My first time :)

This will be about my first time with D/s, not losing my virginity. That was an awkward ten minutes with my first girlfriend while listening to Sonic Youth's album, "Dirty". Even though this does sound a little like "THEN THE HOOKER PAID ME" stories, I assure you, this is true. Some of the dialog may not be verbatim, but it is roughly (pun intended ;)) what I remember.

To begin, I had no idea that I might have been into these things until a friend of mine let me borrow a porn movie he had just bought. I was on winter break from college and at my parent's home and had nothing to do, so I asked to borrow some porn from him. Describing one particular movie as "The best porn movie he'd ever seen", he insisted I watch it. The movie's storyline was about a serial r****t who broke into houses and ****d women. I won't mention names, but it was produced by a major porn studio and they were investigated for having made such a nasty, despicable film and transporting it across state lines. If you are into these types of movies, you probably know which movie I'm talking about. I didn't think I'd be into it at first, I agreed to watch some of it and at least tell him what I thought. I thought it was the best porn movie I had ever seen and asked him to make a copy for me to take back to college with me. He did.

I had a FWB situation at college with an ex-girlfriend. She was a pretty, skinny-as-nails girl, with tiny tits and a big ass who hardly ever wore makeup, making her look less attractive than she actually was. She was quasi-Christian, believing in everything in the Bible aside from anything she deemed inconvenient like not fornicating and not violating the third commandment during sex. I'll call her "b", for the sake of being able to reference her in future stories I may write. She and I were hanging out one day in my dorm room, with neither of us having any intention of having sex when she noticed the blank VHS tape sitting by my TV set. She asked what it was, and I told her it was porn, but not the kind of porn that she would probably enjoy. She liked watching chicks getting it on, along with any porn movie that showed the over-muscled, Viagra-overdosed men trying to have sex with women who owned expensive pairs of tits. She looked at me with a curious look, and then pleaded with me to let her see what it was all about. Strangely, I had no problem showing this pretty, innocent, church-going fuck-buddy ex-girlfriend of mine a movie of girls getting ****d and humiliated. I wanted her to see it.

I put the movie in and we both laid down on my bed (there was no room for a couch in my tiny one person dorm room) and started watching it. During the first scene, I noticed that she was breathing differently than she normal, and sounds were coming from her that I assumed were sounds of disgust of seeing the things happening in front of her. I was a little bit puzzled though, because she hadn't asked me to stop playing the tape.

Near the beginning of the second scene, while the male star was face-fucking a girl while calling her names as he was spitting on her face, she suddenly shouted.. "TURN THIS OFF!"
"Too much for you?" I asked. "See.. I told you this probably wasn't your type of movie." She replied with "No, I'm so fucking turned on right now that my underwear is soaked!" This had never happened before while we were dating, so I asked her to show me. She refused. When I asked her why she said no, she said that if she showed me, then she would need to be fucked. I wasn't really in the mood, but something about her denying my request stirred something within me. Instead of asking, I ordered her to take her pants off and show me. This time, she did as she was told. She quickly took her pants off and let me see her wet, white panties with tiny red cherries printed all over them.

I laughed at her and asked if she was trying to fool herself wearing panties with cherries all over them. She started moaning a little bit. I was so confused. The more commanding and degrading I was with her, the more she got turned on. She began masturbating and begged me to fuck her. I said I didn't want to fuck her if she was going to act like such a whore on my bed. She got even more turned on, and so did I. She took her panties off and continued to masturbate. Her moans got louder and she started pleading "finger me, let me suck your cock.. anything.. please?" Somewhere in this exchange our innate D/s roles came alive. I kept silent, preferring to watch her while my cock went from limp to rock-hard. She stopped, and took her shirt and bra off. At this point, she was completely nude, legs spread on my dorm-room bed, her pussy making sloppy wet noises as she rubbed her clit in her attempt to get off. When I asked if she was going to clean my sheets after she had her fun, she said "I will... if you fuck me.. please.. use me?"

And then it started. A switch was flipped to the 'on' position in my brain, and I haven't been wired the same since.

I took all of my clothes off while she smiled and continued masturbating. She noticed my extremely erect cock and said, "I want that in here" and she pointed to her mouth. I answered by trying to slam it down her throat. I wanted to feel her nose pushed into my crotch as she took all of me down, and I wanted to feel her drool wash down my balls and run down my leg. It didn't turn out that way for me. I'm not trying to brag, but I'm above average in the dick department, and our equipment just didn't match, so to speak. She was useless for deepthroating. After a few quick face pumps she started pushing me away, so I pulled out. She had a stunned look on her face. You see, I had never done anything like that before. Wanting to remove that stunned look from her face, I slapped her like a father would discipline his daughter in a moment of anger if she had been especially bad before he felt guilty and apologized. In short, not extremely hard, but not a gentle slap either. As you might expect, the slap only stunned her more. She asked me not to be so rough with her, but I pulled her by her hair and said softly to her, "You begged me to use you, so I'm going to fuck you like I want to fuck you. I give the orders, not you. You asked for this." With her hair still in my hand, I dragged her to the side of the bed and ordered her to lay on the bed, with her knees on my hard floor, her face in her wet spot, and her tits pressed against my sheets.

To give you an idea of how 'vanilla' our previous sex life had been, all previous attempts at doggy-style were short lived. She would complain about how much pain she was in and bitch that her internal organs were being stabbed. Being the nice guy that I was, I always stopped when she asked me. Not this time.

As her head was bent over the bed, I told her that this time she was going to shut up and take it from behind, and if she opened her mouth in protest even once, I was going to cover her mouth with my hand so no one could hear her scream. She made a gurgling sound with her mouth that I interpreted as agreement and put every inch of cock I had inside her, and pounded her pussy with all the energy I had. After only a few seconds, she began to make these low, a****l-sounding noises. In a time span of ten minutes, these noises progressed to moans, then to screams. When she started screaming, I yanked her hair, pulled her head back, and bit her neck and back as <i>hard</i> as I could. I have no idea how many times she had an orgasm before that, she now claims that she had one long orgasm from the time I laughed at her panties until I finally came, but when I bit her, she came with such f***e that she began shaking and screaming, "GOD! GOD! GOD!". I said, "God isn't going to help you now, bitch!" while I continued to jackhammer her cunt, pull her hair, and smack the shit out of her ass.

About that time, I noticed that my legs were getting wet. I noticed that each deep thrust I made inside her caused her pussy juices to flow out, splashing my leg. In hindsight, this was really hot, but I didn't want to have to clean my floor, so I again grabbed her by her hair and moved her whole body on my bed. I noticed that her whole upper body was flushed red and I laughed at her and told her that it was nice to see that she enjoyed being "used like a cheap whore". Her only response was more a****l-like noises. I paid closer attention to what she was grunting. It sounded like "fuhmepleasenowohhhfuck". A sharp slap to the face shut her up and I began to pound her hole again. To prevent her from screaming (and prevent my neighbors from calling the cops!), I took a pillowcase laying on my bed and put it in her mouth as I fucked her, more slowly now, but the slow speed with which I penetrated her allowed me to focus on how deep I went inside her. During a particularly deep thrust, I felt something rip inside of her. To this day, I have no idea what happened (if anyone has an idea, I would like to know). I saw her eyes get wide and she started screaming. I fucked her harder, and she kept screaming into the pillowcase until I said, "Wait until I tell all my friends how you like to get fucked like a useless bitch". Her hips started shaking, her fists balled up and she started to have a powerful series of orgasms that made her cunt clench around my cock, until I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out, removed the pillowcase from her mouth, and coated her mouth with my cum.

Being a 'nice' girl, she had never swallowed before, but this time, by God, she wasn't getting away with spitting into my trashcan. As soon as I squeezed the last drops from my cock, I pinched her nose. She closed her mouth. I slapped her face and covered her mouth with my hand. She swallowed.

For the next few minutes, we awkwardly laid in bed together in silence. Neither one of us knew what just happened between us or what to say to stop the tension in the room. Finally, she said, "What is wrong with us?" I had no idea what to say, because I didn't think that anything was wrong. I managed to say, "I don't know, but that was fun!" She giggled and said "I would have swallowed anyway. You didn't have to slap me!"

She said she had to leave (or just said that so she could shower and inspect the bruises), and as she was leaving, I asked, "What about my sheets?"

We didn't wind up back together, but I firmly believe that if we knew our true sexual preferences when we were dating, we never would have broken up. Luckily, she and I continued in our journey together for another year until we both found serious relationships. I won't write about all of them, but I will write about the major milestones in our D/s relationship. Since this is also my first story, I should also tell you that there were others after her, each one teaching me more about how to be an effective Dominant. I have every intention of writing about them as well.
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awesome what is the name of it
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:D l learned nothing that can help me we mu first time ... gd story thou