she did as she was told. It seemed though her grandfather had not forgotten and after she was done she was bet over the desk chair for a paddling.

Her grandfather fucked her through the night and whispered. "Tomorrow should be exciting, I have always wanted to see a pussy eaten by something other then a human tongue."

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2 years ago
hmmm great story love where this is going!
2 years ago
Wow a little rough but man did i cm againthanks
3 years ago
Will post part 4...but xhamster may refuse it!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
How do I get to read part 4? can you send it me in a private message?
3 years ago
There was a part 4, but as it involved bestiality, its unsuitable for this site.
3 years ago
Great series. More?
3 years ago
more please