What the fuck?

It was a hot summer night. We were on holidays in Italy and every evening we had sex in our tent. Despite our age, in our 40's, we love to have a lot of sex.

At one day it was so fucking hot that my girl and I wanted to take a shower. It had always been a fantasy to have sex in a public shower so I felt somthing growing in my pants.

We entered the shower together and my girl felt my hard cock pushing. "What the fuck!" she said. Do you want to fuck me here in this shower. All the other showers are being used and everyone will hear us.

I said: So what. And before she could say something more I was giving her head. She spread her leg some more so that I could tonque fuck her. Because of all the water from the shower I had to hold my head away every two minutes. Doing so, I saw a woman looking over the wall watching us.

She did not scream or dislike what she was looking at. We noticed that we knew about eachother. I laughed at her and put mu tonque straigt back in my girlfriends pussy. She screamed of pleasure and had her first orgasm. When she cam I put 3 fingers inside her wet en silky vagina. She always squirts when I do that, something to do with her G-spot I guess.

Meanwhile I looked into the eyes of my new neighbour, she was closing her eyes and was in a kind of trance. I could not see her fingers tipping the velvet. But I was clear she had her own experience.

After a few minutes of fucking my Girl doggystyle I lost all my cum in the warm and lovely pink pussy. Doing so my girl saw our new neighbour also. She screamed first and than came a second time...
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