Clothespin Girl Superhero

Once a upon a time, a long long time ago yesterday in fact. Today I began my plan to catch the elusive one. The one who rescues clothespins from clotheslines. The plan was a simple one to string up 7 clotheslines facing the wind knowing that if she was near that she might hear the cries of the clothespins. Now that the 7 lines were up I just had to wait and hope the wind would do it's job and carry the cries of the clothespins. This quest started years ago when I first put a clothespin on my penis. And today was going to be the day that I'd finally meet my fantasy girl. With the 7,000 clothespins up on the lines the wind was howling. Now I just needed to put 10 clothespins on my penis and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and WAIT! After waiting for 7 hours I was about take down all the clothespins when I heard a voice say how did you get those 10 clothespins on your dick. As I turned my head to reply I could not believe my eyes it was Clothespin Girl Superhero. Her body covered in clothespins my 4 3/4" dick went erect in a split second with 2 clothespins flying off my dick but before they could hit ground Clothespin Girl Superhero had placed them back on my dick. Then she said I'm hear to take your clothespins and take down those 7 clotheslines. I said not so fast dear no sex no clothespins. She said okay lets do this. With that said I removed a few clothespins from around her pussy and starting playing with her clit first I stroked her clit with my beard slowly and gently just enough to get her bl**d flowing to clit then I quickly put tongue on clit this was driving her to climax so I turn my chin toward her clit and drove it hard into clit. Next thing I no she's got a magnifying glass what are doing with that I said, Looking for your dick good luck finding if you find it let me know I'll wanna play with it later. She said shut up I'm gonna fuck your brains out. She smack the 10 clothespins off my dick and started to ride that little dick for all it was worth. I told I'm cumming on her tummy as I a vegetarian and my cum has a sweet taste and was gonna waste but eat it, with that said she said I wanna try some of that I said sure but I need something salty to wash down the sweet taste of my cum I wanted to wash it down with your piss. She said lets do this. With the exchange of fluids. She got up placed my 10 clothespins back on my penis and added ten clothespins from off her body to my penis. I said why did you add 10 of your clothespins to my penis I don't have alot of room for them. She said I'll be back for those clothespins. Wait where are you going? I going to Fukushima, Japan to find glow -in -the clothespins. With tears of joy running down my face I knew she be back for the clothespins she left on my dick. OH! Clothespin Girl Superhero I love you. THE END. I'm not a writer nor do play one the only I wrote this story is soon I hope to show Clothespin Girl Superhero in video on xhamster.
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3 years ago
o Janthony57 you have a natural next chapter so when did she cum back thanks