I Was Out Of Town, She Was At A Party...

The party she was attending was a Halloween party. I had been out of town for several weeks, we were in the process of moving and I went first. By this time, I had been encouraging her for 3 or 4 years to have another guy whenever she wanted. Enouraging her to be a slut. The weeks leading up to this party were intense as we emailed and talked on the phone, fantasizing and having phone sex while her s****r laid in the same bed as her at night. She would send me sexy pictures on her phone. It was very hot. My story "In her own words" was an email she sent me during this time.

She told me of an "Admirer" that she has been seeing through a friend. They would hang out at the friends house and talk, listen to music, nothing more. She told me she would notice as he would watch her, looking her up and down, admiring her nice tits. She would tell me that she knew he has a nice large cock and was good with it because her friend knew and told her. The sexual tension was building and she knew he wanted her. She has no problems getting guys attention. I would ask her if she wanted him, yes, she did.

The night of the party, I was in a new town and had nothing to do so I stayed home, picked up some party favors and talked/texted my wife all night. I was talking to her as she was getting ready for the party. She was going as some scary character I do not recall. Her costume was simple, just a long white shirt and makeup. Nothing more. She did wear tight white shorts underneath, her s****r was surprised that I was ok with her wearing such tight white shorts. Of course I was ok with it.

Throughout the night she would call or text me about what was going on, normal party stuff. She texted me and said her "Admirer" had arrived and was very flirtatious with her, she reciprocated. As the night went by she was having more fun, dancing and drinking. He never approached her. As the party came to a close, She told me he was sitting across the room, nobody was around. He was leaving and asked her for her number, she gave it to him. I told her to slowly take off her shorts, let him watch and then follow him to his truck. She was not sure and did not do it. He left and she went home. As we talked later I asked her if she was going out with him if he called. She said she would but she only wanted it to be a fuck date. She was so horny and needed it, plus she was leaving to join me in a few days. Over the next few days before she left, he called once and did not answer when she called back. They never spoke again.

That was 8 years ago and we still get each other off about the experience, even though she did not go through with it. She tells me now that she wishes she had, that she really wanted to fuck him. If you are ever at the same party with her, it might be you next time and she will do it.


We moved back to the town we were living in about a year ago and we have seen her Admirer a few times. His name is Santiago. A latin guy that turns her on. Over the last week or so she has decided that he is going to be the one she gives up her married pussy to. She was visiting a good friend of hers last night and this friend knows Santiago. She told him that she wants him as a lover and that I am ok with her fucking him. Of course he had a lot of questions, this is the first person outside of us who knows about this. She explained everything and he told her he would tell him to call. We are not sure when but when she gets that call she is going to fuck him that day.

Hopefully it will be soon.
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1 year ago
Good story, love true experiences. The wife is gorgeous, I commented on a few pics. Thanks for sharing.