Loren3007 (pt II)

... I could see my girlfirend was furious. She was torn between the desire to kill Loren and the desire to lap up all my cum. She took her anger out on Loren's pussy - I could see she was fingering her as hard as she could. Suddenly she slapped Loren hard across the face.

Loren fell to the floor, on her back wuth her legs wide open. My girlfriend shouted at her 'if you can suck his cock, then you can taste my pussy'. She hitched up her skirt showing her tight wet pussy and no knickers. Then she knelt on the floor, straddled Loren's face, and pushed her pussy down on to Loren's mouth.

I was surprised Loren could breathe, but she seemed to be enjoying it as she reached down and began fingering herself. I was enjoying this: my gorgeous girlfriend being licked by the sexy girl I was fucking and cumming over just a few minutes ago.

My cock was now really hard again watching this. I could take no more - I went over and put my cock in my girlfriend's mouth. I knew that sucking my cock would make her even wetter, and that all those juices would be running into Loren's mouth. She pulled her top down and pushed my cock between her firm breasts.

She wanted more: 'you've fucked her, now fuck me'. She leaned over on all fours and I went round her and pushed my cock into her tight pussy. All the while, Loren was still licking my girlfriend's clit and playing with herself.

It was so good, I started alternating between my girlfriend's pussy and Loren's mouth. My cock felt ready to explode. After a few hard strokes into Loren's mouth and then my girlfriend's pussy, I pumped a load more cum into that delicious pussy.

After I got up, my girlfriend made sure her pussy was back over Loren's mouth, and Loren lapped up all my cum. 'Don't you dare swallow that' my girlfriend shouted. She pulled Loren up by the hair again and made her spit all of that cum into her own mouth, licking Loren's lips to make sure she got it all.

I thought that was the end of it, until my girlfriend said to Loren 'I think you'd better come home with us now, I haven't finished with you yet.

to be continued...
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2 years ago
hope part III comes soon
2 years ago
can't wait for part III
3 years ago
Aw where's part III? :D
3 years ago
great story loving it!!
3 years ago
bomboclaat... story tun up lol... love it