The Redhead

Standing there, looking in the mirror, I wonder what it is that Sam sees in me. I look at my naked body in the reflection. It’s not much to look at. Actually, it’s a lot to look at… as I’m not exactly the fittest of people. Behind me, I hear her moan, as she stirs in her sl**p. Her arm flops on to the side of the bed where I should be . Feeling the sheets inside of my body, wakes Sam up.

“Where are you?” she says, sl**pily.

“Just here,” I say reassuringly. “I just had to get a glass of water”

“Get you ass back in bed. Its cold and you’re nice to snuggle up to!”

I can’t help but smile at that compliment. I pull the sheet back and climb back into bed. She’s a lot warmer than she admits. I on the other hand have lost a little warmth.

“Brrr!” She grumbles. “Your feet have gone cold! Looks like I better make sure you don’t leave this bed for a while!”

Sam’s legs hug my leg and the insoles of her feet start to rub up and down my calf. The Saturday morning sun is breaking and the light breaks through the curtain and highlight’s her auburn red hair. I kiss her forehead as her right hand starts to stroke my chest. Her 36C breasts hug the right side of my body and both our right nipples make contact. They have a race to see which gets harder first! Though I think she was aroused before I even got back into bed, judging by the heat that’s coming from her pussy against my thigh. I bend my head down to her lips and kiss her softly. But she kisses me back harder.

Taking charge now, Sam is fully awake, and rolls herself onto my chest .both our sets of nipples touch, resuming their erection war, and Sam’s waist lies over my groin. I wince in slight pin as weight just catches me in an awkward position. Sam is my no means overweight, but gratefully she isn’t bony thin either. Curves in all the right places you could say. She kisses me again, her pierced tongue dancing in mouth as my tongue dances right back with hers.

Shifting position, Sam throws the covers to the side as she shimmies down the bed until head is level with my groin. I’m about to protest, as I usually like to caress her beautifully hairy, but trimmed auburn pussy first. As she takes her tongue to my belly and thighs, teasing me. I recall in my mind how I first met her.

Cliché though it sounds, it was across a crowded room! Well it was a gym I had just joined. I’m 6’1 and about 300lbs. Many people tell me I don’t look my weight, but believe me, when I’m naked, trust me its obvious. Anyway… here I am, sweating like a pig when this auburn Amazon strolls into the gym, a towel over her shoulder and strides into the centre of the gym to my right hand side and starts her warm up stretches. I’ve been pounding the pedals on the exercise bike, and through the reflection of the mirrored wall in front of us, I can’t help but stare as she stretches her arms from toe to toe keep her legs straight. Damn she has fantastic legs! I suddenly miss my pedal and my momentum lunges me forward and I nearly fall of the static bike…only I could manage to do that! Despite the music blaring in my headphones from my iPod, I hear a giggle and a look back up at the reflection to see her eyes quickly shift away as I notice myself going red in the mirror.

After a few minutes, I’m settled back into my cycling routine as I notice the Auburn beauty is pounding at speed on the treadmill, going at a steady pace. I gaze at her form in the mirror. A tight red sports bra stretching as it contains her magnificent breasts, with her pale white skin sandwiched next to her black calf length lycra shorts. She has her eyes closed mouthing lyrics to whatever music she is listening to. I suddenly realise I’ve stopped riding, I’m that captivated. To make it look like I’m not just sat there leering at this girl (even though I know I am!), I climb off the bike and help myself to a bottle of water and sit on the bench. I look up at the red headed stunner now in front of my eyes, her eyes still closed. I see a bead of sweat form at the top of her forehead and slowly it makes its way down her nose, then on to the top of her lip. Her tongue quickly comes out and catches the bead of sweat as she licks her lips. Until now I’d never realised just how sexy a girl could be, just running.. I take a swig of my water and as I rest my eyes back on her, she’s looking straight at me! Oh shit…busted! She pushes a button on her machine and slowly runs to a walk to a stop. As she climbs off the tread mill, she grabs her towel and rubs her forehead and forearms. A trickle of sweat travels down her neck into the crevice of her damp, glistening, sweaty cleavage.

“Enjoying the view?”

“Huh?” I say dumbly, suddenly realising that she’s now talking to me. “Er, yeah, er, sorry”, I mumble..
‘Great start to a conversation, you idiot!!’ I think to myself!

“Good. I’m glad,” she chuckles. “I hoped I wasn’t doing this gym lark, solely for the good of my health. And judging from the reaction I got from you earlier, I’m pleased I kept your attention. After all I wouldn’t want you to lose your footing again!”

I blush.

“You really go red very easily….”

“James,” I reply. “I’ve been told that many times”

“Hi James, I’m Sam,” she says smiling. “Can I just take a swig of that?” she asks, pointing at my water.

“Sure, help yourself.” I hand over my bottle and Sam unscrews the sports cap and takes a big gulp, excess water spilling from the side of her mouth.
The atmosphere is suddenly getting thick with sexual tension or something and my groin starts to stir and swell, this could get embarrassing…

“Keep the bottle,” I say. “I’m finished for now, gonna hit the showers”

‘ “gonna hit the showers” ? Why did you need to say THAT out loud?’ I think to myself. Though my stiffening cock under my own towel seems to answer that question for me.
I go into the shower and strip off, and walk into a the tiled open cubicle with a weighted frosted Perspex door to keep your privacy. The gym is one of those 24hrs a day style gyms so the entire complex is covered by CCTV cameras. As I turn on the shower, I mindlessly stroke my extremely hard cock thinking about Sam and the how sexy she looked as her sweat was pouring down her chest.

“I’d say you were far from finished, James”

I spun round to see Sam with my shower door open…stark naked.
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2 years ago
Wow i already came once looking foreward ti the next story
3 years ago
Hot very hot thanks
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vert good & hot start