My Celtic Cumming of Age

When I was sixteen I was an awquard k**. Had very few friends and mainly kept to myself. never realy had a girlfriend. Not because I didn't want one, just no girl would give me the time of day. It had been this way since I was in grade school. I was constantly bullied and harrassed to the point that I became just a hollow shell of a k** void of true emotions.
That all changed when a new girl moved to my town and started at my school. Her name was Anna Marie O'Shea. She had beautifull long and wavy red hair, deep emerald green eyes with an accent that made her sound fresh of the boat from Ireland. Mind you that I am a purebl**d Irishman myself, so naturally I got so hard that my pants became 3 sizes too small almost instantaniously.
From that moment on, my only concern was to get with that girl and hopefully have a deep love relationship with her. I wasn't really thinking of sex right of the bat, but something told that if it did happen, it would be something I would never forget.
It took a good four or five weeks of us exchanging looks before she made the first move and came up to me. She introduced herself to me, to which I replied "uuuumm....diauhhhhh....I'm...ummmmmm, Jaycob......I think.
She smiled, in a futile attempt to hold back her laughter and said. "So cute, would you like to come over here and hang out with us?"
Unfourtunatlly, "Us" meant the "plastics" aka "the rich whores that rule the school with thier cunts". So naturally I agreed.
Thankfully, me and her were to busy talking to hear what teacher the lead plastic fucked to pass her latest exam. Needless to say we had hit it of.
We started hanging out just about every day until my balls dropped enough to ask her to be my girl. Before that moment I had never seen a face as beautiful as hers become even more so in a milisecond. She didn't have to say a word I already knew her answer. Finally I had my first girlfriend
We were together for about eight months before the subject of sex came up and she asked me how many girls have I slept with. It was the last question I wanted her to ask. I was so embarrased of my answer.
"Please don't laugh at me", I said, very reservered, "but I'm a virgin."
She looked at me slightly confused and said, "I find that extremely hard to believe. You good looking and extremely intelligent and funny. Have you even had a girlfriend before?"
That was the next to last question I wanted to her to ask me. This is probably the most humiliating part of my life. "No, no girl will give me the time of day, not even the ones with the face of a warthog"
I was completely unprepared for what happend next. The girl that I had come to know to be the most gentle person in the world grabs me by the shirt collar and shoves her tounge down my throat. Needless to say, I had no clue what was happenning........but my member did, and he liked it.
We made out for about, Id say thirty minutes before she backed up and proceeded to remove her tank top, exposing her very see-thru bra. I was mystified by how beautiful her breasts looked in the reflection of the blacklight in my bedroom.
She had an easy large C-cup pair that glissend so hypnoticly in the dark light of the room. Her very pale skin (keep in mind, she's pure Irish, the whitest people on the planet) gave of a glow that was so intoxicating that I couldn't take my eyes of of them.
When she moved to grab my shirt to remove it I jumped back out of reflex. She quickly grabbed my and said in a very calm voice "Don't be nervous, just relax and enjoy the sensation". She then, very gently, grabed my pants and slowly unfastend the button and zipper and pulled out my rod. Upon seeing it confused expression came over her face.
"Wow, you are........endowed" she said, almost as if she was horrified. Immediatly I paniced, thinking I've got a penis that require a scanning electron- microscope to find.
"What do you mean, What's wrong?!" I ask in complete terror thinking she's about to bust out laughing hystericaly.
"No worries, It's just for a Celt, you are pretty fucking hung."
And with that she wrapped her soft lips around my shaft and started to move here head up and down ever so gentely that I felt her warm mouth carresing every inch of my cock. It was a sensation that I could hever have imagined experiencing in my life. It was an experience that left me in a state of sureallism and ecsasy.
This continued for about five minutes before she raised her head and kissed me and then she stood up and removed her panties from under her black skirt.
"Now, just sit back and relax and let me give you the time of your life", she wispered softly into my ear as she sat down, sliding my cock into her already wet pussy.
She started to slowly thrust her pussy back and forth gently forcing my dick of move in and out of her before straightening her back and rising up and down, providing the most incredible sensation I had felt in my entire existance. It was such an indiscribable sensation that my thought process had stopped completely leaving my sense of touch to take full control.

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