Big surprise from 'plain Jane'

If you've ever been on a date site, you'll know that there is often a big difference between how people present themselves in their profile, and what they are like 'in the flesh'. One lady I met through a site about a year ago was Denise. Her profile was brief - VERY brief. 'Just come and fuck me' is all it said. Hmmmmm, what do I make of that????? I inboxed her and asked to see a photo (after including mine of course - well, one HAS to be a Gentleman in such matters.... ;-) and when I saw what she sent me I thought 'Oh well, might be a nice evening and a basic fuck, so why not...'

So we arranged to meet. We sat and had a nice meal, over which I summed Denise up very well, ...... or so I thought. She was 'plump' (about a UK size 22-24), short, mousey hair that had been allowed to 'do its own thing' for many years, and she told me (quite predictably) about her husband who had been her first and only boyfriend, and her three k**s who walked all over her etc etc. She also had this slightly high-pitched voice which made her sound about 12 yrs old, which made me chuckle occasionally.

Anyway, we had the meal and finished off the bottle of wine. I made no effort to 'test the water' as far as sex was concerned as, by now, I really thought she was just looking for someone to listen to her moan about her home life and treat her a bit more like a lady than her husband did. When it seemed all other avenues had been exhausted, I said 'shall I take you home?'. She looked at me with a really puzzled look, but said nothing. We got up, got our coats and walked outside towards my car. She had gone very silent. As we got to the car, she stopped. I wondered what was coming next........

"So you don't want to fuck me then??" she demanded?
"Whoops!" I thought....... got THIS one wrong!!!!!! "Er,, to be honest . . . ."
"To be honest, YOU thought I'm not the type who wants a good fucking, that's it, isn't it????" She demanded again.
"Well to be honest, I really didn't think this is the way things were going, Denise" I replied. She walked towards me and pushed herself right up close to me, and ME back onto the side of the car.
"Look, I didn't make up a load of excuses for 'him indoors' just to come out and NOT get what I want!!!!". She almost stamped her feet like a little girl with a temper!
"Okay,..... so,..... shall we find somewhere...?????" I asked. She said yes, and said she knew a hotel not too far away where you could usually get a room and not get asked any questions.....

Within 10 mins we were there. Sure enough they had a room, and sure enough we didn't make the reception guy even bat an eyelid. Off we went to the room. I sat down on the bed and expected her to do the same. She didn't.
"There's something I always like to do to get the ball rolling" she scowled in her 12yr old tone!!! And with that she pushed me back to lie down and started to undo my trousers. She pulled them, and my pants down hard all the way to my ankles letting my, by now, almost hard cock wave about 'in the breeze'....

"Bet you'll like this......" she winked as she went down on me. I thought - wrongly - she was heading for my cock. No - she was after my balls! Now, like a lot of guys reading this, I am sure you have had your balls sucked HARD by plenty of women. How about having them BOTH sucked hard at once, AND have her tongue play hockey with them in her mouth?????? No? Neither had I! Up until then. This woman took first one bollock, then the other into her mouth (which is no mean feat, as I have quite a fair size 'nut sack'!!). That was impressive enough, but then it was what she started doing with her tongue to them that made me lay back and groan with pleasure.. Any of you guys who have had a vasectomy like I have, will know that you are left 'post-op' with the remains of your vas deferens tubes feeling quite sensitive. The feeling she gave me with her tongue running all over those bits was just AMAZING! It was all I could do to stop myself cumming right then - before we ever got to fucking !! "ALL my guys are impressed with THIS" she said as she came up for air. "How about you?????"
"WOW!" was all I could say.
"Thought I was going to be a boring fuck, didn't you?" she looked at me with that look that says 'you have been a naughty boy and I am going to punish you'.
"Well, to be honest . . . ." I managed to reply

She just grinned and went back to my bollocks. I have NEVER had my balls sucked to that degree of pleasure EVER! What she was doing with her tongue was amazing.

Then we got stripped off and under that rather dowdy exterior I saw that there was a very sexy BBW lady with great tits! "Can't go out looking like a whore, can I?" she said "or he might get suspicious....." she winked, and this time she went back down to my cock for real. I grabbed her head and started pumping it up and down my shaft, all the while she was getting more and more spit up and down my cock. Then we moved into a 69, which was not too easy with such a plump lady!!!, but we managed and she had the most gorgeous pussy - I could have stayed playing with it with my tongue all night, but she wanted to move things on. "Hang on" she said as she got off the bed and made for her handbag, out of which she produced a bottle of lube. "get this all over your cock and shove some up my arse" she ordered and she climbed back on. I did as I was told.......! "Now get your fingers up there first" she again ordered, as she got onto all fours. I pressed two fingers against her anus and felt it twitch. "Push like you're having a shit" I said. She looked at me oddly. "Just do it. It makes it much easier" I assured her. I could feel her sphincter open slightly, and as it did, I pushed my fingers inside. She gave a little gasp of shock AND pleasure as they went in right up to the knuckle. I thrust them in and out for a short while, with her moaning with joy all the time."You ready for my cock?" I asked.
"God yes!!!!" she gasped. I wanked myself up to full power and knelt behind her. I offered the tip of my cock up to her arse and just pressed it against her anus. "Now as I push in, you push like you're having a shit again" I said. I pressed home and could feel her ring opening up as I went in. Suddenly I left her hand reaching between her legs for my ball sack. She grabbed it so hard I almost cried out! "Now we're not going to hurt each other, ARE WE????" she demanded. I giggled and so did she. I pushed hard into her, and as I did so she cried out with pleasure. "God I ain't had one THAT thick up there before! Good job you said to shit!!! Wouldn't have got it up there!"

Denise was by now WELL into me fucking her up the arse. She writhed around like a woman possessed! "I want you to come up my arse" she said "aint got time for anything else!!"

So I got well and truly into my stride and, with a little more lube, got my balls well pumped up ready to explode. After a few more minutes, I was there. "Here it comes......!" I moaned, as I blasted my hot sticky load into her back passage. I had not a had a fuck for a few days, so I knew I would have sent quite a load up her, so I was not surprised when she said " Oh gawd! I feel like I wanna shit cum!"
"Go on then! Let's see your anal creampie then!" I said. She duly obliged. Even I could not believe how much cum came back out. It was dribbling all down her pussy lips and into her trimmed pubes, hanging there like white icing! She put her hand between her legs and scooped my cum off her pussy and anus, and I watched as she put her whole hand in her mouth and sucked the cum down her throat. Corrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Denise was VERY satisfied with our session. We met twice more, and dispensed with the meal so we had loads of time for sex. She was one enthusiastic lady and she just LOVED swallowing cum! I had to keep reminding myself of the impression I had got over dinner the first night, of a lady who I thought had a boring life at home AND in bed. And to think, her husband probably NEVER knew what a horny, dirty sensual, anal-loving woman he had sl**ping right next to him every night. What a fucking loser!!!!!!!

Hope Denise is getting her arse filled with cum right now somewhere ;-)

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tremendous story