Mother Makes F

Here I am in a Caribbean Resort hotel room in a 69 position with my new daughter-in-law. As we lick each other's pussy we are both getting fucked in the ass. She is being ass fucked by her new husband who is also my son. I am getting ass fucked by my son's best friend who was also his best man. Before I finish this scene let me tell you how we all got here.

I am a divorced wife who made out very well in the custody battle and financial settlement. My son and I have lived very comfortably in a stately home. The home is not a mansion but it is plenty big with beautiful private grounds with a security gate. We have a large in-ground pool with very tasteful and comfortable patio furniture. The basement is completely finished with a wet bar, exercise room and recreation room.

My son Jerry had just graduated from college and was planning to get married in a month. Jerry is a good looking young man at age 22 with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5'9" tall and weighs 160 pounds and in excellent shape. He and his best friend Biff work out at our house all the time. Biff is a strapping young man at 6'2" and 195 pounds. He played football in college and still keeps himself in great shape. He was also 22 years old with brown hair and piercing steel blue eyes.

Jerry was planning to marry Joannie a bleached blonde who I did not care for. I felt she was after Jerry only for our money. Joannie was pretty at 5'7" and 120 pounds she looked good. Her figure was 34-22-35 without an ounce of body fat. Joannie swam a lot and also worked out with the guys. Her well-tanned body was lean and tight. Her 34b tits were firm and Joannie hardly ever wore a bra. Her short mini-skirts accented her long tan legs. I had often seen had seen Joannie wear thong panties with her curvy ass peeking out from under her skirt.

At 44 years old I was still proud of my figure. I was always small breasted with a 34 b-cup. I had nice legs and a shapely bottom. I was a natural blond with blue eyes. I also made good use of the pool to stay in shape. I had a great tan with no tan lines because I was able to sunbathe in the nude in our private yard. My name is Marla.

Marla watches Biff and Jerry workout

Jerry, Joannie and I were planning the wedding together and we did a lot of shopping together and individually. The wedding and reception would be at our house. Jerry and Joannie would be going to Jamaica for their honeymoon. One day I headed up to go shopping and realized that I forgot something so I went back to the house. I entered the house and I heard Jerry and Biff down in the basement, I figured that they were working out together again. Then I heard Biff speak.

"Oh yeah suck that cock suck it good," he yelled.

I knew that I shouldn't but I had to see what was going on in my house. I quietly walked down the stairs and looked into the bar area. There was Biff sitting back on one of the bar stools with my son Jerry on his knees sucking on Biff's cock. I couldn't believe my eyes. Here was my son to be married is less than a month sucking on his best man's cock.

"Man you sure are a great cocksucker Jerry. I think that you may be just a little better than Joannie," Biff echoed.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. Was Biff getting blowjobs from both Jerry and Joannie?

"I'm getting close Jerry," Biff warned.

"Cum on me this time," Jerry said as he took Biff's dick out of his mouth and jerked him off with his hand as he fondled Biff's balls with his other.

I was taken with the size of Biff's cock. I knew that he had a good package from the times I saw him in his bathing suit but I was not prepared for this. His cock had to be 8-9 inches long and thick enough that my son could not wrap his hand around it.

Jerry continued to jerk off Biff occasionally licking the head of his dick. Then Jerry took the cock head back in and out of his mouth making a popping sound as it left his mouth.

"Here it comes, Jerry," Biff announced as he shot streams of cum into the air. It landed on his stomach and on my son's face, hair, chest, and all over the back of his hand.

I had never seen anyone cum that much before. Biff must have fired six or seven volleys of his seed before it just started to ooze out of his dick head. Jerry took Biff's cock back into his mouth and sucked him dry. He then licked cum off of the back of his hand and off of Biff's body.

"I love to watch you shoot," he told Biff.

"What do you like best, watching me shoot or having me cum in your mouth," Biff asked.

"That's a tough call. I like watching you shoot barrage after barrage into the air but I also like it when it hits the back of my throat and fills my mouth," Jerry answered and then went back to sucking Biff's cock which maintained its erect state.

"Are you ready to fuck me? I really need your cock in my ass now," my son asked him.

Surely my son is not going to take that monster in his ass I thought to myself. I watched as Jerry retrieved some sort of lubricant and prepared his asshole for Biff's dick. Biff generously applied the lube to his stiff pecker. My son leaned over the bar stool as Biff got behind him and slowly eased his impressive organ into Jerry's rectum.

Biff fucked him slowly at first and then picked up the pace. I couldn't believe that my son could take that entire cock in his ass. Biff was pounding him hard now as his body slammed against my son's buttocks.

"Oh yeah, give it to me, fuck me hard, fuck me with that ass buster," my son called out to Biff.

"You have a great looking ass and I love fucking it. I love it as much as fucking Joannie's ass," Biff told him as my son was impaled on his cock.

"Take it all in!" he shouted and with one insanely hard thrust he stretched my son's asshole even more. I thought his cock head would be come out of my son's open mouth.

"There you go Jerry!" he yelled stopping momentarily as he relished the scene with his entire pole imbedded in my son's ass. My son was impatiently waiting impatiently for the ass pounding to continue.

"Do you want me to fuck your brains out?" he asked arrogantly.

"Oh God please yes!" my son begged.

With that he pulled his rigid dick out until only his head remained inside of my son's ass and then he again buried it f***efully to the hilt. Biff repeated the process quickly picking up pace. His sweaty balls smacked right into my son's ass repeatedly his balls as I watched his bun hole repeatedly stretched and un-stretched over and over. Each slide in and pull out sent a shiver of pleasure up my son's spine as Biff relentlessly slammed into him. He held my son by the shoulders as he f***ed himself into him harder and harder.

"Oh that's incredible!" my son screamed.

"Give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass," Jerry begged him as he jerked on his own cock.

Biff really picked up the pace and rapidly plowed my son's ass as he raced toward his second orgasm. He held onto to my son's hips as he pounded his ass. I could tell by the look on Biff's face that he was really close to cumming.

"Here it comes again," Biff yelled as his entire body stiffened and he plunged into Jerry's ass unloading his seed.

"Oh yeah, I can feel it, fill me up, fill up my ass with your jizm," Jerry called out.

Biff resumed fucking Jerry slowly as Jerry rotated his ass and squeezed his buttocks milking the remaining cum from Biff. Jerry was franticly jerking his own dick in search of his first orgasm. Jerry stiffened with Biff's cock still impaled in his ass and shot his load across the bar stool. Biff slowly eased his deflating cock out of my son's ass and it made a popping sound as it cleared his sphincter.

"Man I really know that I've been fucked when you fuck me Biff," Jerry told him as he turned and faced Biff, taking Biff's cock in his hand and then dropping to his knees to take it back in his mouth.

I was in shock to what I had just witnessed, my own son sucking cock and taking it in the ass. What about Joannie? Did she know what was going on? She was obviously fucking Biff too, so she must know. I watched as the guys began to clean themselves up and then I quietly left the basement. As I walked up the stairs I realized that my own pussy was sopping wet. As appalled as I was I was also turned on by the scene I just witnessed.

I left the house to go shopping as originally planned. As I was driving my mind kept going back to Biff and Jerry. I made up my mind to spy on them some more whenever I could. Would I get to watch Joannie as well? Time would tell.

Joannie joins the guy's workout

One day the three of them were swimming and sunbathing by our pool. I told them that I was going out for a couple of hours and that I would be home in time for dinner. They bid me farewell and I pretended to leave in hopes that something might happen between them. I was not to be disappointed. Before long I heard them come in from the pool through the doors to the recreation room. They were laughing and joking around and then things got a little quiet. Finally I heard Biff speak.

"Joannie you are doing a great job sucking my cock. I told Jerry the other day that I wasn't sure who was the better cocksucker, you or him."

That was my cue to slip downstairs and observe the action. When I got to my observation point I saw that Biff was sitting between Joannie and Jerry on the couch and Joannie had leaned over to suck Biff's pecker. The three of them were naked and I could see the discarded swim suits nearby on the floor.

"My turn now," Jerry said as he took Biff's dick from Joannie and started to suck it.

Joannie moved around and knelt down to take my Jerry's cock in her mouth. Now my son and future daughter-in-law were both sucking cock, incredible!

Jerry and Joannie kept sucking until both Biff and Jerry came. Biff filled Jerry's mouth to overflowing with his orgasmic load and Jerry shot his wad into Joannie's mouth. Jerry and Joannie lick their lips savoring the taste of cum. Biff then had Joannie sit on the sofa as he knelt between her legs to eat her pussy. Jerry sat along side Joannie and they kissed deeply exchanging the remaining cum between them. Biff had lifted Joannie's legs up on his shoulders and buried his face in her twat. Within minutes Biff had Joannie squirming with her first orgasm.

"Oh shit, oh shit, yeah right there you got the spot. Suck me, nibble me, make me cum," Joannie yelled out as her body went into spasms with the intensity of her orgasm.

Biff clearly knew what he was doing as he had Joannie going wild. She drenched his face with her pussy cum and he kept right on eating her until she pleaded with him to stop.

"Stop, please stop, no more, I can't take anymore. Man can you eat pussy," she gasped.

I witnessed the remarkable recovery of youth for the next several hours as the three of them engaged in a variety of sexual compilations. The men each came at least four times and Joannie had countless orgasms.

Biff was hard again after eating Joannie's pussy and Joannie wanted his big cock in her cunt. Biff lay back on the sofa and Joannie straddled him lowering herself on his dick. Joannie moaned as the large cock entered her womb. She allowed herself time to adjust to his size and then started fucking herself on his cock. Jerry knelt behind her and began to finger her asshole with the lubricant. Satisfied that she was well greased he eased his 6" into her ass. Joannie stopped moving and leaned forward slightly so that Jerry would have easy access to her bottom. The guys got into a rhythm and were soon driving Joannie crazy. When Jerry pulled out Biff plowed her pussy and when Biff pulled out Jerry slammed into her ass.

Joannie had multiple orgasms before it was obvious that the guys were close to cumming again. Biff and Jerry picked up the pace and were pounding Joannie's body. They were not trying to maintain a rhythm but only racing toward their own climatic end.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me, give me your cum, cum in my ass, cum in my pussy, fill me up." Oh I wish I had another cock for my mouth," Joannie repeated over and over.

Jerry seemed to cum first based on his body gyrations, then stiffening and gasping as he unloaded in his wife's to be ass. Biff wasn't far behind as he started humping Joannie's cunt and almost bucked Jerry and Joannie off of him with the power of his orgasm. They all collapsed with Biff on the bottom and Joannie sandwiched between them.

After a brief rest the trio moved into position for their finale. Joannie lay on her back as Jerry got between her legs and slipped his cock into her hot pussy. Biff got behind my son and slid his thick cock into his ass. Joannie and Biff let Jerry do all the work humping her pussy and impaling himself on Biff's dick. Jerry moved faster and faster as he approached his orgasm bringing his two partners off with him. It was amazing as they all seemed to stiffen and cum at the same time. They then collapsed, their bodies totally drained. Once they recovered they headed back out to the pool and I snuck back upstairs with a sopping wet pussy.

Biff Confronts Marla

I had several more opportunities to observe these sex enthusiasts engage in threesome activities and compilations. One day they were shooting pool in the nude and purposely distracting each other during the shot. Jerry was lining up a shot when Joannie jumped up on the pool table and spread her legs.

"I bet you can't hit my clit," she said as she opened her labia with her hands and pulled open the protective hood covering her clit.

Jerry replied, "What do you want to bet?"

"The loser has to lick the other one's asshole," she said laughingly.

As Jerry took aim Joannie said, "Wait you need a little distraction to make it challenging, Biff fuck his ass."

Biff then slid his impressive pecker into Jerry's asshole. Jerry grunted and tried to focus on the shot. Just as Jerry attempted the pool shot Biff plowed into his ass and the ball hit Joannie in the foot.

"You lose," she yelled as she moved down the table toward Jerry's face.

Joannie lifted her legs up so that Jerry could lick her asshole as Biff continued to fuck him in the ass. Jerry licked Joannie from her asshole up to her pussy and soon had her cumming on his face. Biff in the meantime shot his load into my son's ass. Jerry stood up still impaled on Biff's cock and lifted his own dick toward Joannie's body and sprayed his cum on her thighs.

These three were insatiable and bordering on sexual deviation. I wondered how long this would go on after Joannie and Jerry were married. I was lost in my thoughts when I realized that Biff was looking toward my hiding place. Had he seen me? Would he say anything? God, I hoped not. I quietly slipped back up stairs praying that I had not been detected.

A couple of days passed and Biff never said a word about seeing me spy on them. I assumed that he had not seen me but I was careful not to return to my hiding place too soon. I thought that if a waited a few more days then I could start spying again undetected.

One weekend the three of them planned a trip with some friends up to the lake. I was glad to finally have the house and pool to myself for a few days. Saturday was a hot day and I chose to hang out by the pool all day. I set the security system so that I would not be disturbed as I decided to read a good book as I sunbathed in the nude. I was totally into the book when I was startled by Biff's voice.

"Catching some rays, Marla?" he observed.

I quickly reached for my robe but he had already moved it out of my reach. I dropped my book and covered my breasts with one hand and my vulva with the other.

"What are you doing here? I thought you went to the lake. How did you get in?" I asked nervously.

"I decided to pass on the lake and hang out by your pool. Jerry gave me the security code so I just let myself in. You don't mind if I join you do you?" he replied

"I certainly do mind. I wanted some privacy today and I would like you leave now!" I said trying to sound firm.

He laughed and started to take off his clothes and said, "I'll just stay for a little while and work on my tan lines."

I was appalled with his behavior and shocked when he striped naked. I stared briefly at his penis which even in its soft state was 6" long. I broke my stare and flipped over on my stomach to face away from him.

"Hey what's the big deal? It's not like you haven't seen me naked before," he said.

He knew, he had seen me spying on them and there was no denying it. He then surprised me by straddling my legs and patting my buttocks.

"You have a nice ass Marla in fact you have a great figure. Let me put some lotion on you so that you don't sun burn," he offered.

I felt him squirt the lotion on my shoulders and back and lean forward to rub it in to my skin. As he leaned forward I felt the weight of his now erect cock resting on my ass cheeks. I protested and tried to squirm away but he just held me still and covered my body with lotion.

He worked his way down from my shoulders to the small of my back and then started with my calves and worked up to my thighs. Then he began to massage my ass and I felt a familiar stirring in my loins. I was red as a beet but it wasn't from the sun. I tried one more time to avoid his advances but to no avail. Biff spent a long time massaging my ass cheeks and inner thighs and occasionally let his hand slip between them.

He took hold of my shoulders and slowly turned me over on my back. I was just about to protest again when he kissed me deeply plunging his tongue into my mouth. His tongue sought out mine and he had me reeling in passion. I resolved to allow him to have his way with me. After all isn't that what I wanted?

Biff kissed his way from my lips to my jaw line and along my neck. He lightly kissed, licked and nibbled my neckline softly. Then he tongued my ear just enough to add stimulation. I wanted to protest but felt extremely pleasurable.

He then worked his way further down to my chest kissing me along the way. When he finally reached my breasts he gently squeezed them and rolled my nipples between his fingers. It had been so long and I felt so feminine, so exquisite and I longed for more of his touches and caresses.

Biff looked into my eyes and whispered, "You have great tits." Why couldn't he refer to them as breasts I wondered as he teased, kissed and squeezed my breasts? He tortured me by neglecting my nipples as he went close and blew his warm breath over them exciting me and increasing my desire.

I was on the edge and close to an orgasm just from his foreplay. I urgently craved the touch that would provide my much needed release. Biff brought me to the edge of desire and allowed me to linger there as he touched me. His one hand cupped my vulva and probed at the opening of my moist passage while he continued to tweak and tease my nipples. His wet warm mouth covered my other breast filling me with lust. My desire to cum increased.

Biff had me to the point that I would orgasm if he touched my clit. I was overheated and my pussy was on fire. Just a touch would have ignited my flame and sent me crashing over the edge. A moan escaped my lips as I beseeched him to touch me. "Please, please," I implored him.

"Please what Marla? What do you want me to do? Do you want to cum?" he asked me in a seductive tone.

"Oh yes, let me cum," I pleaded.

He pushed both my breasts together and took both nipples into his mouth and sucked them. He would release them letting them pop out of his mouth and repeated the process until my hips were moving of their own accord. He then slid his tongue across them and flicked them back and forth but stopped before I exploded in orgasm.

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