Poolside Foursome

It’s a summer holiday and me, Kelly, Dom, and his girl, Nikki, all head to the beach for the day. It’s very hot at our destination, so we decide that when we get to our luxury villa, we’ll use the pool! Nikki is an absolute stunner with her brown hair cascading over her shoulders. Dom is about 6ft tall and it’s apparent that they love each other. Kelly is more stunning than Nikki, she’s about 5’3 with brown hair that that’s so long it covers her perfectly formed breasts. I, on the other hand, am very shy, because of my weight. But Kelly reassures me that weight doesn’t matter, she loves me for who I am, not what I look like! - although she says that my eyes are my best feature!

As we arrive at the villa, me dump our suitcases in the lounge and just run to the pool. Kelly and Nikki have already got their bikinis on, and Kelly’s wearing one of my shirts! So, wearing my white shirt, she jumps into the warm pool. With her wet hair and her shirt hugging her shapely figure, my groin starts to stir, never has anyone looked so sexy! Me and Dom both jump into the pool as well. Once in the pool, I pull Kelly close to me, take her shirt off, leaving it to float on the pool surface. With the water being chest height, Kelly’s nipples start to harden. Especially as I’m rubbing them with my thumb and then with my index fingers too. Kelly gives me a lingering kiss as I undo her bikini top, again leaving it to float on the surface.
I look over at Dom and Nikki who are now naked and up against the poolside with both of them giving each other hand jobs. Kelly, puts her hand in my shorts as she feels, my throbbing cock stiffen to her touch. She then pulls my shorts down, leaving me naked. Kelly’s bikini bottoms are the ones that tie at the side, so I pull them as it unties itself. Kelly moans as I place my hand on her mound, I moan too as her strokes get faster, but in the pool, the water is thrashing around us, so I lift Kelly onto the side of the pool.
With her legs dangling in the pool, I pull her towards my face. Her pussy has a mixed smell of chlorine and a musky scent. Her pussy lips are puffy as she is incredibly turned on, so with a couple of fingers, I probe her entrance. She moans again as my probing finger finds her G-spot, with which I give a little rub. I climb out of the pool, and Kelly sees the effect that she has on me for the first time. With the sun beating down, we look over at Dom who is pounding away with Nikki.
Turning my attention to the beautiful sight in front of me, I lower my head as I lick the top of her entrance. Her clit’s hardened so, I take it in my mouth and give it a quick suck, which sends shivers down her thighs. Then with my tongue, I drive her wild as I spell out her name with my tongue on her clit K-E-L-L-Y! She almost orgasms, and then does as I insert two fingers into her tight cunt. Using my thumb to rub her clit at the same time. She comes all over my fingers, which I lick tasting her sweet taste then give her my fingers so she can taste herself. But she is after something else to taste. So grabbing my slightly soft cock, she takes it in her mouth and soon I’m hard again. Then using a technique that drives me wild, she sucks me off as she wanks me at the same time. I’m almost coming, when Nikki and Dom, join us.

Dom and I stand in front of our girls as they each take our dicks into their mouth, I’m even more turned on now as is Dom, the girls suck is faster and harder, and soon, by sheer coincidence, Dom and I come at the same time. And the girls take our loads in their mouths and then turn and kiss each other, transferring one come to the other, and the come dribbles down their chins which they equally clean up! With no signs of my hard cock stiffening, I lay Kelly down on the sun lounger and push my cock to the entrance of her pussy. Her lips grip me tight as I enter her, slowly. Then I quicken the pace, Dom has Nikki in the same position, and Nikki reaches over and plays with Kelly’s clit, who moans with pleasure and reciprocates the same motion. I then turn Kelly over into the ‘doggy position’ and enter her deep from behind, she crys in pain, and I realise that I entered her arse, I apologise, and she says, don’t, do it more, so I pound her arse as she starts to rub her own clit in a matter of minutes she comes and her contracting muscles cause me to come as well, so I pull out and shoot my load all over her back with which she rubs into her back. After regaining strength in my legs, I carry Kelly into the shower, where we make love against the cubicle and then to the giant bed which is shared between the four of us. Kelly and Nikki put on a quick show as Dom and I wank, contentedly!
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3 years ago
very good just discribe the girls better