A very merry Xmas........... thanks to a MILF call

Okay, if you read my story 'Something on account', you'll know that I had a big surprise waiting for me at the office Xmas party in 1978 when I was 17. Completely unexpectedly, I had received the best blow job I had had to date - and it was from Joan, the company accountant AND three times my age!

Well, you will also know that I mentioned that there was another mature lady at that party. Lisa.

In the UK, there is an old saying... "As fit as a butchers dog". What that means is that the butcher always had the choice of the best cuts of meat for his own f****y, and the scraps made their way into the dogs bowl! So the butchers dog was the healthiest one in the street!

That was how we all described Lisa. She was (I found out later) 48 at the time, but looked about 38-40. She had not been at the top of the 'attractive tree' when looks were given out, but she MORE than made up for this by having the fittest body imaginable, coupled with a vivacity which always got the older guys in the office 'all hot and bothered'... Ha ha!

Anyway, back to sex!!!!

After getting my blowie at the afternoon party I was walking on cloud nine! Even MORE so after Joan let slip that Lisa wanted to have her wicked way with me too! So, as you can imagine, I looked forward to the evening event which we had planned, with excitement... ;-)

So later that evening, we all made our way to the pub and the 'festivities' got under way...

About 10pm the disco was in full swing, and up till then it had all been pretty boring for me as the youngest person in the company. So I made my way to the buffet to get the odd sausage.. ;-) I then felt a 'presence' alongside me. "Do you know what I would like to eat...????" said Lisa. I shook my head rather than stumble over a reply. Then in a very sexy husky voice which IMMEDIATELY went straight to my cock, Lisa whispered in my ear ... "A nice piece of pork. But you haven't got any on the buffet......." she looked at me in a pout and I thought ... "Here we go . . . . .!"

Lisa took my plate out of my hands, and led me to the back of the bar just past the toilets (!!) to a small staircase I hadn't noticed before. She led me up the stairs and it lead to a function room above the bars which I hadn't even realised as there.

Still holding my hand she pulled me towards a couple of old, tatty sofas on a raised area at the back of the room. Although they were old, it was obvious why they were there, and they were about to get yet another 'workout' in their life! Lisa made me sit down and she sat next to me, teetering on the edge of the seat. In 1978, skirts were slightly below the knee, but she pulled hers up almost like a miniskirt to reveal her VERY toned legs. WOWEEEEEEE! They were just about perfect! Shapely, slightly muscular thanks to all the running she did, and it was all I could do to stop myself ramming my hand right up between them right then and there. Lisa put her arm round on the back of the sofa and snuggled up to me. "So.... you had some fun with Joanie this afternoon then..???? Was it . . . 'nice'?"

Now at this point, I didn't know whether to say "Yeah - fucking fantastic!" and put her right off or "Nah - not up to much" and make her think I was the biggest idiot going (she KNEW exactly what I had got from Joan..). But I didn't have to answer - Lisa did it for me. "Bet it was nice having a real woman with her lips tight around your C-O-C-K wasn't it....?" as she said it, I became aware that something (her hand obviously!) was stroking up and down my clearly erect cock inside my trousers. She leant right into me and pressed her mouth against mine, slipping her tongue well into my mouth. All I could think at that moment was "Thank fuck she's left her husband at home!" I later found out that in fact Lisa and her hubby lead completely separate lives and she had been swinging for years - a fact not known even by Joan!!

So there was me and Lisa snogging each others faces off in a dark function room above a pub where everyone else we worked with was having a quite good - and very pissed! - time. "Ever fucked an older woman, Shane?" she asked while undoing my zip. I managed to say "No".
"Well tonight you're going to..." and with that she had my cock out and went straight down on it, running her tongue around the end while wanking me with her hand. Her head went up and down on my cock and she kept spitting on it to get it good and wet. To be honest, I didn't enjoy that too much at the time as none of my previous girlfriends had done it, but they were the same sort of age as me (and just as inexperienced).

I managed to drop my trousers and pants to the floor allowing my cock and ball bag to 'hang free'. "My! Aren't we a big boy!!! Joan wasn't fibbing, was she..." I could see her wink at me in the darkness. She cupped my balls with her hand while she carried on sucking my cock to perfection! The she let her other hand run up to my chest under my shirt and she pinched my nipple so hard I almost screamed, but at the same moment she took her other hand off my balls and slipped it down between my legs. I didn't know what she was going to do, but I soon found out! I felt her finger push into my arse hole and I nearly shot my load then and there. She came up for breath for a moment "Bet you haven't felt like that before, have you....?" she grinned, knowing the answer without me having to say it. She carried on like that - sucking my cock, softly pinching my nipple and pressing her finger up my arse- for a few moments and the whole thing was REALLY turning me on.

Then she pulled out of everything and stood up. Okay, what happens now? I thought. Lisa undid her dress and let it slip to the floor. In the moonlight streaking through the windows, it backlit her body beautifully. And my God did she have a gorgeous body! Great tits, flat stomach (she later told me she did 500 sit-ups a day!!!!), lovely bum, and near perfect legs. AND to cover it all up she had on a full set of deep red lingerie, right down to the suspenders and stockings.


"Do you know what Cunnilingus is?" I looked at her blankly. She smiled caringly, as she quickly slipped her panties down to her shoes, turned and reclined on the other sofa. "Come here baby" she said " and put your head between my legs. Ever done that?" I nodded, but I hadn't! So I got down nervously and 'sniffed' my way up her inner thigh until her pubic hair was tickling my nose - I nearly sneezed!
"Just use your tongue on my pussy lips baby". I hesitated. "Go on! It won't bite you!" So I dug in, rather brutally. I hadn't got a clue what I was doing and she knew it. "Whoa! Look, where I point to with my finger, you put your tongue there and lick gently" She pointed first to her clit hood and I took a deep breath and went in...... As I started licking her hood, she leant back and started moaning with pleasure, then she put her finger on her pussy lips and I went for them, flicking them with the tip of my tongue. She writhed with pleasure even more. "Get your tongue right inside me baby" she said as she pulled her lips apart. I got down to it and pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could, pressing it up against her pelvic bone Lisa writhed even more and put her hands on the back of my head so I couldn't pull out and I just stuck my tongue in harder, and pressed her pelvic bone even more. All of a sudden I felt her shudder and a warm flow suddenly covered my tongue and rushed into my mouth! She had orgasmed and gushed right in my face! Nice way to treat a lad!!!!! Ha ha!

"Oh my God - I am SOOOO sorry baby, but you are so good at that! Who taught you???"
"No one" I said. "Never done it before"
"You're k**ding!!!!!!" Lisa was so surprised. So was I! "Now I want that cock inside me baby" she said as she reached forward and grabbed hold of it. I got into position and she guided my meat straight to her hole. Now I had already fucked three girls my own age by that time, and it was . . . okay. From the SECOND my cock started to sink into Lisa, it felt great. What I realised later was she was using her fitness to tighten her vagina all the way in, so my cock was being effectively wanked all the way in - and out! I started thrusting away a bit too quick for Lisa's liking. "Slow down babes. You'll be coming way too soon" so I slowed it down a bit. She nodded and smiled when I reached the right pace. She wrapped her legs around me and I got into my stride. It was great. Compared to fucking the girls I had up to then, this was in another league. Then, just when I was really enjoying myself, Lisa pulled my head down close to hers. "Ever fucked a girl up the bum, Shane?"
I must have shown my surprise like a rabbit in headlights. "Er, no, er, er....."
"Well guess what you're going to do for me....... hmmmmmmm ?" and she pushed me away far enough to be able to get up from the sofa and get down on the floor on all fours. "Come on baby, get behind me - doggie style" I got into position. "Now is that cock of yours nice and hard? Cos it needs to be, so have a little wank to make sure...." Being TOLD to have a wank by a woman???? bl**dy hell! That'd never happened to me before either! So I took myself in hand and got a really hard erection. "Now baby, you HAVE to go slow at this... Get right in close to me and put your cock where I point". She put her hand round onto her bum and found her anus easily. I put the tip of my cock at the end of her finger. "Now when I tell you, push firmly but not fast babes. Okay????" I nodded. "Okay........... push now babes". I gripped her love handles and pushed forward. "Ohhhhhhhh that's it! That's just right" she moaned. I stopped pushing forward fearing I might hurt her. "That's okay babes - push it right in as far as you can. I'll tell you when to stop - don't worry". I pushed further and further until I could go no further, so I started to thrust in and out taking care not to 'pop' out! Lisa was moaning and groaning with pleasure with her face buried deep in some cushions she had pulled off the sofa. "That is soooooo good! Why haven't your girlfriends got you to fuck em up the arse? Are they mad???? You were MADE for this babes" I started to laugh "Shut up and fuck me!" she screamed, and I suddenly got worried someone downstairs might hear. I kept going for a few more minutes until I felt the inevitable starting to happen. I groaned a little and Lisa knew what that meant.
"You gonna cum babes?" I nodded. She pulled herself forward letting my cock pop out of her arse, turned round and started sucking my cock again "Come on - wank all over my boobs" she said as she whipped her bra off letting her perfectly shaped tits ripple free. I started wanking for all I was worth and my balls were absolutely aching to burst, and then... POW! I fired my sticky white goo all over her tits! She immediately bent forward and sucked my cock again, this time making sure she licked up every drop..... "Where did all that come from???" she enquired. I shrugged my shoulders in slight embarrassment. "I've never seen so much love juice" I can remember that expression to this day - that was the first time I had ever heard it.

We laid back on the sofa and Lisa put my arms round her so we were hugging. She stroked my face "David was never this good" she said. David!!!!!! He was the trainee two years ahead of ME!!!! DAVID!!!!!! bl**dy hell! She'd fucked him just the same! "Hmmmmm, you're pretty good babes. We must do this more often" I thought she was joking. We got cleaned up and dressed and she came over and held me again tightly. "You were GREAT babes - so caring and so powerful" I thought......... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha!

Before I left the company about a year later, I got to fuck Lisa about four more times when she approached me. Her hubby was away and I went to her house (very nice it was too!) and the sex was wonderful, but once I had left, although I had her number and she had mine, we never met again. Lisa would be about 80 now! Hard to believe, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if she isn't still fucking like a thing possessed and still with young guys! Ha ha!

Thanks Lisa x ;-)
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