Jenny in the beginning

Jenny is the reason why i'm such a fucking pervert. From when i was a k** she was my next door neighbor. When I was about 16 though I started getting feelings about her. She was about 50 single with two boya. Very dark hair lots of it.Pretty for her age. I loved her juicy shapely arse more than any thing though.I started watching her through my bedroom window and wanking off over her. I loved seeing her in her work clothes. Very tight black trousers caressing her round shapely but full arse. Usually with Tights or stockings and black high heel shoes. For some reason I wanted her to see me naked. My cock was becoming quite a nice size by now. I started off standing on my bed in the window towling myself down, pretending I'd had a bath and I was unaware of her but making sure she saw me naked. Not to close to the window. I started noting the times she would appear on the garden and got ready for her daily. She must have seen my cock hundreds of times. Anytime I could show her I would. Then one day she came out onto the garden and began pottering round her flowers. Skirt on and squatting so her cunt was facing me. I could see it squeezed up in her gusset of her knickers. She was smiling and laughing to herself, as I was fully naked right in my window sill staring at her cunt,fuck me I was rock solid as she kept glancing up at me, knowing I was turned on fully, I know she was enjoying it because she stayed in the same position for about 10 mins without doing fuck all. She suddenly went inside and left me in the window to shoot my load over her. It now got more intense I would just sit in my window sill fully naked in front of her, rarely though did she see me erect. The intensity became more until one day, I used our ladders to get in her house,through her toilet window. I took two pairs of her used panties and two clean pairs, I wore them all week, wanked in then and sucked the gussets. I dreamt of her sat over my face so I could lick what I thought was a hairy black pussy,lapping her cunt juice up and licking her brown arsehole. I just used to be totaly naked in front of her regular, she didn't seem to bother just watched me. My big move came as I left home at nineteen, Id had an argument with my father and decided to leave. I went out Friday night and had a lot of beer, so I woke up half cut but was ready at 7.30 ready for Jenny to go out on the garden hang her washing, before going to work. I guess she wasn't expecting my next move. I went out onto our garden in just my open shirt and waited for her to get to the highest point of her garden. She was looking directly at me over the fence as I leant back arching my back and took my fully erect cock in my hand and began wanking hard right in front of her. she stood stll watching from behind a sheet on the washing line, not moving an inch just watching. I was grunting as I wanked hard,I wanted her to watch me have an orgasm, it was so horny watching my immediate neighbor,a women I had spoken to a thousand times,watching me perform an intense sexual act in front of her, knowing this made me shoot my load for her. I called out her name as I came my seed,letting her know it was for her, I bet she was gob smacked, however she remained in the same place, watching me. When it was over she went into the house,as did I. I so wished I could have fucked her, but I'll never forget how I left her,I would love to see her again, and ask her about it. She actually told my parents Something about it, who questioned me, but I was leaving so I didn't give a fuck. This is where My perverted bastard life began. I'll tell you many more tales along the way, but for now just thank Jenny!
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11 months ago
very hot made me cum all over myself