The Redhead part 2

Sam looked at my heavy set body, as water was cascading down my back, chest, shoulders, and pooling round my feet.

“Mind if I take over?” Sam grinned wickedly, pointing at my cock which had been released from its vice like grip in shock. Sinking to her knees in front of me, Sam took my balls in one hand and my cock in the other. Pulling my foreskin back, she used her pierced tongue to tease my cock’s eye that was winking at her.
The sensation of the metal of Sam’s piercing entering my piss hole made me involuntarily twitch, so I tried to concentrate my efforts on her wonderfully rounded boobs, and caressing her beautiful red hair. This absolutely gorgeous stunner was ticking off every single element of my dream sexual fantasy, and I’d barely known her an hour.

Redhead beauty - check

Curtains and rugs matching - I reached underneath Sam’s breasts and stroked between her legs. - Check!

Sex in Public - check

Sex in a Shower - check

Blow job - check

Actually, I had no elements to add this was perfect. As I stroked between Sam’s legs, I found her slit and teased my finger up and down her pussy lips. My thumb pressing against her clit in a circular motion. Sam moaned in appreciation as she took all of my cock in her mouth from tip to base, and squeezed my balls slightly too. Now it was my turn to groan as I nearly buckled at my knees. Goddamn, this girl was good! The hot water was causing enough steam to fog up the frosted glass even more.!
I got back to my feet and pulled Sam up off her knees . Dr****g her arm around my neck I pulled her closer to me kissing her deeply and pushing her up against the tiled wall. As we kissed deeply , Sam jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist. To compensate this top heavy predicament, I pushed Sam against the wall and held the weight! As I got in to a comfortable position, Sam slid down the wall and slowly impaled herself on to my cock. The sensation was incredible as I slowly filled her wet pussy. I may not have the biggest cock in the world but I was pounding in and out of her cunt as if I did. And Sam was almost biting into my shoulder with each thrust I was giving her.

Then, with Sam hanging on to my neck and my cock still inside her, we manoeuvred ourselves from the shower cubicle to the bench just outside of it. From a third person perspective it looked kind of humorous !! As I lay Sam on the bench, I took a moment to look at the vision in front of me. She smiled at me as her wet matted hair stuck to her shoulders as she cupped her own tits, tweaking her nipples. Fuck me, she was beautiful. I knelt before her and inhaled the musky aroma that emanated from her lovely red hairy pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked from the perineum to the clit, tasting a combination of her juices and my pre-cum. I licked, and tongue fucked her pussy for a long time, sometimes tracing her name over her clit (one of my favourite party tricks!). The bench was wide enough for me to lie next to her so I could suck on her beautiful, pale 36C boobs. Using my fingers, I thrust my digits into her sopping wet cunt and found her G-spot. As she moaned and panted in my ear, I thrust faster and faster until I felt her juices flood my hand and drip on to the floor. I brought my hand to my both and started to lick Sam’s juices off my fingers when she grabbed my hand and licked my other fingers. Incredibly erotic, seeing a girl taste her own juices. I kissed her and as we exchanged the taste of her juices. She returned the favour and stroked my stiff cock and with in a few strokes she direct my spurting cock to spunk over her body, and boobs. Sam scooped up the cum with her fingers and swallowed as much as she could. What she missed on her boobs , I licked her tits clean. We kissed each other again, and suddenly we noticed that the Gym’s CCTV cameras were trained in our direction. Instead of panicking, Sam just looked at me and smiled. I could almost read her mind….we certainly gave the security guard a show!

Grabbing our towels, we get dressed and plan to rush to the nearby hotel and carry on where we left off….

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2 years ago
Now i have to and change my panties thanks so much
3 years ago
very good & sexy a part 3