Sexy Slut Supervisor.

I was just about to set off for work when I heard on the radio that we were to expect heavy snowfall and working nights I didn't really want to be stuck in work and was thinking about if I should go or not!!

I finally decided to make my way into work and see how the weather was throughout the night and deside then if i should go home. As I got into work it started to snow, I made my way into my supervisors office just to let her know that it had just started snowing. Ill take this time to tell you that my supervisor (Sue) was about 35 slim body, long legs and a very nice rack which she didn't mind putting on show wearing vest tops but who am I to complain.

As I started to work Sue approached me an informed me that the snow outside was getting really bad and that she was thinking about closing the factory, we headed out to our cars to see if we was able to get out of the car park but no such luck both cars had been snowed in.

We sat for a while in the canteen talking and i started noticing that Sue would lean in very close to talk to me and place her hand on my leg. At that point i could feel my cock start to fill with excitment. As Sue was leaning in i had a very good view down her top at her huge tits.

After what felt like an hour i headed back to my office to continue working. With the snow falling outside i thought what better than a nice cup off coffee to help warm us up. I approached Sue's office to find her there legs up on the desk leaning back on her chair playing with her shaven pussy. I dropped the cups in shock which startled Sue, she looked me straight in the eyes and i could tell she was embarrassed a little but not as much as you would expect still keeping eye contact Sue stood up and walked toward me, stopped just as our lips were about to touch.

After seeing what Sue had just been doing and having her this close to me that i can smell her perfume my cock was rock hard, Sue looked down and could see my buldge in my trousers and said the words i never thought i would hear come out of her mouth "do you want any help getting youre friend to go down?" with a very sexy grin on her face, all i could manage to do was give a wesk little nodd.

With that Sue dropped to her knees and quickly started to fumble with my belt and buttons, within seconds my trousers was down around my ankles and my rock hard cock was in sue's hand she started rubbing my cock up and down very slowly at first but soon picked up the pace. I cloe my eyes not believing what was happening when i felt a warm wet feeling on my cock i loocked down to see her lips locked around my cock head bobbing away and i can remeber thnking to myself "shes sucking me off!! she actualy sucking my cock !!!" she was a fucking pro i nearly cum within minutes. she must have sensed this and stop sucking me off and sat on her desk and told me it was my turn to show her what i could do with my mouth.

Her trousers were already off from where she had been masturbating earlier. so i wasted no time in burying my face into her pussy, licking away at that sweet tasting cunt focusing on her enlarged clit then making my way down to her slit. Sue moaned and groaned as she ran her fingers though my hair telling me not to stop. This egged me on more to make her cum all over my face so i licked and sucked her clit whilst slippin 2 fingers into her cunt. I i just about squeezed 2 fingers into untill her muscle finally relaxed a bit allowing me to explore her insides.

After about 10 minutes Sue started to franticly buck her hips back and forth so i new she was close so i licked and sucked as much as i cud and when i felt her orgasm at it peek i rammed 3 fingers deep into her pulsing cunt.After she had finished her orgasm she begged me to fuck her so i laid her flat on the desk and lined up my cock with her soakin wet slit.

Slowly parting her lipd with the tip of my cock i made my way into her pussy. PUshing inch by inch into sue was like a stairways to heavon her pussy moulding to my cock like they were made to be together. i continued going deeper into her untill i was all the way in and my god di it feel good. i slowly started to rock back and forth then picking up the pace slowly Sue let me know she was enjoying this buy letting out a low soft moan. picking u the pace until i was pounding her tight pussy i could hear my balls slapping against her puckered both me and sue started to moan and i felt a familier feeling as my balls tighted i thrusted into sue a few more times going as deep as i could and as fast as i could untill i couldnt hold it no more and realised spurt upon spurt of my warm jizz deep into her pussy. i pulled my twitching cock out and waves of spunk started cascading down from Sues pussy over her asshole and onto the desk. We both got dressed and cleaned up the pool of spunk in the middle of the desk. still amazed by what had happened i said the most stupid thing ever "thank you very much sue that was lovely..... do you want a cup of coffee???"

I still to this day cant believe i was balls deep in sue and still getting paid double time. hopefully wont be the last time either
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