'DEEP INSIDE OF JAMIE HARTS 'MORE THAN A WOMAN' CHAPTER 1 IM jamie' i have been bi-sexual from age 15 and wanted to be a girl for just as long. This is about my three years in prison from age 18 to 21 and how i became a woman to a black guy with a huge cock and how i got my nickname; 'spermQueen' When i realized i was going to prison for three years i was scared and at the same time i was turned on by the thought of all the hard squirtting cocks in the shower! I have had a love for sperm since the first cock i sucked off when i was 15 and im here to say that all guys sperm is different! all good but all different! sperm is a acquired taste that i have come to love. The first three days were quite as i began to get settled in to what would be my home for the next three years. I had been placed in a large dorm with 15 double bunks on one side and 15 on the other and a large area inbetween with card tables and a T.V mounted on a pole and there were two lockers mounted on the back of each bunk. with all the bunks full there were 60 guys in a dorm. for the most part it was half white and half black and a few mexecan. The end of the dorm where the door is was a wall of bars and a smaller area with two desks and a hallway going back to the guards lounge and on the other side of the guards area was another dorm with 60 more guys. it was A dorm and B dorm I was in A dorm about half way on the left. the shower area was at the end with the guards. from in the dorm it was a area off to the right were you walked down a small hallway with the bar wall on the left so the guards could walk down the hallway from their side to count any guys who might be in the shower at count time. and sinks and toliets on the right. the shower was on the right at the end of the hallway with 6 shower heads on one side and 6 on the other. and there was a bar door that the shower area could be closed off at night. In the three times i had been in the shower i had already seen 15 or 16 really big cocks and watched a few of the guys jack off with soap on their cock. i know they were looking at me and i was trying to act like i did not notice them. I was starting to get really horny to suck somebody and get my horny pussy fucked! the fourth night i went into the shower two white guys and a black guy followed me. I was on one side and they were right across from me. i stood faceing the wall as i showered. after a few mins i turned a little to one side so i could see them and they were all three standing there pumpping their big hard cocks and looking at my ass. I turned my back to them again and reaching behind me i started to slowly rub soap over my ass and pulling my cheeks apart here and there so they could see my pussy. after a few mins i could here them gruntting and moanning and calling me things like sexy ass bitch and horny slut. then without thinking i turned around and got down on my knees and said 'want to jack off on me? all 3 of them steped right up to me and started pumpping their cocks just a few inches from my face. about that time a black guy walked in and went to the 3rd shower beside me and and as i turned my head to look at him he removed the towel around his waist revealing a huge thick and long uncut black cock still soft to! had to be 8 or 9" soft! he began to shower while watching me the whole time as the three guys grunted and squirtted their sperm on my face one after the other. i looked over at him as their sperm hit my face and his cock had started to swell and was now hanging way down between his legs and as i watched his cock got longer and thicker and was riseing up in front of him. I reached up and began rubbing all the sperm into my face while still watching the hung black guy. the three guys got all the sperm out of their cocks and got dressed and left. I stayed on my knees hopeing to suck that huge cock which was not rock hard and standing straight out in front of him! all 13 inches of it and awsomely thick! he kept showering so i stood up and washed off the sperm on my face never takeing my eyes off his cock as it slowly went down to hanging between his legs again. i was thinking DAM; not even going to jack off! I got my towel and got dressed and went back to my bunk and a few mins later he came walking by really looking at me hard! his bunk was the last one in the back on my side. it seemed like every time i looked back there he was stareing at me. I layed down to go to bed about ten right after count time and then its lights out at 11. it was sometime after 11 when i was woke up by a tap on the shoulder when i rolled over it was the blk guy from the shower. he said im lee' come back where i stay i want to talk to you and he went back to his bunk. i walk back to his bunk and he had set up a little room like deal between his bunk and the back block wall useing blankets. one blanket hung down from the top bunk down to the floor and one hung from the top bunk to the wall and the bunk over him was empty. i pulled aside the blanket and steped in to his area. He was standing there faceing the wall about four feet away with his pants down to his knees and that huge cock pointting straight out at the wall. you want to jack this dic bitch he said and i stood right beside him and took his huge cock in my hand and slowly stroked it! it was so long and and soo fucking thick! i could only get my hand around half of it. without looking up i said oh my god! its soo long... fucking fat!! it felt so hard and horny as i pumped it back and forth. then i leaned over to suck on it but he stoped me and said just jack it so i continued jerking on it till i got a steady rythem going. my clit was getting hard and my pussy was getting horny from the feel of such a long and fat cock! I stroked his huge cock for 40 mins then i felt it swelling even more getting even harder. I looked up at him and said god! you last so long! about then he grunted and when i looked back down at his cock a small spurt of clear cream squirtted out on to the floor then another! I moaned and leaned over to suck it but he pulled me back up and said no pump it! i kept pumpping it steady as three more burst of precum shot out onto the floor. oh fuck yea baby thats it! then he pushed out his hips and said im cumming as a really long and really thick stream of sperm squirtted out and hit the wall 4 feet away. it was so thick that it was not even running down the wall! then a second and third stream all like the first' really thick and pasty and all hitting the wall. i was soo turned on at all that sperm and by how so thick the steeams were! then a fourth; fith sixth and seventh stream still thick and hitting the wall! oh my fucking god baby thats soo much! get it all out i whisppered! one more stream hit the wall before the squirts started getting thinner and squirtting onto the floor. still four or five smaller squirts went onto the floor before the last drops ozed out on the floor. what i had on my hand i rubed over his still hard cock and looked up at him waitting for it to get soft. dont stop he said keep jacking it! i looked back down at his cock and said your cock is so awsome and it stays hard! i got a steady rythem going again and as we watched me jacking his sperm covered cock he said you want to be my girl? I replyed god yes!! I pumped him another 20 mins before he pushed out his hips again and said here it cums again! i pumped his fat cock as three huge streams like the first load squired out on the wall then a fourth! yours is the superior baby i cried as a bunch of smaller spurts peppered the floor again. it started getting soft as i squezzed out the last drops. the wall was covered in sperm with the sperm from the first load starting to run down the wall and there were drops and puddles all over the floor between us and the wall! lee pulled up his pants and jumped up on his bunk and said clean up before you go! i got a towel and began wipeing up the sperm on the floor and wall! there was just so much of it and it was so thick; like glue. it took me ten mins to get it all up and get back to my bunk. I layed there for the longest time thinking about his awsome fat cock and all the sperm that had squirtted out of it. it was the longest and fatest cock i have ever seen and it was going to be mine! I was a little scared about when he was going to want to fuck me! and i already knew i could not get it all im my mouth BUT THE THOUGHT OF SO MANY THICK STREAMS SQUIRTTING DOWN MY THROAT and in my pussy made me soo fucking horny! the next mornning i was going to go talk to lee again but there was another bitch down there with him at his bunk and they seemed to be aurgueing about something. she was small and skinny with long wavey blond hair and was really pretty! A few ins later she came walking up to my bunk' Im tammy and your a fucking bitch! and she walked off. I noticed she was wearing a little makeup and thought how the hell did she get that! A few minutes later she walked back up again and said im sorry' can i sit down and talk to you ? I said sure and she sat down beside me on my bunk. Im sorry for calling you a bitch but lee said he wants you and to be honest i would like to have you to and i was thinking mabey we could work things out so we could both have his cock and at the same time be girlfriends to. He has a really huge and fat cock and he cums more than you can swallow or take in your pussy! I cant get all of his cock in my pussy she said! i just said wow not knowing if i should tell her that i had already jacked his cock off! we both kept looking at eachothers body the whole time we were talking! she was soo sexy looking and her skin looked soo smooth! We talked about what we were both in prison for a while' she had 7 years and I had 10 and she told me that lee had 25 years. finaly i asked where she got the makeup and she said lee was in good with the guards and that they had got it for him and that i would be getting some to if i was going to be his bitch to! then she lifted her shirt and pulled her pants down enough to show me that she was wearing yellow panties and i was like hot! then she stood up and turned in a circle for me showing me her really tiny ass in her tight pants. she sat back down and we both leaned into eachother at the same time and we slowly kissed and sucked eachothers toung for a few seconds. then she said now let go back and talk to lee and see if he can get you moved back to the bunk beside me and lee. i was like so you bunk over lee? she said yes and that she had just got out of the hole that mornning for fighting with another bitch in the dorm. She stood up and said lets go for a walk. AS we walked around the yard she told me what all lee liked and expected from us' things like lee only liked to get sucked off and fuck a tight pussy and that he did not get fucked and that we could not be with anyone else unless he said so but we could have eachother anytime. and that it was our job to make lee's bunk and go to the canteen for him and do his laundry for him. she said that we both would get 25 dollors a week from lee. and we would have to keep our mouth shut if the guards on 1st and second shift caught us with the pantys and bras and makeup!
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9 months ago
Loved the story Jamie my big clit throbs wildly now
2 years ago
love this story
3 years ago
What a hot story Jamie. So did you and Lee's girlfriend become closer and Lee's girls?
3 years ago
Write a part 2! :D
3 years ago
3 years ago
this must go into my favorites! luv this story!
3 years ago
im hard right now !!!! thanks 4 sharing