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[Story] What would you have done....?

So yesterday I needed to drive to the bay area to have my car serviced, and left early , so I didn't get a chance to rub one out before I left, so after an hour or so I started getting a hardon...so there I am on I5 with a boner in my very loose shorts. As I drove on I decided to take it out and play with it...what a great feeling....stroking my cock and driving....I started to approach and semi-truck on my right and just kept on stroking....right past the truck...that was kinda fun so I did it again...as I drove I wondered if maybe a driver saw my cock, and how many of them stroke theirs and ... Continue»
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[Story] I went back for a male massage....

After my last visit, as I said my head was spinning...I'm not gay, but I loved being used that day...have a cock in my mouth and in my ass??...but, I loved it...so here I was again...when I went in, I didn't see the same staff...it was asain women this time...???...ok, this can still be fun but...A very sexy asian lady asked me if I wanted a massage...she was smokin...great face...nice tits...very short dress....hmmm....but her voice??? a little deeper than I expected....
I undress in the room and wait...a few minutes later "she" walks in and as she walks to the head of the table, she runs h... Continue»
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[Story] I went for a male massage

I am not sure why I was even there...but there I was. I have to admit, lately I have been wondering what it would be like to suck a guys dick...I have also thought a lot about what It would be like to get fucked. I read the stories all the time about guys blowing guys, guys fucking guys, swallowing cum...but when I read about guys kissing, and hugging, my hardon is gone!!...
So here I was, saw the ad on craigslist, made the call, trying to be cool, but nervous as hell!
The massage ther****t was very cool...probably seen my look a million times...showed me to my room and left. I undressed and... Continue»
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[Story] Two weeks after the Boy Scout Trip.....

So a few weeks after our Boy Scout Trip, and the tent encounter I was at my tent-mates house ( we were neighbors ), and a bunch of us were swimming....including a couple of other Boy Scouts. The Scouts that were there were all a year or two older that me....but about the same age as Chris, my fat dicked tent-mate.
As we swam and played around I got the feeling that maybe Chris had told the other Scouts something...there seemed to be a little more "grab-ass" than i ever remember.....
As the grab ass continued, a couple of the guys grabbed my bathing suit and stripped me!.....but funny enoug... Continue»
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Mar. 03 / Hinamatsuri (Girls Day)

Today is Hinamatsuri (雛祭り), also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is a special day in Japan.
Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls (雛人形 hina-ningyō) representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period.

-Dutch- Het Japanse Poppenfeest (Japans: 雛祭り, Hinamatsuri) of Meisjesdag, ook perzikbloesemfestival genoemd, wordt gevierd op 3 maart. Een opstelling met meerdere etages en daarover een rood kleed (緋毛氈, hi-mōsen) wordt... Continue»
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Tha Ripped Rectum Collection & Collage - FTW88

Tha Ripped Rectum Collage & Collection

[image]http://ist2-2.fi... Continue»
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Mar. 02 / Castle in the Sky - Takeda Castle Ruins

"Machu Picchu" of Japan : Takeda Castle Ruins (竹田城址), located in Asago-shi, Hyogo-ken

Built in 1441, and now the ruins is a National Historic Site. It is located north of Himeji (where there is another famous castle called Himeji-castle), or north-west of Kyoto, at some 353 metres mountain top and is regarded as one of Japan's Top 100 Castles. The famous Himeji-castle is also within the same Hyogo-ken.

The sea of ... Continue»
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[Story] Tranny, Wife & Me

I have always loved sex with trannies, even more than sex. Friendship and closeness that I would struggle to fin in a guy. My wife had no huge preference for Tgirls but she did have a ravenous appetite for sex and was curious enough to try everything. We decided to go to Manchester and their regular Saturday night Tranny evenings and from previous visits, we had a few drinks in Napoleon's Lounge. It was a popular meeting place for "girls." Trannies who liked other girls, trannies who preferred women and girls who were seeking for the ultimate tranny accessory - a boyfriend who would take the t... Continue»
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Mar. 01 / Coffee or Pai-chan ?

Blue Bottle Coffee, an Oakland based Coffee Store opened its first Japanese roastery cafe shop in suburban Tokyo on Feb. 06, 2015.

Starbucks with this year's new Sakura menu

Recent statistics showed Japanese drink only 340 cups of coffee a year compared to the highest consumer Luxembourg of 2,844.

"Onsen" Map Symbol Cafe Latte

Coffee in Japan... Continue»
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Ski Japan

Skiing in Niigata - abundant ski resorts and onsen in Niigata-ken.

Shiga Kogen (Nagano-ken)

And don't forget Hokkaido ! Best ski area in Japan may be Hokkaido
This is "Niseko" .... chances of Hokkaido is always powder snow

Nozawa-Onsen (Nagano-ken)
[image]http://blog-imgs-74.fc2.com/s/k/b/skbjkjsk/2015021913560046d.jpg[/i... Continue»
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Feb.28 / Japan's Top10 B&Bs and Inns

Some very nice Japanese Ryokan Inns have been introduced in TripAdvisor(Travel website) recently.

1. Ryouri Ryokan Shiraume (Kyoto) 料理旅館「白梅」
Japan’s ancient capital - Kyoto takes the ryokan crown with the Shiraume. Meaning “white plum,” the inn’s name references its two century-old plum trees, and both the inn and the teahouse which previously occupied the grounds have been impressing visitors for centuries, including a famous poet whose calligraphy still decorates one of its rooms.

2. Ohanabo (Kyoto) 「お花坊」... Continue»
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Feb. 27 / Back to Black ?

Japanese Womens' Hair Color
Although many men may still have an image of Japanese women with black hair, there are actually very few women these days who haven’t dyed their hair before.

So if you come to Japan expecting to see girls with black hair, you may be surprised and/or disappointed by the large number of non-black haired women, albeit the color usually isn’t pink, red, or blue like anime characters’ but mostly some shade of brown.

Hair Salons have been in good business, but people sta... Continue»
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Feb. 25 / The Man Who Invented Karaoke

Daisuke Inoue is an inventor living in Nishinomiya City, Japan, with his wife, eldest daughter and seven dogs.

Daisuke Inoue with his famous invention. ( Courtesy of Daisuke Inoue )

It’s one a.m. The bar is closing but the night isn’t over yet. While milling about on the sidewalk, a friend suggests, ‘Karaoke?’ And suddenly the night gets a lot brighter—and a little more embarrassing.

It’s safe to say that at no point in human history have there been as many people singing the songs of themselves, uncaring that their ... Continue»
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Feb.26 / "Haikyo (廃虚)" Exploration

"Haikyo" (廃虚) literally means "abandoned place", is synonymous with "ruins" in Japan. Haikyo are particularly common in Japan because of its rapid industrialization, damage during the World War Ⅱ (until1945).

This is one "Haikyo", an old military fort ruins on a uninhabited island in Japan.

Access to the fort by the public was strictly prohibited until 1945.
[image]http://blog-imgs-74.fc2.com/s/k/b/skbjkjsk/1424846294... Continue»
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[Story] Drama queen part three

Drama queen part 3

The next day (Friday) I got up and dressed in clean lingerie and a mini skirt with top, I did my make up, I was getting better; especially after the tips Alice had given me. I took my dirty lingerie and loaded it into my washing machine. I did notice there were no male underwear, and did a smile to myself. I checked the skirts, top and dress I had worn and decided that they needed a wash too so they were set aside for the next load. I remembered I had some essays from Drama school to mark. The rest of my day was spent reading and marking with the occasional break for natu... Continue»
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[Story] My Girlfriend's Mother Has a Secret

A young man, 18, is caught spying on his girlfriends mother in her bedroom, and is taught a hard lesson. Characters: Tim, 18, Student; Susan, Tim's Girlfriend; and Julie, 44, Susan's Mother ;-).

Julie sat at her dressing table, preparing for bed; she brushed her long dark, which was one of the pride and joys. Normally, this would help her relax and unwind, but tonight, and on several other nights, she found that remained tense. She couldn't get over the feeling that somebody was watching her, for several days, perhaps a week; when she was alone around the house; she'd have an odd sensation ... Continue»
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[Story] My stepmother has a surprise for me

My name is Robert, I'm 18, skinny and not too tall. I've never had much luck with girls, in fact I never dated one and I used to spent my days playing games on my computer and watching porn. Shemale porn. Dominant shemales fucking men. I wish i could be one of those men on the videos, that turned me on so easily.

I was alone one day jerking off watching a scene of Yasmin Lee dominating a tied up guy when something unexpected happened: my stepmother arrived early from her job, entered the house quietly and caught me. Stephanie married my father some years ago, she is a stunning white 30 year... Continue»
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Rules for white men who submit to Black Cock

Rules for white men who submit to black cock

Many of white bois are constantly fantasizing about sucking Black Cock and having a Black Man fuck her ass. It’s important that to take action by starting to look for Black Cock to serve. Put an ad on craigslist or stop by a local adult theater in order to find Black Cock now.

Once a boi has the opportunity to serve there are rules to follow that will create the best experience for her, but most importantly the Black Man being served.

1 - Your Black Man is ALWAYS in charge. It is NEVER about your pleasure but what you can do to pleasur... Continue»
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[Story] Turned into a sex slave for Black Men

A few years back I spent time on and off with several
shall we say more dominating types of gentlemen. One of
them, who for this I shall call Leroy, just loved
when we got together to make me totally helpless.
It was our 6th or 7th meeting. Leroy and i had been chatting on Yahoo
and when he found out i was free that weekend he insisted
on coming over later that afternoon.
We talked about when and what he wanted me to be
wearing when he arrived. We settled on 4:00 and I was
to be wearing a red waspie, black fully fashioned nylon stockings,
black bra, short tight black... Continue»
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[Story] Old Black Carl (Part 4

There was no getting around it, now. Carl had total control over me with those photos, and I knew it. So many things could go wrong. Carl told me to clean the house before the football game started. He sat in his recliner and watched as I performed chores. It was hard to concentrate because, not only was I scared about the pictures, but Carl’s enormous cum load kept dribbling down my leg. It felt like there must have been a quart in there. After I had finished, Carl told me to shower, and to work on my makeup. He said it was going to be VERY important that I did it well enough to pass as ... Continue»
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[Story] Old Black Carl (part 3)

After the long night, we slept in late, the next day. Carl made me suck his cock again, and of course, I enjoyed it. He said he had some things to do and that he would drive me home, so that I could rest, and that he would be picking me up again that evening. He drove me home with his arm around me, and of course, he had me play with his big cock while he drove. He dropped me off in front of my parent’s house, and told me to be ready about 6. I nodded, and walked into the house. I knew I probably smelled like cum and sweat, so I went directly to my room. I thought about what I had done. I t... Continue»
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[Story] Old Black Carl (part 2)

Old Black Carl (part 2)
As Carl drove with his arm around me, and me stroking his meat through his pants, he told me that a year ago his wife had died, and that there weren't many Black women around, and the white girls didn't like him because he was older. So his plan was to make do with what he had. He would just make me into his white girl. It was pretty shocking, and scary to me. I wasn't sure how far I wanted all of this to go. But as he pulled into the Adult Bookstore parking lot, he took me by the face and made me look into his eyes. “Are you serious about this? I don’t want to be was... Continue»
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[Story] Old Black Carl (part 1)

This is a true story that took place just as I graduated from High School. I grew up in a small town, and there wasn't a lot of diversity. I had a very thin, smooth body, and long flowing hair that went halfway to my ass. In those days, I thought I looked like a rock star, and so did the girls. I did pretty well. I met a lot of girls from a town about 20 miles away, and I didn’t have a car. But back then you could count on getting a ride if you hitchhiked, and I did so to hang out with the girls, often. And that’s how it all started.
I was dressed in a pair of jean shorts, sneakers and a ... Continue»
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[Story] Playtime Stories Ch 4 Tiffany and I are joined by


I agreed to Tiffany’s promise of more fun at her place. She was a talented ass-fucker and although I’d just cum in the porn booth I could already feel my cock-craving returning. 30 minutes later we were pulling into a two-floor townhouse in suburbia.
Tiffany gave “Pet” a bullshit story about how I wasn’t able to go to my gay lover’s house because it was so late. At first he was a bit put off but then she added “Besides, you made a mess on her. The least you should do is clean her up…”
Of course there was no gay lover, and the mess was now on both legs after my own ass-fucking... Continue»
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[Story] Playtime Stories Ch 3


As I left the booth I was in heat. But first I needed to pay a visit to the rest room and finish my browsing, so I replaced myself wet and adjusted my clothes. I thanked him again and he thanked me and then complimented me on being hot. He closed the door and locked it behind me.
I turned right and followed the maze of booths to the restroom. I went inside and locked the door, remembering that night years ago when I had been all but f***ed to suck off a really big nasty guy who “made me.” It wasn’t cool at the time but it was a source of stimulation and fantasy ever since. On ... Continue»
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[Story] Playtime Stories Ch 2


My cock is so hard as I write this. Occasionally, one hand strokes while the other types.
Most guys love a good blowjob. Most guys are afraid to try a finger in the ass, but love it after they do. Most guys want a woman to be a total wanton slut or act like the nastiest whore of their wildest dreams. Most women aren’t loose enough to be that “hot” or that incredible of an experience.
I picture myself as everything I wish I could find in a slutty bitch. You know, a total nympho who really will do anything and then ask for seconds.
Before I tell you about what happened th... Continue»
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[Story] Playtime Stories Ch 1.


I am such a slut.
I was soft a few minutes ago after cumming hard, but now as I drive to my motel I’m getting hard again. I keep pulling my cock out of the side of my panties and rubbing the sticky head as I remember the man behind me gripping my hips and pumping my ass. Precum lubes my thumb work. My ass is a little sore and leaking lube after a hot slow fuck from an older Hispanic man who was a little too gentlemanly and a bit too small for my tastes. I fixed my makeup but I should have done a better job with my thick auburn wig. Although I just came and I got fucked like I w... Continue»
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[Story] Roadside Assistance - part 1


D E Collier

I Pulled over in the rain, to see if the girl standing next to her broken down car, needed help.

Checked out her car, and couldn't help checking out the beautiful owner and would be motorist beside it looking flustered. I gave the ailing auto my best imitation of a once over and offered my grim conclusion, "I think you are going to need a tow" and called a tow truck.

She was a damsel in a dress, and I had helped solve her distress.

She stood 5 foot 4 inches, small perky breasts clinging to her American Apparel T Shirt, through some divine lacy creation doin... Continue»
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Favorite Sissy GIFS Part 1

[image]http://fat.gfycat.com/BronzeWhi... Continue»
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[Story] Daryl Wants Me Girly

Daryl is a black guy. He's everything for me. I simply adore him and we gel so well; the things we like and want to do are sublime.

Just being with him sets me apart from the guy in the street or the guy in the office, or the guy who uses to go out with girls and to what end? I guess I was just following the trend but girls soon suss you out and no way could I love nor have sex with a girl.

Sooner or later it just had to come out I was gay and when I met Daryl on that sweet Sunday when he had me over the bath full strength I realised then just what I was missing and where I should be g... Continue»
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