My first wife (and her filthy mum)

It was 1982 and I had been in the Royal Navy for three years when I met Collette, my first wife. She was a young WREN who had just finished her basic training and we had been drafted to the same naval shore establishment. I was 19 and a half and she was 17 and a half. Although I had had a few girlfriends and quite a few one night stands I was still fairly inexperienced and I was not yet assertive sexually.

We met at a midweek "bop" in the junior rates club and hit it off immediately. She was 5'2" with a curvy size 10-12 figure, biggish tits and a nice arse. She wore a tight top and a skirt that came to mid thigh. She had on red stilletto shoes and fishnet stockings. She looked a little risque but not quite slutty. We had a few drinks and danced to all the music until close to the end of the evening when the dj started to play the slow stuff. As we danced slowly Collette could feel my cock getting hard against her pussy. I thought she would pull away but she started to grind against my cock. The sensation was fantastic and I thought I would cum if we were not carefull.

The bop ended and we walked back to the accomodation blocks, holding hands and stopping to snog every 10 yards like teenagers do. She asked if there was somewhere a little more private to go and I said that the only place I knew was my car, which I had bought with a car loan the previous month. I didn't think she would be up for that and was very pleased when she was keen. I ran up to my mess room to get my keys and would have beaten Linford Christie back.

We got to my little MK11 e****t and got in the front. As Collette was a couple of years younger than me I thought that I would have to make all the first moves but I was wrong. As soon as the courtesy light went out Collette pulled her skirt up around her waist and took her knickers off. I was gobsmacked! However that didn't last long as she leaned towards me and kissed me hard whilst undoing my belt and getting my cock out. She told me that it was by far the biggest she had seen which was very good for my ego.

It didn't take me long to catch on and I put my hand between her legs and started to rub her wet pussy. She opened her legs as wide as she could and started to thrust her crotch into my hand. She was so fucking sexy and dirty that I thought I must be the luckiest guy in Hampshire. I could smell her juices and was desperate to fuck her and told her so. She pushed her seat all the way back and reclined it as much as it would go and then, holding my cock she pulled me onto her. She took control for a few moments and made herself cum on my cock.

I then started to take control and started ramming my cock into her as fast and as hard as I could. It wasn't long before it was obvious that I was near to cumming and Collette said she was not on the pill. She told me to pull out and she would finish me off in her mouth. There is something about a woman sucking your cock after it has been inside her that is always sexy. Collette opened her mouth and took my cock in. She started to suck and lick me as I fucked her mouth and I know that she was surprised by just how much cum exploded out of my cock. She proved to me then what a good girl she was by thanking me. I was in heaven.

Over the next month we met almost everyday for sex. Usually we would go for a drive and find somewhere to fuck. It never occured to us that people might be spying on us, the term dogging had not been coined then. We told each other of our sexual experiences. Hers were naughtier than I would have expected but instead of feeling jealous or inhibited I found them a turn on. I also found it a turn on that she would play with herself whilst I told her my experiences. The biggest surprise for me was when she told me that her first proper "boyfriend" had been 35 and married.

Often when we were in a pub she would ask me what I thought of other women. She wanted me to tell her what I would do to them and then after she would pretend to be someone else whilst I fucked her. At about this time I started to talk dirty to her and called her pussy a cunt. She was ecstatic and after that I never called it a pussy unless I knew someone could hear.

About 5 weeks into our relationship Collette asked me to visit her parents in Kent for the weekend. At first I wasn't very keen because I thought it would be difficult to find somewhere to fuck. When we arrived on the Friday night I was surprised to say the least. Sylvie, Collettes mum, was a very sexy looking woman of 45 who always looked nice but her dad Malcolm was 65, captain of his golf club and a bit dull.

I needn't have worried about fucking as Collette was not at all inhibited at home. Her parents allowed us to sl**p together and she would moan louder at home than she did in the car, it was a time of fantastic sexual exploration for both of us. Collette had two older s****rs, Kat and Debbie who were both married and had left home so Sylvie used to spoil me and would often flirt with me when Collette was not in the room.

There was one recurring thing that happened whilst we were visiting Collettes parents, which we were now doing nearly every weekend. Collettes room had the airing cupboard in it and one Saturday morning Malcolm walked in to "get something" as Collette was on her knees sucking my cock. I thought he would just back out quickly but he just excused himself and grabbed his golf trousers from the airing cupboard and then left. It happened so quickly that Collette was still on her knees, but holding my cock. I felt that Malcolm had had a good long look at it on the way out. Later this would happen time and time again but it never inhibited Collette at all.

After he had left Collette just carried on as if nothing had happened. I found that I was even more turned on than normal. Collette just kept getting dirtier and dirtier that morning and that was the first time I tried anal sex. Collette had said that we could try it on her 18th birthday but she just offered me her arse that Saturday morning and I just had to have it. At first I was a little usure how to proceed but as I positioned my cock at the entrance to her arse hole and started to push in she just pushed back and I drove straight in 8 inches. She was laughing and crying at the sensation but I was just rampant.

I just started to stroke my cock in and out of her tight hole as she called me all kinds of names. Malcolm had already left for golf but Sylvie must have heard the language coming from both of us, it was filthy. We both kept grinding until Collette had a massive orgasm and nearly collapsed on the bed. I then started to thrust hard and fast, building and building until I shot spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum into her arse hole. After I had gone soft I slipped out of her and we fell asl**p together for a short while. When I awoke I was bursting for a piss and snuck out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

Whilst in the bathroom I decided to shower and as I was soaking my cock Collette came in and sat on the toilet for a piss. I finished showering as Collete was flushing the toilet and we discussed our recent fuck. She bent over so I could see the state of her arse hole. It was red, puckered and leaking spunk, soo horny.

For the rest of that day Sylvie would smirk every time Collette or I entered the room. She even took our flirting a little further by "accidentally" brushing against me.

Malcolm had bought Collette a course of golf lessons for her 18th birthday and it became the new routine that she and Malcolm would go off to the club at about 09:30 on Sunday. Collette would have her lesson and then join her dad on the course for 9 holes. We would go and join them for lunch at 13:00 ish. This was a bit of a pain in the arse as Collette would be up and out of bed by 08:00hrs and I would be left nursing a hardon.

On Sunday just after they had left Sylvie brought me a cup of tea saying that she needed bedding from the airing cupboard. I instantly knew something was up because of the way she was dressed. I had seen her in the garden putting out the washing when I had got up for a piss earlier and she was dressed in her normal a classy manner, fitted trousers, blouse etc. Now she had on a vest type top and a shortish (mid thigh) pleated skirt, stockings and strappy shoes. She pulled a chair over to the airing cupboard and as she stepped onto it I could see right up her skirt. She was wearing lacy white knickers and I felt my cock twitch as I looked at her stockings and knickers. She turned to look at me and I blushed at being caught looking.

She laughed out loud when she saw my face and teased me about my reaction. She then joked about me being a "big boy" which made me blush even more. She knew I was squirming so she kept teasing me. She asked what had gone on yesterday and said that she would have to start coming to get Malcolms golf trousers. My cock was twitching now and she knew it. Then out of the blue she said Malcolm had said I had a very big cock and she would love to see it. I was a little unsure but a lot excited so I pulled back the duvet to show her.

Sylvie reached out and stroked my cock and it was fantastic. I felt her breasts and then stroked her arse. She turned to make it easier for me to touch her and I slipped my hand straight up her skirt . This was the first time I had felt a shaven cunt and I loved it. She sat on the chair and opened her legs for me. I just had to lick her and got on my knees to bury my face between her legs. She tasted fantastic.

After about 5 minutes she asked me to stand so she could suck me, so I oblidged. Her oral was better than her daughters and she had me on the verge of cumming very quickly. However I wanted to fuck her and pulled her to he feet, bent her over the bed and started to finger her. Her cunt was not as tight as Collettes and it wasn't long before I had four fingers deep inside her cunt. I had never tried fisting a woman before but knew that now was my chance. I told Sylvie to lie down so I could get better access to her wet wet cunt. She lay on her back and opened up wide for me and I slipped my hand right in. It was easy as she really did open up wide. She was very energetic and juicy and she was loving having the attention of a much younger man. I fisted her for what seemed like ages and she just kept cumming, I felt like a real stud making a married older woman cum so much. She wanted cock so I turned her over and entered her from behind. She was quite slack by now so I shoved two fingers into her cunt next to my cock. There was still space so I put in the other two. This was so horny for me because she was so wanton, a total fucking whore for me. As I was fucking her I was looking at her tight arse hole and wondering what it would be like to fuck it so I slipped a finger in there. Her arse hole was much tighter than her cunt but still much looser than Collettes. She told me that I could fuck her arse next time but first she wanted my spunk in her pussy first. Soon I could take no more and came inside her. As is polite in these circumstances she licked and sucked me clean.

When I had started to recover I asked about how we keep it a secret form the others and Sylvie said "Malcolm already knows". She explained to me that they had a very relaxed relationship and that she had fucked plenty of other men whilst they had been married. She said that Malcolm really loved to hear what had gone on.

I had read in Fiesta and e****t magazine about husbands who liked to see or hear of their wives being fucked by other men but I didn't really believe that it happened.

There is much more to come. Collette and I married in 1985 and between then and 1992 we became swingers and had lots of filthy fun.

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2 hours ago
Excellent story thanks
22 days ago
Great story.I want to hear more.
1 year ago
fucking great story!
1 year ago
Nice story - I've got fond memories of sex in a Mk2 Escort myself x
3 years ago
Great family you married into please tell more.
3 years ago
terrific start
3 years ago
Very good! I liked how your girlfriend surprised you and turned out to be a dirty bitch. The transition from looking up Sylvie's skirt to having sex with her was just a wee bit too quick IMHO and could have been drawn out a bit more. Even more opportunity to tell us of her slutty credentials. Hope the feedback is OK.
3 years ago
Please tell us more of your adventures
3 years ago
You dirty lucky git LMAO. nice one
3 years ago
a very well told story
3 years ago
Liked this, I hope you're going to tell us of more experiences.