Sharons first dogging experience

I have reposted this because it was not showing.

This story will probably take me longer to write than it took to do.

I had been fucking Sharon for about 18 months and in that time I had introduced her to the shared experience. I was still at university and we were meeting two or three times a week. Her marriage was in trouble as her husband knew she was getting fucked somewhere else but he didn't know where. She had really gotten into being very submissive and often went home marked. I will try and tell the stories over the coming months as and when I get time. This one is quite short.

We had discussed dogging and Sharon was keen to try but understandably nervous. She took several evening exercise classes so I hatched a plan. There was a great dogging spot in the carpark opposite Fort Nelson overlooking the city of Portsmouth which has now been gated off. However back in 2001 it was open at night and doggers would meet there. I visited it one Monday night in March and spoke to a couple of guys who were hanging around and explained that I would be bringing a woman along on the coming Wednesday at 20:00 which is early for dogging but Sharon attended pilates from 20:00 to 21:00 so it was a case of needs must. They thought I was taking the piss but said they would be there.

My wife stayed over in London on Tuesday and Wednesday nights so we were all set to go. I told Sharon we were going and arranged to meet her at her gym just before 20:00.

At the appointed time she got into my car and we headed off to the spot. It was only a couple of miles but I wanted to have a good look at her before we arrived. I pulled into a side road and put the light on. She looked fantastic. As she was only "going to the gym" she had on a little make up and perfume. Her tits looked fantastic in her tight top and I could clearly see the outline of her cunt in her tight trousers. She had brought along a very small skirt in her bag and she took her trousers off and put it on. She had on a very skimpy thong which I told her to take off. Then I made her open her legs and play with her cunt. I was rock hard but wanted to enjoy the dogging so I made her suck my cock gently as I drove the rest of the way to Fort Nelson.

I got a surprise when we arrived as there were about 15 guys hanging around. The bush telegraph had obviously worked. I asked Sharon if she really wanted to do it and she confirmed that she was as excited as she had ever been. We talked about the numbers and she said she would be comfortable fucking two or three. It was now about 20:10 so we were in a bit of a hurry.

I got out of the car and spoke to the guys who had started to drift in our direction. I explained that she was new and that she may fuck them all if we didn't crowd her at the start.

When I got Sharon out of the car there was a collective wow as she looked stunning. To get the show on the road I got my cock out and she bent over and started to suck me. This was all the encouragement they needed and they crowded round and started to grope her tits and arse. Everyone had their cock out by now and some of them looked quite big.

I got Sharon round the front of the car and bent her over. I told the guys she was a complete slut and the could fuck her but nobody was to mark her. The first guy positioned himself and just slammed his cock into her and encouraged by the others he started to fuck her hard and fast. I told him we were on a deadline so he fucked her until he emptied his load up her cunt. The dirty fucking slag loved it and just wiggled her arse.

Somebody else started to fuck her cunt and then she received a cock in her mouth. Two or three guys came in her mouth in quick succession. At the same time she was taking more spunk in her cunt. As I looked around I could see 8 guys who had cum and there were still seven playing or waiting. When the next guy came in her I made her show us her messy cunt and told her to scoop some spunk out and eat it for us.

Then I turned her around again and said I was going to fuck her arse as her soaking cunt was too fucking slack. She loved the dirty talk and I could lee her cumming as she rubbed her clit. I slipped the head of my cock into her cunt to lubricate it then I f***ed my cock up her tight arse in one smooth thrust. I was also on a deadline so I just fucked her arse whilst pulling her hair and calling her a dirty slut and a cheating married whore. When I shot my load into her arse I thought I was cumming forever. I told the last two guys to fuck whichever hole they wanted and they both fucked her arse.

I checked my watch and it was only 20:35 so I asked if anyone was ready to go again. A couple had recovered enough to wank over her face so I made her kneel down whilst they wanked until they shot on her face and in her mouth.

She had a towel in her bag which she put on the seat and we said goodnight to the guys and I drove her back to the gym. I parked in a dark corner and made her show me her filthy freshly fucked cunt and arse. I had never been able to properly fist Sharon before but with the amount of abuse her cunt had just taken it was easy. I fished spunk out of her cunt and arse and made her eat it before she put her trousers back on.

We still had a few minutes before her "class" ended so I made her suck my cock, telling her she was a good fucking whore sucking her arse juices off my cock. I held her head and just fucked her mouth until I shot my second load. Sexy bitch that she is she swallowed and said thank you James.

That evening was the final nail in the coffin of her marriage.

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i love it thank you
3 years ago
love that, fist the slags loose cunt, it got what it deserved
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Great story, please write more
3 years ago
Nice one good to read of her being well used.
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top story, loved it. keep them cumming