My b*****r's Best Friend

My name's Ken. I'm now 19 years old, i have wavy dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. i'm about 5 ft 9 and i have fairly toned abs and an 8 and half inch cock. here's a story of when I was just a bit younger...

I had just turned 16 and it wasn't so long ago that i found out my interest in men. Around this time i used to take regular trips to gym. But as a young gay man i didn't go JUST for the workout. The locker rooms were like my second home. It was my guilty pleasure. Drooling over sweaty guys that seem to find it amusing walking around nude letting their junk swing about. The hottest guys i usually followed into the shower rooms

But one of the hottest guys i knew, i didn't drool over at the gym. His name was Brad. He was my b*****rs closest friend. My b*****r is pretty cute if i do say so myself. He has light brown hair, hazel eyes similar to mine, he was 6 ft 1 and he was 3 years older than me. But he's straight. Brad was 1 year older than my b*****r. he had a fantastically toned body (i had seen him topless a few times), deep blue eyes, dark brown hair with blond highlights, and he was about 6 ft 1, similar to my b*****r. He regularly attended the gym, but he never took of his clothes or showers at the gym like the majority of men did. i was only left to use my imagination but that got very tiring.

It came to a time where i was slowly undressing myself in order to enter the shower after a long and vigorous workout. Brad had a towel rapped around his waist which was certainly different since he usually went home to shower (don't ask me how i knew). I removed my workout pants and underwear and grabbed a towel to rap around my waist. But before i knew i felt a sharp pain on my ass cheek. A strangely pleasurable pain. Brad had spanked my butt. As a reflex i let out a little yelp. Brad and a bunch of unrecognizable nude men started snickering and giggling. Brad and a bunch of other men walked away. i was startled, yet largely turned on. i was lusting for more of his aggressiveness. I rapped a towel around me and headed for the showers. Only about 3 other men were actually in the shower rooms so i let my imagination go wild and started to jerk off to the thought of Brad naked.

After about 15 minutes i stopped showering, dried myself, got changed and trudged out the gym. To my surprise Brad was mysteriously waiting in his white range rover with the windows rolled all the way down. he gestured me to his car whilst simultaneously calling 'hey!'. I walked over to his car nervously. he offered me a ride to his place. with no hesitation i replied saying yes (not trying to sound desperate). I got into his car. he started the engine and we drove off.

As soon as we arrived to his house. he kindly opened the car door for me and held the door to his house open for me. politely i thanked him and we sat down on his couch. he apologized for smacking my butt in the changing room. i forgave him and he put his hand on my shoulder. he ran it up and down my arm and he stared deeply into my eyes. i was about to ask him what he was doing but he placed his finger on my lips, hushing me. he took of his shirt only to reveal his beautifully toned six pack. he grabbed my hand and ran it down his chest, then his stomach and then gently placed it on his dick bulge. he then rubbed my hand back and forth down his thigh before placing it on his bulge a second time. he leaned forward and gently kissed my neck. feeling ridiculously aroused i grabbed his cock harder and brad let out a little moan. he then kissed me a second time, this time sticking his tongue inside my mouth. we then passionately made out. i was having the time of my life. Brad then backed away. he stood up, took of his shoes and socks off, undid his belt and slowly, teasingly pulled down his trousers. his bulge look huge through his underwear. he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into his bulge. i flickered my tongue on his cock but then he pushed away. i took off my shoes, shirt and trousers, leaving on my underwear.

Brad smirked and pulled down his underwear. my jaw dropped as i stared at his 9 inch cock swing out of his man thongs. i'd never seen a cock that big before so i was pretty shocked. it wasn't to thick or skinny and it was cut. his hairy balls hung nearly halfway down his cock. with his teeth, brad then took my briefs off as well revealing my 8 and a half inch penis. i smiled embarrassingly. but as he began sucking, i started to feel tingly. this had never happened to me before, but it definitely felt great. he sucked my balls for a while and i started to let out groans of pleasure. he deep-throated my cock. my cock was rock hard and even started to throb a little. after a while he got up sat on the couch and it wasn't long until i started to suck his cock. it was my first time so i couldn't get all of it in my mouth. although it was my first, i could tell i was doing a pretty good job since Brad had his eyes closed and started to let out very loud groans of pleasure. i tickled his hairy scrotum with my tongue, then sucked his balls. i tried my best to fit his whole penis in my mouth but it wasn't long until i started to gag a little. Minutes went by, and after sucking his huge dick, brad was as hard as i was. he turned me over and stuck his tongue in my ass hole. he spanked my butt cheeks again and again every once in a while but he continued to rim me for what seemed like ages. but i didn't mind. it felt SOO good!

At last, he turned me over on my back, rubbed a moderate amount of lube inside my ass hole and his dick and then stuck it inside of me. i had never experienced this before. at first it hurt so bad, i even started to cry a little. but he kissed me gently on the neck and whispered 'its gonna be ok' in my ear and that certainly reassured me. about 10 minutes of soft fucking later, i started to get used to the pain and the pain then turned into pleasure. i moaned and groaned and kept asking him to go deeper inside of me, and harder. it wasn't long until he started to fuck me hard. very hard. i felt his ball-sac bounce roughly on my ass. his cock felt so good. it got to the point where brad started yelling out repeating 'fuck yeah' and 'oh shit that feels good' and 'ohh yeahh'. He called me names like 'Brad's little bitch' and 'little man slut' which turned me on so much. he even demanded me to call him 'Master Brad'. about an hour and half of fucking later, Brad pulled his dick out of me and came onto my face. it was a huge load and I tried to swallow as much as i could. he fed me the remains with his tongue. His cum tasted sweet. it tasted very light and sugary and i savored the taste. it was so good i couldn't help but lick the rest off the tip of his dick-head.

We made out one last time and then helped each other get dressed. That day was probably one of the happiest days of my life as Brad then asked me to be his boyfriend. happily i agreed and Brad drove me home. i loved Brad. his personality, his looks, his penis, his ass, his sexy deep but a little raspy voice, i loved everything about him. little did we know that my b*****r was actually watching the whole time and he knew what happened. he knew EVERYTHING we did.....

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2 years ago
Good and Hot!!!
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Holy shit this is hot!
2 years ago
love your storie it whas hot
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Well Done.
2 years ago
wow hot, and?
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Very hot.
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very hot
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