My Favorite Lover

I had a lover who was a lovely and beautiful married lady a few years older than me, maybe even five. I was 44 when I met her and I figured she was around 49, maybe even 50. She was a nurse and been on the search for a lover like herself -- someone who was completely uninhibited when it came to love making.

She had reddish brown hair that fell just below her ears and eyes that were a deep brown. It was almost as if she could look right through you with those eyes, too.

Deb was about 5'7" and I'm guessing she weighed around 170 pounds. She had nice looking boobs, a great ass and a pussy that was ever so slightly covered with public hair. She kept her pussy trimmed and neat, making it easy to go down on her, which I did with great frequency. In fact, some of the biggest pleasure I ever received from her was eating her out.

In addition to banging our brains out, we would also meet for coffee from time to time. We tried Starbucks once but quickly discovered it was far too small for intimate conversations. So I found another coffee shop that was larger and much, much noisier. Certainly we couldn't be heard as we discussed the intimate and secret details of our love for one another.

The only problem our relationship had was that we were both married -- and not to each other. Her husband worked in the city and she had a job in the suburbs, not too far from where we would see one another. From time to time, she had days off during the week and we got together then.

I loved making love to her. It was so satisfying to kiss her all over, lick her entire body from her earlobes to her toes and everywhere in between. Sometimes I'd rub my cock over her body before putting on condom on it and slipping it between her vaginal lips.

The missionary position was fun because she'd lick my nipples as I thrust in and out of her. My orgasms with her were always intense; in fact, she might have been the only lover who could ever really wipe me out.

We also did doggy style and she liked when he was on top, riding my cock as I licked and toyed with her boobs and nipples.

The first time we got together she gave me this fabulous back rub. I couldn't remember the last time I had one that felt so wonderful. She finished it by licking my butt and rimming me. I loved being rimmed by her and, of course, I reciprocated by rimming her too. She moaned with my tongue in her ass as much as she moaned when my tongue was in her pussy and on her clit.

After spending nearly four hours with one another at our favorite motel, I looked at her and realized we were both covered in KY Warming Jell. We just lay side by side and talked and held one another gently and kissed.

Suddenly I was hard again and there was one thing I needed to do with her. So I got up and rolled her onto her stomach and slid my KY-covered cock into her KY lubed up ass. As I banged her ass, I placed my hands around her waist so they could play with her clit.

We came in unison. My load shot deep into her ass as her ass bumped against my pelvic bone as she came.

On another occasion, we took a walk in a nearby park one day. I think it was March. It was gray but warm for a day in the beginning of the month.

We eventually found a secluded spot and lay down with one another. I told her how beautiful she was and then we started kissing. Before long, I had slipped one of my hands into her pants and was playing with her pussy.

She was also lubed and wet down there as we kissed and I nibbled on her earlobes. I realized we were past the point of no return and kept my fingers where they were so they could stroke her off. Before long she was cumming and, as she did so, she bit down on the collar of my shirt so no one could hear her moans and groans.

By this time, of course, my cock was rock hard and needed to cum. So I unbuttoned my pants and pulled it out. I then moved up her body -- she was still laying on her back -- and presented it to her mouth.

She gobbled it down, and I proceeded to mouth fuck her. She placed her fingers on my nipples and before long I could feel my cum making its way from my balls to my cockhead. I was leaning on my hands, which were past her head as I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth.

When I couldn't go any longer -- but I was going to bust a nut -- I took one more thrust so it was in the back her throat and then let loose the hot cum load down her throat.

She swallowed like a champ.

I held her tightly and told her how much she meant to me.

We lay there for a little while longer, enjoying one another's body and company. We kissed and hugged.

And, then, soon after, we left to go our separate ways until we could figure out when to meet again.
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