Me, the porn star and my first DP - part one

1985 was what I always call my 'glittering year'. In January I broke up with my fiance, and by the end of that year I had had some of the most memorable sexual experiences I could possibly have wished for. But one - with a girl from Essex who I will call Nikki, was by far and away the best - and most enlightening..

At that time, I used to help out a guy who ran an adult education class in Studio Photography. I had been involved in photography since the age of 11, and by 1985 had already been working as a part-time semi-pro for six years. The guy who ran the class, Dick, used to get girls from all over the place who agreed to come along and model for the class in return for a few 10x8" enlargements of the pics. We had all sorts - stunning beauties to downright dogs, girls who almost used the camera as a dildo - to girls who wouldn't say Boo! to a goose. I'd always suspected that Dick was involved in some murky photography in London and that some of the girls came from this 'source'. One Friday night, in September, three new girls came along from Essex:- Tracy, Sharon and a girl called Nikki. When they arrived,Dick gave them the usual chit-chat to make them feel at home and the two 'better looking girls (Tracy and Sharon) almost fought each other to go in front of the camera first. I sat at the side of the set and exchanged small talk with the other girl, Nikki. She was 22, a couple of years younger than me, nothing 'special' to look at but she had . . . . 'something'.... Most of the 15 or so 'pupils' had taken about as many shots of the other two as they could, so I suggested to Nikki it would be a good time to get changed into whatever outfit she had brought with her. She pulled her drum bag off the floor, dived to the bottom and pulled out a very nice red swimsuit. I said that would be great - so long as she was okay in front of the camera in a swimsuit. Nikki looked at me rather strangely. I turned my back to talk to the 'pupils' but realised after a few seconds that they weren't paying any attention to me, but to something over my shoulder. I turned round to see Nikki stark naked, and just stepping into the leg holes of her swimsuit.

"Er...... er ....... the changing room is at the back Nikki" I stumbled.
"Oh that's okay babe" she said and just carried on pulling the swimsuit on and adjusting it here and there.
From the corner of the room, Sharon called over "That don't bother little miss 'get me kit off for the camera' there! Ha ha!" I looked at Sharon. I looked at Nikki. I looked at Sharon again.
"Shut up Shaz, fer fucks sake!" said Nikki, clearly not happy that her mate had just apparently dropped her in it. Nikki looked up at me "Tell ya later babes"

I turned to the 'pupils' and said "Ooooooooooooookay! Away you go! Take what you want..." I went and sat at the back of the studio away from Nikkis mates but I could see them pointing at me and giggling. At the end of the evening, I made sure all the 'pupils' (Basically a bunch of pervy old men with cheap cameras!) go and waited till they were gone to ask Nikki "Have you all got to get back to Essex yet or can you come for a drink?" They looked at each other and Nikkis mates said in unison "Oh yes! We've got time for a drink!!!!!".

So we got tidied up, loaded all my gear in the car and said goodbye to Dick who, like usual, had to get home to 'the wife'. "Where we goin then babe?" asked Nikki. "Do you want peace and quiet or some nice noise?" I looked at all three of them. They all looked at each other an replied "NOISE!!!!!". So we walked about 500yds to a pub which had a disco on, bought a round of drinks and found a table.

After a few minutes of small talk and some painful silences, Nikki leant over and said in my ear "I spose you want to know what that was all about?" Before I could answer and Nikki could respond, Sharon - quiet loudly for all to hear! - said "Good at getting her kit off in front of a camera is our Nik" she had a big cheesey grin on her face as she said it.
In my naivety, I asked Nikki "Have you done glamour shots before then?" She said nothing, knowing that the other two would answer for her.
"Well you could call it glamour. But whats that called when you get your kit off and fuck a couple of blokes on a sofa for the camera?????" My mouth was wide open!!! "Oh yeah!!!!!! Its a porno innit!!!!!!" and they laughed out loud thinking this was the funniest thing they had ever heard, even though they had clearly done this routine plenty of times before.
I just stared at Nikki. "soooooooooo......." I said. "anything you wanna talk about?????"
It turned out that when she was 18, Nikkis then boyfriend knew a guy who was in film production who had mentioned to him before that he could 'do things' with Nikki in film if she was interested and that her boyfriend could 'help out'. They went along to a gym somewhere in East London one day soon after for what was supposed to be just a topless photo shoot, but turned into a hardcore porn photo session instead with Nikki and her boyfriend fucking for the camera. She said that after that, she hated the boyfriend and when the photographer called her a few weeks later to say that she had done really well and would she be interested in doing something WITHOUT the boyfriend, to get back at him she agreed to go along to a 'casting' in a mews house in west London.

When she went to the house, lights were already set up and a big heavy video camera (well it was 1982!) was sitting on a tripod pointing towards a sofa. It was the classic set-up. They told her that if she agreed to to a 'test film' with a couple of guys, she would be paid well AND they may want her to do some more if she liked it. As she was on her own, she agreed and two guys appeared out of the kitchen within seconds, sat her down on the sofa and started to kiss her and undress her. For the next hour and a half, the fucked the life out of her. She told me she got into it as it was her way of getting back at her boyfriend who had set her up knowing full well what was involved! Anyway, during this 'casting' she did anal for the first time, and a DP! But she found she LOVED IT!!!! That film, edited down to about 30 mins, lead to her being asked to take a small blow job part in a bigger budget movie and that lead to appearances in about another dozen films both in the UK and Germany. After that she decided she didn't want to do it anymore, and went back to a normal life. But she found it very hard to keep a boyfriend once they found out what she had done.

I was absolutely enthralled! "Wouldn't bother me" I said and looked her straight in the eye when I said it. She looked carefully into my face.
"No, I don't think it would......" She turned to Sharon and Tracy said something to them then turned back to me. "Would you mind taking me home?" she asked.
"To Essex? Of course I dont mind" I said.
"Good" she replied, and sat looking at me for a bit with a smile like the Mona Lisas.....

So I ran her home. And a VERY nice home it was too! Her Mum & Dad were not short of a few bob and their house stood in about 3 acres of ground and had 6 or 7 bedrooms. "You coming in for a drink.....?" Nikki asked me as the car crunched to a halt on the gravel driveway.
"Yes if you want me to" I replied, knowing exactly where this was going.

We went indoors and she lead me to the kitchen. She made me a brandy and lemonade which is what I was drinking in those days, and we looked at each other without saying anything for a while. Then she put her drink down and walked towards me. She put her arms around my neck and planted her lips on mine. We stood there in the kitchen snogging for quite a while, until she pulled away and took me by the hand, and lead me through the door, up the stairs and into her very girly bedroom. By the time I left in the early hours of the morning, we had fucked each other stupid. She had a great body and she really knew how to use it.

And exactly HOW she used it, we'll go into in the next part...... ;-)

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