Me, the porn star and my 1st DP - Part 2

Things had been going well in the week since I first met – and fucked – Nikki. She wanted to do a photo shoot in some ‘normal’ outfits, which we did down by an old river fort near to where I lived, and we had been talking about what she could do with her career. By the time I met her, I had photographed something like 500 girls who wanted to be, or thought they could be, models. The truth was that less than 5% (if that!) had any chance – for all kinds of reasons. Nikki was one of the small minority who could, if they wanted it badly enough. She was great in front of a camera – although her demeanour would never lead you to think it, but she was a massive exhibitionist! While we were shooting the pics near the fort, she saw a tipper truck coming down the road to deliver at the nearby jetty. She did no more than strip off in seconds, trot over to the road and stand there with her tits and pussy hair on show waving at the driver!!!! He must have had the surprise of his life, as the truck nearly went off the road and into the field to the side!!!

And of course the sex was great too. She loved to linger on each part of your body, licking and flicking with her tongue to get me as excited as she could, and she loved the same in return – specially if I was flicking her clit hood with the tip of my tongue.

On the following Friday, only week after we met, she asked me to come round to her house and we would have a take away dinner. When I got there, I could sense that she was in a sort of ‘mood’ but I couldn’t work out what or why. We had the meal – a Chinese I think – opened a bottle of wine and sat down to watch the telly. I went picked up the remote control and started to flip channels (which didn’t take long as this was 1985 and there were only four!!!). Nikki took the remote from my hand, turned towards me on the sofa and looked me in the eye. She had a way of doing that which was quite worrying as I knew she was about to say something monumental..

“Do you like me?” she asked directly. I hesitated. I didn’t know if she was also about to utter the dreaded ‘L’ word. “Well? DO YOU like me...??” she asked again, f***efully.
“Yes. Of course I do” I said all sheepishly
“There’s no ‘of course’ about it, babe. Do you or don’t you?”
“Yes. I do” I replied.
“Okay, well if this is going any further there is something I want you to watch....” she said as she leant forward to the TV Unit and pressed the start button on the video recorder. “I don’t want any secrets or you getting any ideas about me that aren’t true, babe” she said, and sat back in the sofa with her arms folded.

I watched the screen as the video lines cleared and gave way to a black screen. Seconds later some very cheesy music started playing and there were the titles to the film that was about to play. To this day, I cannot remember the name of the film apart from that it was set in a ‘health farm’. A car drew up at the entrance, a good looking guy in his 40’s got out and walked into the reception of the ‘farm’. The shot moved to the girl sitting behind the desk. As it did so, Nikki murmoured “recognise anyone.....?” and as I stared at the screen, I could clearly see that – apart from a very different hairstyle and make up – THAT WAS NIKKI!!!!!!!! “OH MY GOD!” I thought as the guy spoke some very clichéd porn film script. The next thing I knew, Nikki (or the character she was playing) was leading the guy into the room behind the desk, and the shot changed to show a red, leather Chesterfield-type sofa. Nikki walked across the shot and sat down on the edge of the cushions, and the guy followed but remained standing. Then Nikki’s hands went to the belt on his trousers, undid it, rolled them and his pants halfway down his thighs letting his cock hang free. She then took hold of his slowly growing cock and started to lick the tip, all the while encouraging his erection by wanking him. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of his very impressive manhood as she could into her mouth, right up to the hilt, and started sucking and spitting all over his cock with great enthusiasm! I could feel myself getting a semi in MY knickers too!

Next thing I knew, on screen Nikki was undoing her receptionists blouse and jacket, dropping them behind her on the sofa and revealing a very nice low-cut bra. She kept on sucking the guy off as he bent down over her and undid her bra, letting it slide forward and down, and his hands came round the front and cupped her boos as she sucked harder and harder.

After a couple more minutes of the blow-job, she stood up, undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor, revealing her fantastic, stocking-clad legs. The guy got fully undressed, and started kissing her on the lips and running his hands up and down her body. Nikki sat back down on the sofa and laid back. The guy knelt down between her legs and reached for the waist band of her thong and pulled it down swiftly to her ankles. She lifted her legs and he pulled it over her stiletto ‘come fuck me’ shoes. Nikki parted her legs and he bent forward. The camera shot changed to a close-up and you could see Nikki’s pussy in all its wet, pouting glory. The guy started flicking her clit just how she loved it and you could see her body writhing with pleasure. After just a week of knowing her, I could tell that she WASN’T putting it on - she REALLY loved it!

With Nikki in an almost orgasmic state of arousal the guy raised himself onto his knees and started to slap her pussy with his cock – his large, fat and very long cock. While it wasn’t a John Holmes or a Mandingo, it was one hell of a cock and sooooo hard too! He pushed the tip against her pussy lips quite gently at first, but then thrust hard into her. You could clearly hear Nikki scream with delight as he pushed a good nine inches of solid man-meat into her warm, juicy pussy. The camera stayed in close-up as he thrust hard in and out, then after a few minutes fucking her to perfection, he pulled out and helped her up off the sofa and repositioned her with one foot on the floor, her other knee on the edge of the cushions and her hands on the arm. I could hear him say something like ‘now for your butt hole...’ and instead of just fucking her doggie style, he placed his tip against her anus and pushed in HARD. Nikki gasped with shock as he pushed deep into her back passage and held his cock in there, holding on to her hips – she was loving every minute of it and was begging him to push harder.

About now, I became aware that Nikki had undone my fly whilst I had been watching this, as my erection was so obvious, and she had got my cock out and was gently wanking me while I watched her getting fucked rotten on screen. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life – both then AND now – and I just wanted MORE.

So there was me and Nikki, sitting on her parents sofa, watching her getting fucked in a serious budget porn movie by a 40 year old guy with a big hard cock and I was getting well and truly turned on by it all! If you had told me two weeks before that this was going to happen, I would NEVER have believed you – but it WAS.

The video continued with the guy fucking Nikki up her arse for a few more minutes, until suddenly he whipped his cock out of her bum, spun her round and pushed her down to her knees and started wanking himself off into her face. Nikki knelt there with a look of dazed bewilderment on her face, her mouth wide open, ready and waiting for this guys spunk to fly all over her face. And she didn’t have to await long, as a few seconds later he groaned and the first globule of cum shot out of his cock and landed with pin-point accuracy on her cheek, quickly followed by drop after drop of white, stick cum – it landed on her chin, in her eye, nose, and some even made it onto her outstretched tongue – I had never seen so much cum come out of one cock in my life! He must have saved that up for days, I thought.

To finish the scene off, Nikki licked up and down his cock making sure she didn’t miss a single drop of his love juice and, when she had a mouthful, laid her head back and push it forward with her tongue so it dribbled over her lips and down her chin.

At the same time, without realising I was getting so horny, I felt my own cock pump and I shot my load all over my jeans and Nikkis hand, which had been wanking me off all through the scene. I turned to look at her and she grinned at me, then put her head down and started to lick all my cum up off the denim. I was in seventh heaven right at that moment. She carried on licking, making her way up my cock and when she was finished, she asked “Well, did you like that babe?”
“What do you think????? That is the horniest thing I have ever seen....” I replied.
“Well I’ve done another 10 or 11 like that – some with two guys, one with a black guy with a bigger cock than that, and a gang bang. Would you like to see them?”
“Maybe not now babes – I don’t think my balls could take any more!” I gasped. Nikki fell back giggling onto the sofa.
“So you don’t mind that I have don them, then?” she asked, looking for reassurance.
“Not if they all get me that horny!” I said, and grabbed at her leggings, pulling them down with her knickers.......

And so, dear reader, that was the beginning of a three month adventure in sex with Nikki the ex-porn star. Want to read more? Don’t worry. In the next part, Ill tell you how she taught me to fuck like a porn star.......... but that is for ‘next time’..... ;-)

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