Cordelia and David

I bumped into David in the pub one Wednesday evening when I was on my own and as I hadn't seen him or his wife Cordelia for ages we sat down for a chat. David has been my solicitor for over 20 years and is a nice bloke but can be a little dull at times. I asked him how things were and he started to moan that they had a major kitchen refurbishment and extension in mind at home but had just received some outrageous quotes. When I enquired he told me they ranged from £70,000 to £110,000. When I asked him who was tendering he gave me the names of some fairly big local outfits.

Since leaving the Navy and finishing University I have built up a small but profitable electrical contracting firm and offered to come and have a look at the job. Obviously I had in mind bringing in a local general builder who is a close friend and quoting for the job. I told David this and asked if he would be up for that. He suggested that there was "no time like the present" so we drank up and headed off to his place. My local pub is close enough for me to walk to but David had driven so I jumped into his Mercedes and we set off. It is hard to feel too sympathetic for a guy when he is driving a £40,000 car.

When we arrived there was a small van parked in the drive next to Cordelias mini. I wonder what Danny is doing here David mumbled as we got out of the car. As we entered the hall we heard a shout of "here it is Dan" from upstairs and a moment later Danny and Cordelia came downstairs. Danny is a local handyman, is black, good looking and in his mid 40s. He had just finished tiling their ensuite bathroom and had in his hand a small grout finishing tool that he had left behind on his final visit. I looked at David as they came down and saw that he was totally oblivious to what might have been going on. I had met Cordelia on many occasions as she was Davids secretary for a long time but had "retired" about ten years ago. I said hello to Danny and said that I might have some work for him and said I would walk him to his van.

I quickly asked Danny what was going on and he said she was up for it but we had arrievd too early I appologised for the inconvenience and said I would try and make up for it.

When I got back in I could see that Cordelia was nervous about what Danny might have said. David offered to get some drinks and as soon as he was out of earshot she asked me what Danny had been saying. I leaned over to make sure I would not be heard and said that he told me that "you may have some holes that needed filling". Cordelia blushed as if she had been caught red handed. I then told her he hadn't said that but I thought I had guessed right. She put her hand on my arm and asked me not to say anything, please.

I never had a chance to reply as david returned with some beer and a glass of wine for Cordelia. I suggested looking at their building plans and David said they were in his office in the loft. As soon as he went to get them Cordelia was over to me asking if I was going to say anything. I told her I was not likely to spoil anyones fun. She visibly relaxed for a second then jumped as she felt my hand on her arse. She didn't pull away so I started to rub and squeeze gently. When she started to push back onto my hand I knew she was still horny. I knew David would be back soon so I very quickly put my hand up the front of her skirt. The dirty bitch was not wearing any knickers! She opened her legs and I could feel how wet she was. Her and Danny must have been close to fucking. I shoved two fingers quickly up inside her cunt ans she gave a little moan. Then we heard Davids approach and pulled apart. Cordelia gave me a fantastic smile when I licked my fingers saying I had spilt beer on them.

I was absolutely rock hard by now and had to be careful when we went to the table to look at the drawings that David didn't notice my state. I needn't have worried as he seemed totally unaware that Cordelia is a sexy woman. I suppose that with a 56 year old wife and 33 years of marriage behind him he had forgotten to look. We looked at the drawings for about an hour and a half and it seemed to me that there was plenty of scope to undercut and still make money. However I told David I would need to show the drawings to my builder friend.

He said he was in a hurry and would get them copied at work the following day and arrange for them to be delivered to me on a site as he knew I was working locally. I left and went home and fucked my wife hard up the arse in front of the porn until i shot my load inside her.

The following day I had intended to phone Danny to find out what he knew but got caught up at work until I got a call form David at about 11:30hrs. He said that he had copied the drawings but wouldn't be able to get them delivered until about 17:00hrs. I told him I would be off site by then and he suggested that he could take them home at lunch time and I could pick them up from hi there. He said he would be home until about 13:00hrs but if I was later he would leave them with Cordelia. I told him I probably couldn't make it before 14:00 and he said he would tell Cordelia to expect me.

Now I was in a quandry. I wanted to fuck Cordelia but I also fancied the idea of fucking her with Danny. If I turned up with Danny would she be up for it or would she go mental? I called Danny. I told him about me meeting Cordelia and asked him if he would like to come along. He got the message straight away and said he would love to come. I met Danny at 13:45 and he jumped in my van and we drove the mile to David & Cordelias house. We were ten minutes early an we could hear her running around before answering the door.

She looked fantastic in a mid thigh skirt and flowery blouse and she was wearing expensive heels. Her silvery hair was freshly blow dried and she smelled lovely. She had obviously dressed to impress and we were impressed. However she was more than a little shocked to see us both there and started to redden. We stepped into the house and shut the door behind us. I told her to relax and get the drawings for us. As she walked into the kitchen we followed her in. She asked us if we had long enough for coffee and she giggled when I said we have until david gets back.

As she was filling the kettle I came up behind her and put my hands on her hips and kissed her neck. She immediately responded by turning around and kissing me. She was obviously frustrated from yesterday and felt for my cock. I gestured for Danny to come over and he came up behind her. We both started to raise her skirt and found her to be knickerless and wet again. I started to finger fuck her and Danny was doing the same from behind. I told him to try her arse hole. She gave a little squeal as Danny slipped a finger up. I could feel it through her cunt wall.

She was getting into it now and pulled out my cock then reached behind her for Dannys. My cock is quite big at 8" but even I was shocked when she got Dannys out. It was a genuine 10 incher. "Oh my god" she said, "Davids is nowhere near these sizes". Always good to hear when you are about to fuck a married woman. I asked her when david last fucked her and she told me it was at the weekend but it was because she needed it and it was shit.

I asked her if she was prepared to be our slut and she said "yes". I said "yes what" and she relpied "yes please". I told her to kneel and suck our cocks and she was on the floor immediately. She stroked and licked them before opening her mouth and taking mine right in. Danny was really turned on and kept touching my cock whilst she sucked but I just thought "what the hell"? I wanted to see her suck Dannys monster so told her to do so. She looked like such a dirty fucking whore on her knees with his big black making her gag.

I said I wanted to fuck her in davids bed and she was keen to do it there so we went upstairs. As soon as she was in the bedroom I pushed her into the doggy position and lifted her skirt over her arse exposing her gingery cunt and arse hole. I positioned my cock between her cunt lips and pushed slowly but firmly in. She was ecstatic. Not just because my cock was in her but because we were in her husbands bed and she had two cocks to play with. I told her her cunt was nice and tight and she laughed and said it must be Davids small cock.

I knew she would be dying to try Dannys cock so I pulled out and told him to fuck her. She looked over her shoulder and braced herself. She thought it would hurt but the dirty slut was able to take the whole 10" in one long thrust. As Danny started to get a rhythm going I started to fuck her sexy face again. I asked her if she enjoyed anal sex and she said she had done it a few times but not with David. I laughed and said we are not the first to fuck his wife. I was a little surprised when she said not the 10th. I called her a dirty fucking whore and told her she was getting dped.

She had never had that done before so I told Danny to lie on the bed. Cordelia straddled his cock and i watched the horny bitch impale her cunt on 10" of hard black cock. When he was in I fingered her arse hole. First one then two and finally three fingers opening her up 56 year old married arse.

I offered my cock to her now ready hole and pushed in. With danny in her cunt it was tight. We both started to move and she started to cum and cum and cum. We were getting ready ourselves and started to fuck faster and faster until Danny called her a cunt and came inside her. As his cock started to soften I carried on for another minute or so and the shot a massive load into her arse. We had fucked her cunt, arse and mouth and we hadn't even seen her tits.

I told Cordelia to clean us up and she very happily started to lick our cocks. We obviously had been carried away because we didn't hear David come home until he pushed open the bedroom door. For a second I thought there would be some serious trouble until he smiled and said "We knew you would fuck her James but we didn't think you would bring Danny along". "Thank you".

As he came into the room he was undressing and cordelia said to us "watch this". He really did only have about a 5" cock but it was rock hard. He asked Cordelia to suck it but she said "you first" and opened her legs. He didn't need any more bidding and got between her legs and started to lick and suck our juices out of his whore wife. I told him to lie down so I could see him take my spunk right out of her arse hole.

As he was doing this I was surprised to see Danny start to play with Davids cock. It was quite a turn on as he started to suck and wank him. David was very pleasantly surprised and started bucking his hips. Danny kept sucking and wanking Davids cock and playing with his balls. Then Danny started to finger Davids arse, probing and stretching until he could take no more and came in his mouth.

We played for several more hours and for three months whilst we constructed her kitchen extension. If anybody is interested in hearing more please say.
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2 months ago
Great story thanks
1 year ago
mmm love the story wish I knew lots of Cordelia's :D
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Wow give it must have been excitting tell us more you were there for 3 minths so Thanks
3 years ago
very good, keep it up!
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Please tell us more...sat here hard!!!
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great story, please write more
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I would love to read more ...nice job!!
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Very good story, and yes I would like more.
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terrific story and would look to read more