Miss Lori and Mr J.

Mr. J the College Principal is seated at his desk. There is a knock at the door…..

“Come in”

The door opens, and Lori, a mature student in her twenties, comes into the room. She is dressed in a way which at first glance, looks quite modest, in a cream blouse and tight grey skirt. However, if we look closely, we can see that the blouse is in sheer silk, showing her bra clearly, and the skirt is so tight that her underwear is clearly outlined for all to see. It is obvious that she is wearing tanga briefs, stockings and suspenders.

“Sit down Miss Lori”

She complies, crossing her legs. The skirt pulls tight on her thighs, riding up just a little to show her stocking top. Mr. J glances at the leg show then f***es his attention back to Lori

“I’ve asked you here today to discuss what could be a problem. Several members of staff have mentioned that your clothing is rather immodest. Stand up, and I’ll outline the problem.”

She stands, and Mr. J moves to stand behind her. His hand reaches out and rests on her left hip, then slowly creeps down till his hand is cupping her left buttock. He begins to trace the outline of her briefs with his hand.

“You see Miss Lori, I am able to see exactly what underwear you have on under your skirt. While I myself do not consider this a problem, other members of staff feel that you are a distraction.”

His left hand moves down off her panties, tracing the line of her suspender strap through her skirt. He pauses at the stocking top, then continues to the hem. When his hand reaches it, it slips underneath, raising her skirt. His hand caresses her stocking top, then he inserts his fingers into the stocking, next to her skin.

By now, his other hand is on bottom, fondling her right buttock and knickers.

She tingles at his touch, nervous but thrilled at the same time. Her arms don't seem strong enough to keep holding herself up over the desk as she just can't help but to let her elbows slowly bend allowing her head to gently work its way to the desk top.

"Oooh... Mr J., I'm sorry that you believe I've been inappropriate, but I've only just been trying to be as elegant as my mother has always been." She says as her head lays over to the side on the desk top.

He caresses higher over her panties and with the same motion manages to push her skirt inside out over her lower back and waist. With his hand still moving up her back he then traces the clearly visible bra strap through the sheer silk blouse. He presses himself closer, so she can feel he is rock hard in his slacks, pressing into her buttocks.

As he does this he says,
"And while you have your blouse buttoned up far enough, it appears to be much too sheer. I can see every detail of your lacy bra."

His hand traces along the side of the bra strap and eventually reaches a cup. Even though her head is now laying flat on the desk top, the rest of her is suspended in air.
Her breath catches as she feels his hand reach under and continue to trace the lace edge of her bra through her sheer blouse, over the mound of her breast to the cleft between them.

His hand slips into the open blouse, kneading her breast through her bra, then frees the breast from its prison, playing with her nipple.

"Miss Lori,, I'm doing this for your own good." Replies Mr J.

"It’s good for you to understand the effect you can have on
others when you dress this way." Mr J continues.

With that he presses even harder into the cleft between her
cheeks with his still trapped erection and at the same time
pulls her with his left hand which has found her swollen and
moist clit. As a reflex she clenches her buttocks around his erection,
trying her best to grip it but managing only to caress it
into further growth.

She can't say so out loud, but she wants him closer to her,
if such a thing is possible. Without speaking or even really
thinking about it she spreads her legs by taking an equal
step to the side in both directions. This allows him to step
between her legs and enables him to push deeper between her

He takes it as an invitation, not that he needed one. Keeping
his right hand kneading her left breast and pinching the
same nipple, he pulls his left hand back to his belt and
starts to slowly unbuckle, unzip, and drop his slacks to the
floor. The whole time never missing the beat of her slight
up and down motion combined with her clenching of his erection.
He pulls the gusset of her panties to one side, and pushes himself deep inside her, making her gasp as he begins to push in and out, thrusting hard.

She matches her movements to his, pushing back against his forward thrusts, and adding a slight twist each time. Her hands are on the edge of the desk aiding in her ability to push back.

With one hand she reaches between her own legs and seeks out his cock as it slides full length in and out of her pussy. Her fingers caress his shaft and engulf his balls with every stroke.

Her breath catches in her throat each time his crotch slaps against her cheeks. She feels herself going over the edge. She doesn't want him to stop for a second.... keep pumping into her.....
She drops to her forearms on the desk, her arms not able to hold her weight any longer.
Her breathing is panting, rapid, and full of moans as she nears orgasm.

He senses how close she is to orgasm and thrusts himself harder against her, deeper inside her, pausing to let her feel his fullness inside her pussy.

She bucks, shivers, and calls out, "Oh God... Oh God.... YESSSS!"
As she's rocked by a truly intense orgasm. Her juices washing over his cock as he holds himself inside her as deep as possible for several seconds at the end of each stroke.

For a few moments she can only feel blissfully satisfied, exhausted, spent, fulfilled, or some other combination of feelings she can't clearly comprehend.
But her feelings give way to a desire, a desire to make him feel the same intensity she was just given.

His cock slowed, moving gently in and out of her pussy while she came down out of the cloud of her orgasm. He felt good, triumphant even, from her seemingly intense orgasm.

She straightened up, thus forcing his cock from her wet pussy. Turning around to face him she looked not in his eyes but down at his glistening hard cock.
With one hand she reached for him and with the other she helped slowly lower herself to the floor by the edge of the desk. Her knees together, sitting back on her heels, she was now caressing his hard still wet shaft.

Without even thinking about it her tongue slowly glided across her lips making sure they were moistened. Her head then leaned forward, mouth opened, and tongue extended as she took his cock inside. Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked gently trying to make him grow even more.
Pulling him out of her mouth and rubbing his cock back and forth across her pouting lips before taking him back in, deeper. Her head starting a rhythmic pumping motion.

He can't believe this pretty young student is so willing to suck his cock. He reaches for her head with one hand, cradling the back of it so he can lightly f***e more of his cock into her mouth.
He then grips her hair, not painfully, just so she knows what he wants,, and tilts her head back. With his other hand he grips the base of his cock as it pops out of her mouth. With her head tilted back, her mouth open and wanting, he lightly slaps her lips then her cheeks with his cock. Then he rubs it back and forth across her open lips before shoving it back into her mouth.

Her head free once more, she pumps his cock with her mouth with renewed vigour. Cupping and squeezing his balls with one hand and stroking his shaft with her other. Taking him as deep as she can without choking.

After the pleasure of filling her pussy and feeling her cumming all over his cock, the sight and feel of her sexy mouth taking most of his cock was what he needed to be put over the edge. She sensed it, she could feel his balls tightening up, his shaft getting harder still, and his breathing became ragged.

She pulled his cock from her mouth, looked up into his eyes and said, "Cum where ever you'd like.... Sir."
Her impish smile told him it was OK to do just that. He griped his cock tightly and started pumping as only he would know how. With his other hand he tangled the hair on the back of her head between his fingers.
He held her head steady and pressed the tip of his straining cock to the side of her mouth pumping rapidly.
Her hands were kneading her own breasts together and pinching her nipples as she was so turned on by him jacking his cock for her.

He came..... a trickling at first, then spurt after spurt of hot cum. Landing on her mouth, some finding the inside, landing on her cheek, her chin, her nose. Running down her neck, dripping off her chin and landing on her breasts.

When he stopped pumping she turned her face towards his cock and took him back into her mouth. Gently sucking the tip of his cock as he softened inside of her.

After they both recovered, he packed himself away while she wiped her face. She did not wipe her breasts on purpose. She arranged the demi cups of her bra by folding them thus allowing her nipples to be free and rub against the sheer silk of her blouse. When she buttoned up her blouse the cum which was left on her chest and breasts soaked through quickly making the material even more sheer. She knew it would dry, but she also knew it would leave a subtle stain.

As she stood in front of him with her nipples visible through her blouse, with him watching, she reached up and gave both of them a nice pinch between her fingers, making sure they were fully erect before she turned and walked out of his office......

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7 months ago
In my fantasies only have I re-lived such a lecherous and enjoyable surrender to the sexy hot woman who knows a man's eyes can make him cum ever from just thinking of undressing her.
2 years ago
Wow that is so horny
4 years ago
very good