It was 3 o'clock in the morning n November.
I was cruising along Princes Street in the freezing cold.
This car stopped and the man said "fancy some fun"?
He was wearing white shorts and rubbing himself.
He was 30 something, cropped hair and a white cropped T.
I could see his hairy pits, and his wide brown nipples straining against the white cotton.
He had a nice smile.
I got in the car, and he started feeling my cock.
He said " you know what a blowjob is"? took his cock out and well basically said "go on suck me off".
I was young and nervous and freezing cold and hungry and far from home, so I sucked him off, and when he was cumming he pushed my head down choking me as he shot his stuff.
He was moaning and groaning and talking real dirty, and when he was finished he put his cock back in his shorts and said "that was good, I want to fuck you! you like it up the ass?"
I didn't like the taste of his spunk, but I wanted it in my hole.
The man drove 10 miles or so and we ended outside the caserne, in English army barracks, I still think about this. Why did we go there. Married with k**s. Dunno.
Anyway, we got out of the car down a slip-road in the yellow light of the motorway, and he motioned me to bend over the bonnet.
He pulled my white scants down, smeared my cunt with his spit and just f***ed his fat cock in. I think it was his first time, he couldn't find my hole, his cock just wandered but when he went in it was pretty brutal, once he was in I was in agony, he was calling me names and fulling my hair and grunting like a stuck pig as he basically ****d me.
When he pulled out, he said "make yourself decent".
I didn't like what happened.
The man drove me back to town afterwards, can't remember where he dropped me off.
I still remember his smell, his hairy armpits, the strong smell of his cock, the taste of his spunk in my mouth and his mess leaking out of my cunt when I eventually got home, and 40 years on I am so aroused by the memory, although at the time,well all of us are young and stuff happens.
80% (4/1)
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5 minutes ago
wow...tough first time...glad mine was better
1 year ago
was very fasanating