My Slut Mum

My parents have really dirty sex frequently. However,one night when my father was overseas, I heard the doorbell ring as I lay in bed. I decided to go see who it was and I peeked out of my room. I was shocked as I saw my pretty mum clad in a sheer nightgown with black silk panties and a bra underneath. By the way, my mum has huge D-cups so they really protruded from the bra. She walked to the door and to my shock, let in two muscular men who I did not recognize and a large dog . I quickly ducked back into my room and quietly closed the door. After that, I waited for quite awhile until my mum, the two guys and the dog had entered the master bedroom and then I peeked into it. My cock was already hard as I knew what my mum was doing and I had actually fantasized about my mum's creamy white legs and great breasts before. What I saw totally shocked me, my mum was groaning loudly as she rubbed her clit and breasts while one man was in her mouth, one was in her ass and the dog's huge cock was in her gorgeous pussy which was leaking juices onto the bed. I started jacking off to the cries of my mum like "Oh My God! Fuck Me!" and "Uhh, you feel so big!". Unfortunately, I couldnt finish jacking off as they finished quite quickly, my mum swallowing one man's jism and having another load in her ass a dog's cum in her pussy. Her lingerie was strewn all over the place and I quickly ran back to my room and finished my masturbating as she in full nudityushered her bedroom partners and their canine friend ou

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2 years ago
part 2?
2 years ago
2 years ago
mmmmm nice
2 years ago
That would be hot
2 years ago
Quite some dream. !!