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Lily Posing

My boyfriend and I love being watched and when we can try to set something up. It's not as easy as you might think though, how do you just ask someone to watch you have sex? We first did it a few years back in college when we were in my dorm room having sex on the bottom bunk while we thought my roomie was aslep ... she wasn't and instead of just pretending to be, she was trying to look down and not be noticed but we knew. It made things akward for the next couple days until my boyfriend and I started looking forward to it and didn't realize we were turned on so much by her watching.

Recently we found a friend of ours who was more than willing. It was weird at first but we soon got into it. That progressed to flashing for him almost all the time we were with him which makes me very wet. In these pictures he's got his phone out taking pics of me for 'later' he says. I won't ask lol. It was fun posing for them both though and really hot having them on your site while so many of you are 'looking'. Who knows where this will lead us?

Posted by jason1000 2 years ago
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