Happy 16th Birthday Baby........ ;-)

Way back in 1987 when I was 26, I used to be involved in semi-pro photography and used to take a lot of shots of girls who wanted to be models. One who came along regularly was a girl called Melanie. She had been coming with her Mum for a about a year. She was gorgeous and looked way older than 15-16! I was well-aware she had a bit of a crush on me which I tried to brush off.

Then one night after the session had finished, her Mum came up to me and said that it was Melanies 16th Birthday in the next week and she felt it would be okay for her to come to the studio without a chaperone from then. A bit reluctantly, I agreed to it. Secretly I thought "REEEE-ZULT!!!!" !

The next studio night, Melanie was dropped off by her Mum, and I agreed to take her home. The session went like usual, but when I was photographing her, Melanie insisted on wearing her new swimsuit, and boy did it show her figure off!

Anyway, I struggled for most of the evening to hide my semi-hard on (!!) and, at the end Melanie strolled over and whispered in my ear.... "You haven't given me my birthday present yet...". I got a little embarrassed and made some weak excuse. A little later we packed all my gear in the back of the car and started out for her home, about 10 miles away. We were nearly at her village, when she said she knew w short cut and directed me up a country lane. About half a mile up the road, she said to turn in left. I did so, and realised I was in the car park of a country park. I naively asked her why we were there. She asked me to stop the car by the deserted club house and turn off the engine. We sat there in the dark and she leaned over and stuck her tongue in my ear. "Time for you to give me my birthday present...." she said. and with that she thrust her hand on to my crotch and started to rub my, by now, throbbing cock trying to burst out of my jeans!!!

I just couldn't resist so I grabbed her and started to snog her face off while forcing my hand between her legs. She was wearing a short red dress and it slid up her thighs VERY easily. Then I found she had 'come prepared' and was wearing no knickers ;-) I could feel in the dark that she had a shaved pussy so I let my fingers find her pussy lips and stared to play with them gently. She whispered in my ear "Baby I like it rougher than that...". I didn't need telling twice! I f***ed my hand hard into her pussy, ramming my fingers into her cunt so hard that she gasped, but clung on even tighter to me.

I carried on fingering her harder and harder, with her writhing with pleasure all the time. I managed to get the words "Suck on my cock" out, and she happily complied. She bent down in front of the steering wheel, pulled my zip down, folded the top of my jeans out the way and stuck her hand into my pants. She grabbed hold of my hard, throbbing cock so hard I nearly screamed! Then he took my bell-end in her mouth and ran her tongue around it. I put my hand on the back of her head and could hardly keep up with the pace she was setting suck on my knob! It was the most fantastic blow-job I had had up to then!

I let her carry on for a few minutes, until I told her to lie back so I could put the seat back down. Once she laid back, I climbed over and started to remove her dress. It came off VERY easily... Then I gazed in what little moonlight there was, at her superb tits (no bra either!). I knew she had great tits, but never thought they were this good. I bent over her and started to run my tongue around her nipple. She had amazingly sensitive tits and she was groaning and thrusting her hips all the while I was sucking her nips. I put my hand back into her cunt and got as many fingers up her as I could - she was absolutely DRIPPING wet!!! "Come baby, I want you to fuck me" she moaned,"That's the best birthday present I could ever have....". I got in between her legs and she guided my cock to her hole. It was as much as I could to to stop myself cumming right then and there, but I knew she was gagging for it, so I got going thrusting deeper and deeper, and stronger and stronger. Then she whispered in my ear "I'm legal now and I want your cum inside me..." I thought "Fucking hell!!!!!".

I thrusted harder and harder, all the time feeling the pressure in my balls slowly building up. I grabbed her gorgeous tits, and then burst my balls when I came inside her. I was ready to stop after that, until she said "Don't stop. I want you to fill me up". I couldn't believe it! I was so turned on by her that I didn't lose any erection (Viagra was still 10 years away!), so I kept thrutsing into her. Melanie was so into it - I was truly amazed. This was clearly not her first time, but I was her first legal fuck! And she wanted every drop of me she could get!!!

After a few more minutes, I came again and this time I was well and truly knackered. We lay there on the passenger seat holding each other and kissing. I thought this was going to be the end. But I was wrong....

Melanie knew that I had been seeing a some-time porn actress earlier that year, and I knew she had overheard a conversation I had had with one of the other guys about doing anal with this other girl.

After a little while, Mel asked "Think you can get it up again?". I asked why. She said "Cos I want you fuck my arse like you did Nikki". I was astonished!! I asked if she was sure she wanted to do it as she was only 16. She looked at me and just said "I am going to get out of this car, bend over you bonnet and I want YOUR COCK up my arse!". With that she pushed me off, opened the door, climbed out and leaned over the side of the car. "I'm waiting" she called. I could not believe this! Here I was, in the middle of nowhere, with a gorgeous (and LEGAL!!!!) 16 yr old demanding that I fuck her up the arse!

Well, I had to oblige...... ;-)

After I got my cock inside her arse, she was making so much noise she had to bite on her wrist! She absolutely LOVED it and her anus was sooo tight around my cock, I could feel the pressure building in my balls again! Then she had the most massive orgasm and after, laid on the car bonnet, exhausted herself.

After a few minutes rest, I said that it might be time we needed to get her home. She reluctantly agreed... We got back in the car, got dressed, and started the last mile or so to her house.

When I dropped her off, I walked her to the door. Her Mum answered. "Had a good time, Luv?"
"Yes Mum, great!" she said as she looked at me with a wry little grin,

When I look back on it now, I reckon her Mum knew exactly what had happened and in a strange way, was GLAD it was ME!!! Mel and I had a relationship for about four months, after which the age gap started to get in the way and it all ended. But for a few months I had some of the best sex I have ever had.

Personally, I don't think Melanie was the only one who got a 'present' that night.... ;-)
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Great story
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Nice story. thanks for posting