Shy girl gone bad

It had been a long day at work for Jasmine. She looked at the clock noticing that the dusk street lights had just flickered to life. Home time she thought as she logged out her computer and started the journey home. Tonight was different noted Jasmine as she stepped out of the office into the unsure London weather making her way to the train station it started to shower lightly.

bl**dy typical I changed three times and didn't even need a jacket. Then just as if the rain was listening it protested with a heavy down pour. Jasmine always carried an umbrella in her bag. She found it use full on most unsure days and it doubled as a prop for the umbrella dance when she had one too many.

Looking out from the under her coverage she saw an old lady picking items up from the floor. She looked like an old school gypsy woman, the ones that could curse you with a flick of an eye. Jasmine felt sorry for the woman and run to help her pick up her spilled shopping.

“Thank you young girl” said the old lady with a whisper. “You don't get many people that are so nice. Here is a little something for you”. The lady gestured to a brown paper bag. It will bring you luck. Jasmie at first was going to refuse but the British awkwardness kicked in and she accepted it with a smile. Jasmine watched the old lady leave into the shadows of the now darken sky with thoughts of concern. A sudden ringing broke her from the daydream. It was the hello kitty song that signaled a text. The text read: I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO OUR DATE, MARV X. Jasmine’s heart raced. She had forgotten that it was her turn to cook for her new boyfriend Marv. She knew that was not the only thing that was going to happen that night. She rushed to the platform hoping not to miss the train.

In her mind’s eye she planned how she wanted to lay out the apartment she had just bought 4 months ago. With lighted candles and soft music. The table set with a soft central lighting that gave the room a solar kiss. She bolted to life when she realized that the station was hers and people were getting off the train. Just as she was about to step off the carriage, Jasmine noticed a man standing directing others to stand back and give her space. His eyes glowed with a gold green inner light and only seemed concerned with her. "oi you gonna get off the train lady?"A moment of recognition passed in her but she could not tell what it was. A now frustrated passenger shouted from behind the stranger. "Get of the train will ya!". That prompted her into an embarrassing stumble action into the warm arms of the golden eyed stranger. "Sorry I am so clumsy" chirped Jasmine. "Its ok I do the same on Friday nights after a few" said the stranger that effortlessly stood her up then got on the train. She caught his strong scent of some designer after shave and hummed to herself. In what seemed to be recognition to this, the man’s eyes narrowed, leaving Jasmine feeling embarrassed, left the platform without even looking up. Home she thought, dinner and then desert bringing a smile to her face.

Entered her large flat. It was a nice open plan brick penthouse. The kind of one she had dreamed of owning since she started work. Dashing to the bathroom to run her bath she looked at the clock know that Marv would be there soon even if he was running a bit late. As the bath was filling she opened a rose wine and poured a large glass and slipped out of her clothing. Drinking from her cool glass slowly, while activating her music system. Smooth house music filled the apartment. Jasmine had thought about this night more than once and she had already picked out her outfit. She knew Marvin had a “weakness for legs” and she was going to get him good.
A simple black dinner dress with a split halfway up her thigh would see that he would spend the evening drooling and she would relish the thought. But to finish the job she had purchased some sheer flesh tone stockings for her 4 inch heels. Even she had to admit that they felt so good to the touch that it made her aroused to think of what they would do to him.

She moved back to the bathroom dipping her toe into the hot bath she had been craving. Slowly she let herself be massaged by the water and relax with her drink. Maybe it was the wine, soft music or the scent of Jasmine incents that got to her but she fell into a dream like state. She became very aware of her body the ripples of her heart beat causing little waves that rushed up her neck like hundreds of gentle kisses. The warmth of the water reminded her of the heat she felt in the strangers arms holding her earlier a familiar feeling started to creep into her belly. Rubbing her soft silky legs together only made it worse as the soap made them glide smoothly, pulsing the water against her sensitive nipples each making her even more aroused. She closed her eyes and allowed her hands to search her body gently gliding on her wet form. In her mind’s eye she tried to wonder to thoughts of her boy friend, but to her surprise intense clear images of the strangers golden eyes penetrated her mind. With her eyes closed the intensity grew and she was compelled to touch herself. This time it was different, at first she didn’t want to but then the warmth and the thought of the stranger holding her in powerful arms. The growl that he made when he slit his eyes at her was too much. More and more Jasmine rubbed herself, turning over to intensify the feelings imagining lying under him giving her ass to him to please himself. Wave after wave of water throbbed against her soft checks, Until intense pleasure f***ed her to convulse and spasms curling her toes to ease the cum through her body. When the pleasure faded Jasmine got out of the bath and toweled off feeling a bit guilty that the golden eyed stranger had made her cum more than thoughts of her man. “No one needs to know and it warmed me up quite nicely Marv will be grateful” she said to herself with a swig from her near empty glass then moving to the bedroom to get changed.

Jasmine set the table, laying out cutlery and dishes as she made her way around the dining area. Proud she looked at the table and placed the chilled wine on the table. Then it hit her she forgot to pick up a cork screw as her last one had given up after 5 years of good service. Plus she was clumsy and had dropped it more than once to her embarrassment. Picking up her purse she dashed to the shop knowing that she wanted everything to be perfect. Jasmine grew up in the area and felt at ease in the amber lit street. Remembering that everyone in the area was nice and knew her in some compactly. She chose to go through a few quiet side roads to avoid the mundane conversations that would make her late for her own dinner. A rustle from the bushes alerted her to its occupation by a black cat. “awe you so sweet. What’s your name?”. The cat turned and looked at her with clearly gold human eyes and growled a deep growl. “Just like the stranger!” Within seconds Jasmine found her body was alight with pleasure struggling to stand she staggered to a unlit lamppost. In her mind a clear voice spoke “come for me again lady”. Her hands working her breasts and moaning loudly in the street. With no control she f***ed her hand into her knickers and grinding against a nook on the lamppost she had to brace herself on until she came. So powerful was her cumming, it left her trembling with delight she looked around to see no one was there. Feeling flustered and excited she hurried to the shop heels clicking on the concrete darkness. Her smile brought her attention from almost every man in the shop. Even those with girlfriends at their sides were looking out of the corner of their eye. One woman even remarked that she “looked healthy” and what she “used on her cheeks for such blush”. Jasmine told her it was “a secret”, picked up the cork screw, paid and left for home with a grin.

When she got back she looked at the clock and realized that she had a few minutes before Marvin arrived. But her knickers was now wet and she needed to change them. Dashing into her bedroom she took them off and threw them on the clothes chair. Looking around for another pair she could not find ones that would match the dress types she was wearing. Then looking through the items on her bed she accidently turned the brown bag that she had gotten from the old lady upside down. To her surprise it was the exact same pair of knickers that she was wearing earlier in a packet brand new. As she pulled them on a she felt for the first time how soft and silky these knickers actually were. How the sent her skin to tingle and make her run her hands over herself. A sharp knock brought her back from these thoughts and through the door she heard “Hi its Marvin”. She opened the door and stood shocked. Often she forgot how handsome he looked, especially when he looked at her in “that way”. “come in, dinners ready you look nice” she said as she hugged him. Marvin smiled “wow you look really nice! Something seems different about you… a new dress, Hair style I can’t tell” flattered Marvin as he handed her a bunch of flowers. Jasmine smiled knowing what it was.

Dinner was enjoyed by both and Marvin offered to do the washing up. Once it was done lots of flirting and kissing had built the tension and had ment that Jasmine had to goto the bathroom quite a bit to “freshen up”. When washing her hands Jasmine looked up to see a pair of golden eyes flashing looking back from her reflection the shock startled her and caused her to knock over the hand cream all over her dress. She panicked and raced to clean it up. “so stupid, so clumsy” Jasmine berated herself “I wish I had more time!”. After a while Jasmine entered the living room to find Marvin just sitting there watching TV, but everything was quite. As she got closer she could see that he was still and the TV was still. It was like everything was on pause. Jasmine smiled a wicked smile and said “oh I see the worlds on pause huh? Then you want notice if I do this” Seductively Jasmine undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. “umm I have always wanted to do this”. Slowly rubbing her stocking legs she growled as she moved to his fly and undid his belt. She knew Marvin was ready from the kissing and there was no way he would not crumble to her skillful touch. “umm baby Big Will is waiting for me to talk to him” she purred while liking his manhood from the base to the tip then she sucked it in. Gliding up and down filling her mouth Jasmine groaned with delight to please her man. Feeling a ache in the space that she knew only he would fill she backed off. Normally by this point Jasmine knew her man would react but to her surprise he didn’t even move. “Come on baby lets get started” Commanded a now frustrated Jasmine. Marvin roared with pleasure as hot jets of white liquid left his hardness with obvious confusion. “What, what happened on minute I was watching the TV and then, erm sorry I don’t know maybe I should….” Marv stopped mid sentence and closed his eyes. When he opened them they glowed with a gold fire. “Yes you remember me. I am ancient and a desire older than man. Girl you have summoned me, you sexual desire has awaked something I have restrained in this one until now. You have pretended to be a “nice girl, I have watched you all day. Thoughts so raw and sexual, needing to be satisfied. Come here and GIVE ME YOUR ASS!” Jasmine panic and tried to run as she knew Marvin would never say something like that. But try as she might the further she got the greater the urge became to please this “man”. “Come here girl and receive your punishment!”. Jasmine found herself bending over and becoming weak with the thoughts of what was happening to her. She had never surrendered herself so easy. Secretly she had always hoped that she would be used in this way, but maybe this would be too much she thought. She looked back at Marv hoping for some kind of recognition as he grabbed her hips and pushed himself in. With a sharp smack on her ass check he began to grind slowly. “Your punishment will be to pleasure this man in any way I choose” As he said this Jasmine could feel him grow more and she let out a soft moan, that only seemed to make her harder. “OK I am sorry for teasing you Marvin” Jasmine pleaded. Marvin responded by grabbing her breasts hard and increasing the speed. “ug, yeah its so good” Cried Jasmine as she fought the urge to touch herself. “No” said Marvin “you will not have any joy other than to make me cum” With that his eyes flashed a supernatural light and Jasmine watched herself, eyes glowing cum over and over until again in the mirror until she passed out. When she awoke Marvin was next to her sl**ping. Smiling to herself Jasmine was satisfied that she fulfilled her man and she was going to do more to fulfill him. She opened her mouth and kiss Bill will awake hoping the cycle would continue again.

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3 years ago
That was great!!
3 years ago
very good 1st story