Wife's Black Bang

I've been married to my wife for three years now. She was a virgin when we were married. Although she had learned a lot about sex during these three years, because of her strict upbringing, she is still quite prudish, or so I thought.

Our sex life had been pretty stagnant because of her unwillingness to try new things. I read a lot of stories about husbands sharing their wives, but I can only dream about it as Suzanne refused even to take my cock into her mouth!

A year ago, we moved because of a promotion I got. Also because of the promotion, I had been working long hours, and had to make business trips to other cities sometimes for weeks.

Yes, I miss my Suzanne a lot during the trips, but I can't say it's because of the sex we had. Suzanne and our neighbor's wife June had became very good friends soon after we moved in. Just as well, as I was seldom home anyhow. This has all the making of a broken marriage.

Things changed, however. About a month ago, after a not so long business trip, when I got home, Suzanne all but ****d me upon my returning home. No, she still wouldn't perform fellatio, but she displayed some zest in the lovemaking. Things had gotten better, but I had also gotten suspicious. So the next business trip was just a little shorter than Suzanne had expected.

I returned from the trip a week early and gotten a room in a local hotel. I rented a car, and bought some new clothes so that she won't be suspicious that I was following her. For the first three days, nothing happened. On the forth day, I went and parked outside our house early in the morning as usual. Nothing happened in the morning and in the afternoon.

At 7 P.M., Suzanne, dressed in a sheer blouse, a miniskirt, and high heels, went out with June. I followed them to a nightclub that has a particularly large black attendance. I went in an hour after they did. It took me a while to spot my wife from the large crowd, and the blaring music. I found her and June in the middle of a group of black men.

She was obviously enjoying the attention she was receiving. She danced with a number of them, and they felt her up every chance they got, and Suzanne didn't object to any of their advances. At Midnight, June left with a black man, and Suzanne left with the rest, which consist of 5 black men!

I followed them back to my house. Half an hour later, I went through the backdoor. Little did I know, though, that there were more on the way! As I was making my way in, through the kitchen and into the living room, there were 3 more black men making their way in, and they spotted me.

Immediately, they were on me and handcuffed me even as I was explaining to them that I was Suzanne's husband. But the guy just said "shit we'll leave the cuffs on, especially when you are the husband." and proceeded to cuff my feet as well. From the distance, I can hear laughter coming from our room. "Hey why not take the guy up to watch what we do to the white trash slut?" suggested one of them. So I was carried up to our room.

Inside was a mass of black flesh. The guy carrying me laughed out "Yo Yo make room for the hubby!" then put me down on a chair, and made sure I get a good view. I got a good view alright. Suzanne was already naked, d***k, and stoned.

She saw me, but only gave me a little smile. Then took a massive black cock into her mouth. That pole must have been 10-11 inches long, and the bitch sucked with total abandoned. My cock was by now hard as rock.

Suzanne had totally become a slut. She was moaning loudly when one guy shoved his big, black cock into her tiny cunt. Immediately, he banged away like there is no tomorrow. I was quite amazed that she actually took the whole 11 inches with ease. Then the guy she was sucking started to cum.

"Yeah, make me cum, bitch. Swallow it! Swallow it all, you white whore!"

She did exactly what he ordered. Not even a drop escaped her eager mouth, and to think that she never even wanted to suck my cock, let alone drinking cum! After she has licked the guy clean, another took his place. This guy, although is only about 8 inches, has a very fat cock. He didn't waste any time and proceeded to fuck her face.

Meanwhile, the guy in her pussy is really hammering away. With a loud grunt, he pumped his load deep into my wife's pussy. He took out his spent cock, then walked up the bed and wiped it clean on Suzanne's face.

The next guy flipped my white trash wife over, and had her sit on his cock. Then, another guy, who has been watching the action, put some K-J Jelly on his cock, and Suzanne's asshole. I was about to faint. I couldn't believe that my prudish wife was actually letting people to fuck her in the ass.

My cock hardened so much that it hurt.

Slowly, the huge black eased his cock inside my wife's asshole. "Yeah, you love a big, black cock up your ass, don't you slut?" All the degrading remark only turns her on more and more. Now with three black cocks inside her simultaneously, she seemed even more insatiable. The guy who was fucking her face was the first to go. He didn't cum in her mouth, however.

Instead, he pulled out, and came on her face. Spurt after spurt of white cum shot from that black cock and landed on my wife's white face, and pink tongue. Turned on by the humiliation (or so I thought) of my wife, the guys fucking her lower orifices increased their paced, and came inside her holes together.

After she licked all three black cocks clean, she lied back down on her back, and begged:" Please, fuck me! Fuck me some more! I'm your white slut, your sex slave. Fuck me with your superior black cocks. Fuck your white whore." After a minute or so of her begging, they obliged.

This time, they fucked her all at the same time. One in her mouth, one in her cunt, one in her ass, and one each with her hands. It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen, five big, brute black men fucking my pretty, white wife. Then they started to cum. They gathered around my wife's head in a little circle. Then jerked their cocks.

It was an awesome display of huge cocks. Jizm was flying everywhere, and they all landed on Suzanne's face. She was trying to catch as much black jism as she could. Her tongue was scratched right out. Spurt after spurt of the sticky stuff covered her face. She was practically plastered in cum.

After she licked them clean (but of course!), she looked to me, and smiled. The sight of my pretty wife's face covered with some black guys' cum was too much for me, and I shot my own load in my pants without even touching myself.

They weren't finished, however. The fucking and sucking went on all night, as more black studs came over later on. At one time, I witnessed my wife 's face splattered by 10 black cocks. they also made her do things like crawling on the floor barking like a dog (quite appropriate). And have her suck and lick their assholes. They also came in a cup and had her drink it all down.

I lost count how many times they fucked her, but another sight I wouldn't forget is when they took her into the bathroom, and put her in the tub. Then they gathered around, and starting to pissed on her. In between the black mass, I saw her desperately trying to swallow their piss. Needless to say, I came again spontaneously.

I lost track of time, but they finally left. Suzanne came over and untied me. By this time, she was literally covered in cum. The stuff also was dripping from her cunt and her asshole. without a word, I pushed her down on the bed and proceeded to fuck her. Soon I added another load to her very sloppy (its beyond sloppy, actually!) pussy. Except this time its from her rightful husband and a white cock.

Later that night, after we'd washed up, we discussed what had happened. She explained how it had all come about.

Apparently, June (our neighbor's wife, remember?) had been cheating on her husband for quite a while, and had developed quite a taste for black men's cocks. She kept bragging how black guys are so well hung, and how good they fuck. One night (while I was away), June got her to the club, and had gotten her d***k.

My wife fucked a black guy at June's urging and the dam was broken.

I told her that I still love her and how much it all had turned me on, seeing what a slut she really was.

From that day on, Susanne fucked countless black guys, but I would always remember that fateful night.

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Great lil fuck toy!
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Fucking hot!
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very very hot
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What a hot fuck your wife is.
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Yes, really hot!