Loren (pt III)

I lent Loren my jacket to give her some respectablility as we entered the street. My girlfriend, Liz, hailed a taxi. We got in the back and Loren sat in the front seat.

It wasn't a long journey home, and very soon we we're pulling up outside my house. As we were approaching I reached for my wallet, but Liz stopped me and said 'no, Loren's paying for this one'.

We arrived and the driver said how much we owed. 'How about payment in kind?', said Liz. 'What do you mean?' said the driver.

'well, that girl in the front seat is a cum hungry slut, how about she sucks your cock'.

Before he had a chance to reply, Loren leaned over and began to get his cock out. She smiled, and then wrapped her lips around his hardening cock. I couldn't believe just how much this sexy girl liked cock.

The driver was clearly enjoying this, but Liz said 'don't just let her do it how she pleases, she needs it rough.

At that, the driver grabbed Loren's hair, and f***ed her head an mouth further onto his cock. I could hear Loren gagging now, but she was also moaning for more. My cock was so hard just watching and I realised Liz had hitched her skirt up and was vigorously fingering her wet pussy.

With one hand still holding her hair, the driver reached over with the other and gave Loren a hard slap on the ass. Loren gasped with pleasure. Then the driver slipped his finger into her ass and began fucking her with it.

I could take no more. I got out, opened Loren's door and slapped her ass myself. I took my hard cock out and looked at the driver. He knew what I wanted and took his finger out of Loren's ass. I immediately pushed my cock into Loren's ass. That ass felt so good and tight round my cock, and I pushed in further and harder. Loren was moaning with pleasure now, and then began gagging even more as the driver pumped a load of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

A few more minutes of her delicious tight ass and I was ready to cum too. I pushed so deep into Loren and then shot a load of cum into her ass. Loren couid only moan 'I love it, I love it all'.

The next thing I knew, Liz was beside me looking flustered. I knew she had made herself cum. She shoved her finger hard into Loren's ass, pulled it out again and licked my cum off it. Then she dragged Loren out of the car by her hair and pulled her into our house. Once in, she gave Loren a slap, pushed her into the closet, and locked the door. 'See you tomorrow'. ...

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