Sharon the slutty sub

This is the story of Sharon a very sexy, shy submissive slut I met in 1999 and saw several times a week until the end of 2003. Then I had a change of circumstances and we could only meet once or twice a month until I moved to France. I now see her a few times a year.

In 1998 I had the opportunity to give up work and study for a degree. I undertook an access course for one year and then started at the University of Portsmouth in the autumn of 1999. During the time on my access course I visited the Uni on several occassions with my fellow students to see the 5 academic faculties, talk to lecturers and students and generally get a feel for the place.

When I started in 1999 the first thing they tutors did was get "volunteers" for the various open days that were planned for the autumn semester. As a "happy volunteer" I duly turned up one Saturday morning to do my bit. Basically we talked to potential new students about how great Portsmouth Uni is and how much they would enjoy it. As a mature student I was asked to reassure parents of potential students that the environment was safe and welcoming.

I was introduced to a local f****y of four, mum Sharon, dad Andy, son Paul and potential student Melanie. Melanie was a typical slim student type in a short skirt, doc marten boots etc. I asked what they would like to see and Melanie wanted to see the sports and drama stuff. Her mum wanted to see the halls of residence because although they lived laocally Melanie did not want to live at home. My friend Jane offered to take Andy, Paul and Melanie and I e****ted Sharon.

Initially I had not paid much attention to how Sharon looked as there were a lot of women to look at. On closer inspection she looked lovely. She had on a mid length skirt with stockings or tights and a fairly close fitting sweater under her coat. She also had on quite sexy little ankle boots.

First stop was the library which she was very pleased with but which was mostly deserted. In the library reception they were serving coffee so we grabbed one and sat down and started to chat. Sharon is quite shy but very smiley and soon we were chatting comfortably. I asked her why Melanie did not want to live at home and Sharon said she thought that it was because she didn't want her parents cramping her style with the boys.

When I asked her what she and Andy thought about that she said that Andy was quite unaware that Melanie even had boyfriends. She told me that she had told Melanie not to get tied down too soon and that Melanie was probably a bit promiscuous. Then she said somthing that made my ears prick up (not just my ears actually). "Aren't all women really" she said. I asked her what she meant and she told me that when she spoke to her girlfriends about sex they said that they would all have affairs if they could get away with it. When I asked if she meant herself in that she just said "why not?".

Then I started to test her by suggesting that it was all just bullshit and that if she got the opportunity to have some extra-marital fun she would bottle it. This was all in good humour and she was laughing when she said "its up to the man to make me do it then, isn't it". Fuck I went hard. I told her to drink up saying we had some bedrooms to inspect. She got into the spirit and started to flirt with me a little, saying that she hoped the beds were comfortable.

I took her to Rees Hall and asked the hall porter which rooms were available for inspection and was told that as the students were in we could look at the guest rooms and if we saw any students who were willing to show us their rooms then that would be fine. I took the guest room key from the hall porter and we made our way to the stairs. As the guest rooms are not often used they were on the top (5th) floor. There was a lot of sexual tension between us now and as I opened a landing door for her I felt Sharon brush my arse with her hand. I now knew that she was probably up for it.

When I opened the yale type lock on the guest room door I allowed Sharon to enter before me and then I let the door close on its fire safety mechanism behind me. We were now locked in. When I moved behind her and put my hands on her hips she backed into me a little so I pulled her closer and started to grind my hard cock into her arse. I started to pull her skirt up and she asked me if I was going to make her do it. I got into it and told her that I would make behave like a real slut. I pulled up her skirt at the front and felt her cunt. She was wearing tights and I told her if she wanted to be my slut it had better be stockings next time. I realised that she wanted to be made to submit when she said yes sir.

I grabbed her hair and turned her around. When she was facing me I spat in her mouth and made her thank me for my kind donation. She was already loving it. I pushed my hand down he knickers and found a trimmed but hairy cunt. That will have to be removed I told her as I started to rub her clit and finger her cunt. She was wet and getting wetter. I pushed her to her knees and ordered her to get my cock out and suck it. We both knew that we didn't really have the time for a long session so I told her to take off her boots, tights and knickers. When she was done I inspected her arse and cunt closely. I fingered her cunt and arse hole for a few minutes all the time telling her what a dirty married whore cunt she was. It wasn't long before she was cumming.

I wanted to fuck her so I made her put her tights and boots back on. I ripped the crotch out of her tights and pushed her knickers into her cunt and then her arse. This dried her out a little and made her wince so I slapped her arse very hard. When she yelped I turned her around and slapped her face. Hard enough to hurt but not to mark. I told her to open her mouth and spat in it again. I pushed her to the sink and bent her over and shoved her knickers into her mouth. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and she opened her legs a little more so I thrust right the way in. It was a god job she was gagged. I told her that this was now about my pleasure and fucked her for a few minutes.

Then I pulled out and pushed my cock right up her arse without warning. God she was an easy slut. I started fucking her arse hard until I was unable to control myself any longer came buckets into her arse whilst pulling her hair. As my cock was softening I was whispering in her ear. Telling her what I was going to make her do the next time we met. When my cock slipped out of her I pushed her to her knees again so she could clean me up. She needed no encouragement when it came to sucking our mixed juices off my cock and I started to get hard again. We didn't have time to fuck again so I told her to play with my arse hole and balls until my cock was rock hard again. Then I wanked my cock and started to slap her face with it. I kept wanking until I came a second time. This time it went in her hair, eyes, nose and mouth. She looked like a perfect cumslut cunt.

Now we were beginning feel that we may be missed so I wiped her face with her knickers and kissed her. I made her bend over and wiped her arse and cunt with her knickers and then told her to put them in her bag. On the walk back to the faculty offices she gave me her number and we discussed times for meetings etc. At every opportunity I slipped my hand up her skirt to feel her exposed cunt and arse hole.

We had not been missed at all and when the others arrived we had a little chat before we split up. As we were leaving I could see Sharon talking to Melanie who then looked back at me. I was sure that something had been said.

That was the start of something very good and I will tell you more when I can. I will say now though that Sharon is now very sub and I have taken her out dogging, involved her in group sex and gang bang parties and humiliated her in many many ways. She is now divorced but in a very open relationship with an older man she met online.
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3 years ago
Very good thanks i was able to cum with you the second time thanks
3 years ago
very nice story
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3 years ago
nice way to start a relationship
3 years ago
good story is it true?