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As I wake up from a deep sl**p I notice that my cock is erect. The horny feelings rush through my head and my cock is throbbing. I can't help but throw away the covers from my bed, grab my cock and start wanking aggressively. I'm in the mood for mature women the thought of one teasing my cock taking it down her throat makes me twitch like mad.
It's over quick. My hands covered in cum and my cock starting to go limb. I rush up to the shower to clean my self off.

After getting ready I leave the house to make the journey to work. This morning I'm walking which is rare. I've been walking for around 10 minutes when i notice a women walking in front of me, her tight skirt gripping her big ass. wow she's sexy. she must be around 45 to 50 years old. My eyes are locked on her ass watching it move with every step she takes imagining my face buried in it. My cock is starting to get hard and I'm desperate to rub it. I slip my hand down my trousers and grip my cock rubbing it as much as I can.

Then suddenly she turns around her eyes go straight to my hand down my front. OH SHIT!!! I quickly pull my hand out and am speechless. What do I do? Panic starts to rush through me my cock goes immediately soft.

She just looks at me. Her face looking angry like she's going to go mad at me. "I'm sorry" I quietly say "I didn't know what I was thinking". Her face then relaxes and she starts to let out a smile "It's not a problem hunny" she says. " if I'm honest it's actually quite a turn on"......I couldn't believe what i was hearing and man was she sexy. She had long brown hair that was blowing in the wind and big brown eye's that got you hooked. But her tits.....OHHHHH god they were nice. I could just make out her nipples pushing out of her top.

She suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me behind a big concrete wall away from anyone else. Her hand went straight to my trousers "I've never done it before, I'm still a virgin" I quickly say. "Don't worry baby I'll take care of you. I love a virgin cock" her voice had the most calming effect. I helped her un-button my trousers and pull down my underpants. She then grabbed my erect cock and f***ed it in her mouth teasing it with her tongue sucking my tip and wanking me fast. I couldn't help but cum. My cock still in her mouth. "OHHHHHHH FUCK" I cried as my spunk filled her mouth. "mmmmm you taste so nice baby" she said while swallowing. "now it's my turn". She pulled up her skirt to expose her red thong. She pulled it down so they were down her ankles. She layed down on the concrete floor and spread her legs exposing her pink, wet pussy. I dived onto the floor and began licking her wet cunt, the taste filling my mouth. OHHHH it tasted good. I slipped my finger in which made her moan "mmmmm yes baby put another one in". I did as she said and pushed another finger in, my fingers soaking with her wetness.
"PUT YOUR COCK IN, I WANT YOUR VIRGIN COCK IN ME" she shouted. I did as she said and put my erect cock in her pussy. The feeling was great. My bare cock in her made use both moan uncontrollably. She pulled up her top to show her big breasts and hard nipples. She pulled my face into them as I moved my cock in and out of her cunt, her legs wrapped around me gripping tight. After a couple of minutes i cummed but my cock was now turning soft. I still fucked her cunt but a lot more slower. I did this for a few minutes until it started to get hard again then I went for it deeply thrusting my cock into her while licking her hard nipples.

Then I remembered her big ass and suddenly wanted it. I pulled out and turned her over. She knew what to do and arched her back to show the full amount of her ass. "I want it in there, f***e it in my tight ass" I pulled apart the sides of her ass and pushed my cock in there, stretching her tight hole until I was fully in. I went slow at first until her hole became more lose then I started to pick up speed. My balls slapping against her, "OHHH fuck it YES I want it deep" she loved it. Her ass shaking every time my cock reached it's limit.

"I GONNA CUM, QUICK I'M GONNA CUM" she pulled out my cock and lay on her back to spread her legs. She let out an all mighty cry and squirted all over my exposed cock, covering my clothes.

At the same time I emptied the remaining cum I had left all over her tits. She grabbed both her tits and started to lick up my hot spunk.

We both lay there for a minute completely exhausted. She then stood up and pulled down her skirt leaving her black thong on the floor. "I needed that hunny, Thank you"

"No thank you" I replied as she began to walk away...............
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4 months ago
It was a good story other than the color change.
4 months ago
That is what I was wondering also!
2 years ago
Excellent story of a young man!
2 years ago
Top story!
2 years ago
great storie
2 years ago
Enjoyable but remember red thongs but how did they turn to black?