That night at the restaurant was proving difficult. My girlfriend was trying to talk about something important, but I was distracted. Over her shoulder, at the next table, was the sexiest girl I'd ever seen.

Loren (as I later found out her name was) was in a stunning pink dress that showed of her sexy figure, and her beautiful face was made even sexier by a stylish pair of glasses. Just looking at her was making my cock so hard.

A little later, as I was leaving the men's bathroom, I saw Loren going into the women's. I couldn't help but follow her in there.

I startled her at first, and she asked what I was doing in there. I just came straight out with it. I said I just had to tell her how hard she was making my cock. Rather than being shocked, she surprised me. Before I knew it she was right next to me feeling my hard cock through my pants. She said she liked nothing more than making men's cocks hard.

She didn't say anything else, she got down on her knees, quicky got my cock out, and started to suck it like her life depended on it. AS she sucked, I grabbed her hair and pushed my cock as far into her mouth as it would go. She was gagging but was begging for more and more. I wanted to cum down her throat, and she begged for that, but I was not finished with her yet.

I pulled her up by the hair and then ripped her dress off. She was wearing nothing underneath. I needed her pussy, so put my fingers between her legs While she ran her hand up and down my cock. She was so wet that my fingers were covered in her juices. I licked her off my fingers and then made her do the same. She loved the taste of her own pussy.

I had to get inside her. I bent her over and pushed my cock hard into her tight wet pussy. She felt so good and so tight, and my cock filled her up. She asked for it harder and harder and I let her have it. I took hold of her young firm breasts and pulled her into me as hard as I could. I was so close to filling her with cum, but I wanted her mouth one more time.

I pushed her to the floor where she gladly took my cock into her mouth once more. That was it, I needed to cum now. I took hold of my cock and covered Loren's face and breasts in loads and loads of hot cum, making sure there was plenty for her mouth. She loved it and rubbed it all over her breasts and body.

At that moment my girlfriend walked in. I was for it. She looked furious and shouted 'that's mine'. At which point she pulled Loren up by the hair and began to lick my cum off of her body while pushing her fingers into Loren's pussy...

to be continued
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2 years ago
sexy story
3 years ago
I love it
3 years ago
HA! Go girl!! Hope I get to hear what happened next!