My ex and her boarder

My ex, from years ago likes to be a little tease. She meet's up with me on social media sites, and sends me dirty messages. Promises that she fucks like a porn star, and when talking dirty, tells me she will do everything she knows I wanted her to do when we were together but wouldn't back then. So the other day we ran into eachother, for the first time in almost a year. We went for a coffee and started to talk about our last chance meeting.
that last encounter was pretty hot, and I figured a one time only thing, considering it turned out to be her boyfriend at the time and me tag teaming her. She said she wanted to take me back to her place and fuck me at least that well again and she was single now, so there wouldn't be another cock in the mix. But we would have to be quite at least until her 20 year old student boarder had gone to bed.d

I can't pass up her bubble butt and big tits, so of course I suggested we head back to her place right then and there. Her big eyes widened, when she reached under the table over to my lap and felt my semi hard dick through my shorts.

I pushed her hand away, adjusted myself and stood for us to leave. We rushed to her car, and on the way home I rubbed her pussy through her tight jeans as she drove. " I'm gonna eat your pussy while you watch porn." I told her. she moaned. She's a big fan of porn, and that's great, cause she's just so creative in the bedroom.
we got to her place and rushed into the house. It wasn't late, and her babysitter wasn't expecting us yet. we walked in on the sitter masturbating to a porn on the tv.
" Well wel." My ex said as she walked into the living room, the girl rushing in an attempt to hide what she was doing. She grabbed the girl by the hand she was masturbating with and brought her over to introduce her to me. A woman still on the tv with two cocks in her face.
" This is Tabby, she's staying here while she's in college and helping me around the house." She said, and she raised the girls hand up to me, I could smell her fresh pussy on her fingers and my ex brought her hand up to my mouth.
" Tabby, would you like to play with us?" she asked the girl, then put her fingers into her own mouth.
Tabby just shook her head yes, and inched her other hand toward her wet pussy. She wore a short skirt, and was pulling up on it to expose her panties to me, I could see just how wet she was. This girl needed a cock in her bad.
My ex unbuttoned her jeans, and began to pull them down then she barked at Tabby " Suck his cock you little bitch."
Tabby got right down on her knees and fished my cock out of my shorts. she sucked me in and I felt her soft lips wrap gently around me. My ex wasn't looking for romance and she grabbed Tabby by the back of the head, and started to f***e her head quickly back and forth " I said suck his cock Tab, not make love to it!" and she let go. Tabby sucked my cock like a seasoned pro, but that wasn't good enough for my ex. She stood there naked now watching this " Pitiful cocksucker" as she said, and dropped to her knees. the two women fought over my cock but my ex won, and swallowed me whole. Tabby sat watching, waiting for her turn to suck me again.
My ex spit my cock out " Now do it right, you little whore" She told the girl and she stood up. " do you like my little student sucking your cock? We've never had the opportunity to share a cock yet, usually I just fuck her with a toy and make her eat my pussy all night." she whispered in my ear. " you want to see me fuck her with a toy?'
She left the room, and Tabby continued to suck my cock staring up at me. She had beautiful eyes, and when she stared at me with my cock in her mouth it made me rock hard. She dropped my cock from her mouth and said
" I hope she let's me fuck your cock, I want your hard cock in me." and she went back to sucking me.
When my ex came out of the bedroom with her fuck toy Tabby's eyes widened. She was wearing a strapon, and had on a pair of heels. She stroked the strapon like she was getting herself hard and ready to enter Tabby.
She stood next to me with this big rubber cock and aimed it at Tabby's face. " Suck both" she demanded, and Tabby instantly grabbed ahold of her cock.
The girl tried her best to fit my cock and the strapon into her mouth and still keep me satisfied, but she hasn't had the kind of practice my ex has had and she couldn't do it.
"You little bitch, get up and turn around" me ex ordered.
When Tabby stood up, my ex flipped her small skirt up onto her back, and pulled her little panties down to her ankles. She ran her finger the length of Tabby's wet pussy then stuck a finger in. Tabby moaned quietly as the second finger went into her sopping wet pussy.
" Do you want to punish her pussy first?" she asked me. Tabby looked back at me and smiled.
" Please, punish me for the lousy blow job. I'm sorry I'm not that good. I hope my pussy will do better" Tabby said to me, winked and turned back around. She bent right over now, and held onto her ankles.
My ex wasn't waiting anymore, and she pushed me towards the girl. I gently rubbed my cock along her sweet pussy then shoved in deep. She grunted loudly as I pushed into her. Her pussy was so tight it squeezed my cock. I stood behind her, fucking into her, pulling her into me by her hips, her moans making me fuck her harder.
My ex smacked her ass " WHORE!" she shouted, "Milk his cock for me!"
I pumped harder into Tabby and turned to my ex " I want to taste her pussy, don't make me cum in her. Not yet."
Tabby squeezed her pussy around my cock and started to pump into my hips harder. I held her hips tight and began to fuck her hard. " I'm gonna cum, stop" I said, but I couldn't stop myself, her tiny little ass was so sexy in front of me. My ex dropped to her knees and rest her head on top of Tabby's tight little ass. A few more pumps and I pulled out, ready to cum. My ex swallowed my cock and stroked me until every drop of cum was in her mouth.
I moved to the couch and sat down as my ex crawled, ass high in the air around to meet Tabby's face. She stood and pushed Tabby down to her knees. Tabby opened her mouth wide and my ex slowly let my cum drip from her mouth into Tabby's. with intention, my ex missed Tabby's mouth and got some cum on her face.
Tabby swallowed the mouthful, and whiped the cum from her face to her lips.
"More please?" she begged staring right at me, with a finger in her mouth, and a sultry little look in her eyes. My ex came to me on the couch, and got on her knees in front of me. She ordered Tabby to crawl to her.
My ex positioned herself behind Tabby and began to fuck her with her strapon. Tabby moaned loudly rubbing my cock. I stood again, and f***ed my cock into my ex's mouth. As she pumped into Tabby, I withdrew my cock, and she withdrew I pumped into her mouth. We worked in opposing strokes, and I fucked her mouth til I was completely hard, and my cock soaked in her saliva.
I stroked my cock with my hand and stared down at her.
"I'm gonna fuck your ass while you fuck Tabby's tight little pussy." I said. " You're going to be punished now for being such a dirty whore, and taking it out on this girl."
Tabby reached up as I walked around, and grabbed my cock. " I want my assfucked too." she said to me and she kissed my cock, then put her head to the floor and continued to take the big rubber cock in her tight little pussy.

My ex leaned forward, pushing Tabby's hips to the floor and pushing her bubble butt into the air for me to access her hot little asshole easily. I lean over and kiss her round ass. Man, does she ever have a hot, round ass. I spank her, hard, pushing her deeper into Tabby's little pussy. I dart my tongue out at her asshole. she starts to fuck Tabby in circles as she grinds into my face, me poking my tongue into her dirty little hole. I reach under as I tongue her ass and rub Tabby's swollen little clit. Her pussy is dripping.
I grab the bottle of lube from the table, and squeeze a large amount on my ex's ass rubbing it in with one hand, and rubbing lube on my cock with the other hand. I gently begin to enter her asshole, and once I have my cocks head in, I bury my cock balls deep in her ass.
" Oh my god!" she moaned as she lurched forward, pushing her rubber cock deep into Tabby. " Fuck my ass mother fucker."
I pound into her ass, she isn't fucking Tabby anymore just taking this hard assfucking, and Tabby's little pussy is being abused from my thrusts. I grab my ex's fat ass and and tell her " I want you two to 69 while I fuck your ass."
I pull my cock out of her ass, and bring Tabby around to position herself.
"take off the strapon" I told the ex, and had Tabby suck my cock while she removed it.
"Taste that ass? You like that girl?" I pumped into her face, and didn't give her a chance to answer.
When my ex climbed into the 69 position, I quickly got back to fucking her big ass. She buried her face into Tabby's red, swollen and abused pussy eating her. I gripped her by the hips, and fucked and spanked her ass as hard as I could,Tabby's hot breath on my balls, she occasionally ignored my ex's pussy and licked my cock as it stroked in and out of her ass. I pulled out, and let Tabby have another taste of my ex's fantastic ass on my cock. I entered my ex's ass one more time, her legs began to quiver. Her moans got louder and I could feel Tabby's hand rapidly stroking my ex's clit. She was about to cum so I pounded with even strokes into her asshole, as she let out her orgasmic scream, she let it go, and she gushed her orgasm onto Tabby's face.
She couldn't stay up on all fours anymore, and she collapsed ontop of Tabby, my cock still in her ass.
I pulled my cock out, and stroked it as she rolled off of Tabby, covered in sweat, her makeup around her eyes all streaking down her face. Her huge tits heaving as she tried to catch her breath, then I looked at Tabby.
Her face and hair soaked in my ex's orgasm, she lay there, rubbing her pussy.
"My turn?" she asked.
I sat on the couch, and she climbed on to ride me. She faced away from me, and eased herself down onto my cock.
"I've never done anal before" she said "Just with her, and her small toys"
My cock jumped, and throbbed inside her tight pussy. My ex laying on the floor encouraged us to pop her anal cherry and threw us the bottle of lube. Tabby poured a large amount in her hand, pulled off of me and rubbed it into her tight little asshole. I held my cock straight up for her and she eased herself down onto me. It was a bit more effort than I thought, but it was definately worth it.
Once I was in her tight as, she moaned, gunted and wimpered as she fucked up and down on me. Her ass was so tight there was no way I would last very long. My ex knew this and crawled over between Tabby's legs, and started to eat her pussy. Tabby squealed with delight as her tongue entered her pussy and she fucked my cock with short strokes. My ex grabbed the strapon again and began to fuck Tabby's pussy while I was in her ass.

" HOLY FUCK!!" she shouted out " So much cock, fuck me. fuck me"
I was ready to lose it, I had to pull out. Tabby wanted me back in her ass, so I told her to ride my ex and I would dp her from behind. I just had to stare down at that little ass, I was going to cum soon, and I wanted the amazing view of my cock pounding into that hot little hole.
She mounted my ex, and began fucking her he small perky tits barely moved as she rode that toy.

As I moved in to enter her ass for the last time my ex said
" Dp the little whore like you did me a year ago. Cover her in cum."
I slid in easier this time, Tabby wasn't nervous anymore and within a couple of strokes I was balls deep in the tightest skinniest ass I've ever fucked. She moaned and tossed her head around, riding my ex like a fucking horse, and I pounded into her ass. I grabbed her soaked hair, and pulled her head back, I nibbled her ear and told her to get ready for my cum. She leaned forward and began to bounce her ass up and down. I held her hips and with a few quick thrusts I pulled out, and squeezed my cock to hold off for her.

She jumped off of my ex, got right down to her knees and opened her mouth wide. My cum flew into her hair, her face and her eyes. I kept stroking my cock trying to get as much cum on her as possible. She sucked my cock to get every last drop, my ex watching from the couch as Tabby tasted her own ass on my cock.

We didn't let Tabby get cleaned up right away, we continued to fuck for the rest of the night we took turns cumming on Tabby, and she loved every bit of it. She loves anal, and by the end of the night she decided she wants to keep being our little cum slut. I guess my ex might just turn into my current girlfriend again. With the added bonus of our new playmate.

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