Encouraging My Wife...

My wife and I have been married for 16 years, we are very much in love and have a great sex life. Over the last few years I have told her that I want her to be my slut wife. I have even found guys for her to fuck, encouraged her to be nasty at bachelorette parties with male strippers and shared pictures of her with strangers. She has not gone through with it yet but I know she will, she gets very horny and cums so hard when we talk about it.

Last night I was so horny after my s****r in law came by. See, she was out on the town with a mutual friend who has always been very promiscuous. They went to happy hour and then were headed out for some more drinkng and dancing. I knew that our friend was on the prowl, looking for someone to take home and fuck all night.

After they left, my wife approached me and told me our friend had encouraged my s****r in law to party with some guys they met at the bar. My s****r in law is in a relationship that is having some problems so in my mind I thought why not? She is attractive and desireable for most men. She should enjoy herself.

After being told this by my wife, I couldn't stop thinking that she should join them, or at least join our promiscuous friend for a night on the town. I was very excited thinking of my wife and our friend dressing sexy and going out to find guys. I told my wife that I wanted her to let our friend know that she would like to go out with her the next time. Then I emailed our friend and told her that I wanted my wife to go out with her sometime. She has not responded yet but I know she has invited my wife to go before.

I was rock hard as I described to my wife what I wanted her to do. She was soaking wet while we played and had sex, all the while talking dirty about what she would wear, how she would act and what she would do when she found a guy to fuck. She told me that our friend would not care and they may even share a guy or two, taking turns fucking them and making them cum multiple times. Then they would come home and show me their wet pussies and fuck me too.

I can't wait to send them off to be sluts for the night.

*UPDATE* 12/31/10

Our friend, I'll call her Candy brought over a nice gift for Christmas last week for our son. A very expensive playground for the yard. Of course, we are very thankful for the gift and decided this is the perfect opportunity for my wife, Eve to thank her. Eve's idea was she will invite Candy out for a fun night on the town as thanks for the gift. We know that when Candy goes out drinking and dancing she tends to get very flirtacious and picks up guys all the time. She has no idea yet that Eve and I are open to Eve having fun as well.

Eve told me exactly what he intends on doing. She will be dressed in a short skirt, no panties and a nice tight top. Once they have had a few drinks she will start to flirt and dance until she finds the right guy. She wants to get nice and nasty on the dance floor. I told her to let the guy feel her up and, whisper to him that she is not wearing any panties and tell him what she wants to do while rubbing her body against his. I told her to let him feel her bare, wet pussy while they dance until they can't take it anymore. Then they will go off to a dark corner or find somewhere to fuck Of course, this is all just fantsay right now and it could turn out completely different but the intention is to have one hot night on the town with Candy and see where it ends. Eve has done this before when she was single, has had many escapades in the night clubs and is excited to do it again. Once she comes home, I expect to find a d***k, horny and freshly fucked Eve ready to tell me all about it. This should be a very interesting time. I went out this week and started buying her new clothes specifically for this and other nights to come.

This afternoon she wanted to model a pair of panties I bought her, they are a lacy pair of boy shorts. They look very nice. Of course I couldn't keep my hands off of her which is exactly what she expected. We again started talking about her going out with Candy. I began rubbing her all over and she was stroking me, She was telling me that she had been thinking about it all week and had it all planned out. I started fingering her...she was so wet. When she thinks about this she gets very excited. As I was fingering her, first one, then two, then three fingers I asked her if she had called Candy yet to thank her and she replied that yes, she had but Candy had not yet returned her call. As we are talking about this and I am fingering her now very wet pussy, I told her to call her while I am playing with her. She went to get the phone, layed down next to me and i began playing with her pussy again as she dialed. Three fingers, still very wet. Candy did not answer so Eve left her a message telling her to call back so they can make plans to go out and have some drinks. I love playing with her while she is on the phone.

We continued to play, she rode me to three orgasms then stroked my cock till I came. All the while talking about how she can't wait to suck some big cock and fuck some guys, maybe they can find a group of guys to entertain.

What a great afternoon!

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