Fucking Nikki part 2

As Nikki was licking and sucking our juices off my cock I started to talk to her about Gary. I wondered how he would react if he knew what a slut his wife-to-be was. Gary is a really nice guy but a person more suited to being an accountant you will never meet. He's not actually an accountant but he is very steady and sometimes comes accross as a bit dull and boring. Nikki told me that he knew that she had not always been faithfull to him. Obviously I was a little surprised at this and asked how he knew.

She told me that Gary had caught her fucking a carpet fitter who was refitting their hall, stairs and landing when they had just moved in together. I asked her what she meant by "caught" and she explained that she was wearing only her bra and that the fitter was fucking her doggy style and didn't stop until he had cum inside her. When I asked her why she was fucking him she said that he hadn't seemed keen to move her bookcases so she had started flirting with him.

I thought she was joking at first but she swore it was true. She then told me that she had been unfaithfull a few times and that the only other time that Gary knew about was when she had been out with the girls in Chester and had paid the taxi driver with a fuck. She said she would have got away with that one except that he had fucked her in his cab, on their drive and had cum all over her face and hair. Because she was slightly pissed she didn't clean up before going in and it was totally obvious that it was spunk on her face and in her hair.

As you might imagine I found this amusing and very erotic. My cock was fully hard again and Nikki was slowly wanking me whilst stroking my arse hole with her fingers. I told her to look at me and open her mouth. I then asked her what she was and she told me that she was a taboo breaking slut. With that I spat in her mouth. I have always been surprised at how erotic a good submissive slut finds this and I was not disappointed. She started to squirm and beg me to do it again and again. As a gentleman I had no choice but to oblige.

When I felt that I wanted to move on a little I told her to stand up and remove the rest of her clothes apart from her stockings and shoes. Then when she was done I had her undress me as I was still fully dressed and a little too warm for comfort. I had her stand before me and started to feel her breasts and ran my hand down her tummy towards her cunt. She said that she was desperate for a piss. I realised that I too could do with a piss so I told her that she would have to wait for ten minutes.

I made her stand and squirm for ten minutes for two reasons. Firstly so that she knew who was in charge and secondly so I could let my hard-on subside. It is almost impossible to piss with a hard-on. When I was ready I led her to the bathroom and made her remove her shoes and kneel in the bath. I stepped in with her and she knew what was coming and although this was new to her I could see her getting aroused. I knew I had to start quickly or else I would have a hard cock to deal with. My piss came slowly at first and then gushed forth as I pissed on her face, her tits, her hair and very erotically in her mouth. Nikki struggled to swallow and I could see her rubbing her clit as she made herself cum. When I was finished I offered her my cock to suck clean. When she was finished cleaning I was of course rock hard again.

Nikki was now desperate to piss but I wanted to see her cunt clearly as she did it so I got her out of the bath and lifted her onto the sink. As she leaned back against the mirror she opened up and I could see right into her swollen cunt and her recently creamed arse hole. When she started pissing it was like a massive waterfall, splashing out of the sink over my cock and balls. It looked fantastic as I let her piss on my hand and put it to her mouth. I told her that if she promised to do anything I asked that I would lick her cunt and arse hole for her. She agreed immediately. As soon as my tongue started on her labia she started to cum and cum. This was something special so I slipped a finger into her arse and started to frig her gspot through her cunt wall. She was so accomodating that I shoved another finger in and then two more. I had four fingers in her arse and my thumb in her cunt as she started to gush. This was priceless. There was as much ejaculate as there had been piss.

As Nikkis orgasm subsided I slowly took my fingers from her arse hole and put them in her mouth.

Although she was satisfied I was stood before her with a solid cock. I turned her to face the mirror so that she could see how she looked. She was surprised to say the least. Her mascara had run down her face, her lipstick was smeared over her chin and her hair was full of piss. I was rubbing my cock between the cheeks of her arse and told her that she looked like she had been gang ****d by a bunch of black guys. She laughed and said "maybe one day".

I told her that she would have to be punished for that slutty remark and made her open her legs wider. I left the bathroom and went to the mini bar. I returned with a bottle of beer and I brought her hair brush, just for good measure. I told her to grit her teeth. When I saw her tense I spanked her arse, quite hard. She yelped and I told her to be silent. I spanked her again a little harder and she yelped again. A third time I spanked her and a third time she yelped. I f***ed her legs a little wider and spanked her again. This time I caught her by surprise as I had spanked her cunt. When she saw me move to spank her again I saw her flinch to make it easier for me to get at her cunt. Now I knew that she was my sub for as long as I wanted.

Although I was keen to fuck her again I was enjoying punishing Nikki as much as she was enjoying being punished. I told her to put her shoes back on as I wanted to change the position of her cunt and arse hole. As she was putting her shoes back on I fed my cock into her mouth and had her suck my cock for a while. I turned her aropund and bent her over the sink again and told her that she was going to get the beer bottle in her arse and the hair brush in her cunt.

She had thought that it was a bit uncomfortable when I had spanked her cunt but she had a lot to learn. When I had told her I would be fucking her with the hair brush she had assumed that I meant the handle. I did not. The brush was of the Denman bristle radial type and she squealed as I pushed it slowly into her cunt. When it was fully in her I only had to move it slightly to cause her pleasure and pain at the same time.

To remind her of her manners I spanked her arse until see seemed to be genuinely thankful for the object in her cunt. Now it was time for the beer. I touched the cold bottle to her arse hole and watched as it twitched. It was considerably bigger than four fingers so I said I would be kind and lubricate her arse hole first. I ran a little warm water in the sink and poured a whole hotel sized bottle of shower gel into it. I got a handful of the gel and f***ed it up Nikki's arse hole. She squirmed and squealed but I knew she was enjoying herself.

I opened her up with my fingers and offered up the fat end of the bottle to her hole. It only took a little effort and the slut had a whole bottle of beer in her arse. I played the bottle and brush gently inside her holes for a few minutes and could see that she would soon be cumming again. I sped up my movement, all the time talking to her about Gary, her mum and others that she would be seeing that evening until with a massive convulsion she came for what seemed like minutes.

Now it was my turn. I withdrew the bottle and brush, rather roughly and f***ed my cock up her cunt, telling her that I would do as I wished with her. I wanted to cum in her mouth but was determined to have my cock in all three of her holes. I was surprised at how tight her arse hole was, bearing in mind the beer bottle, and was very tempted to cum in there again. However I pulled out of her arse and made her kneel before me. I pulled her hair and throat fucked her until I was unable to hold back any longer and then I came, fucking loads, into her mouth. My orgasm was enhanced by the fact that Nikki had two fingers, knuckle deep in my own arse hole, she is such a dirty bitch.

Although I was now satisfied I made her lie on the wet bathroom floor and sat over her face to make her tongue my arse hole, just to remind her of her place.

We both quickly showered and I redressed whilst Nikki rinsed out her hair brush and blow dried her hair. I asked her what she intended to tell Gary and she said that she would try to convince him that evening that she should have other lovers occasionally. Nikki was only wearing a towel and I said that I wanted to see her cunt and arse hole again before I left. She smiled and dropped the towel for my inspection. Her cunt was still swollen and red and her arse hole looked like she had recently been gang fucked. I could not help but kiss them. I gently licked and probed her holes until she came gently and quietly. Then we kissed deep and long. I had to stop then otherwise I would have gotten aroused again.

As I was ready to leave there a knock at the door. Gary had arrived and had come to see if Nikki was ready to go down to the bar for a drink before dinner. He is not totally stupid so his suspicions must have been aroused by the fact that Nikki's knichers were on the floor by the bed, the room smelled of sex and she was only wearing a small towel and there were larger ones in the bathroom.

I went back to my room to change into something more casual for dinner. It was only just six o'clock and I was thinking about how much had changed in the last three hours. I was also slightly apprehensive about what might be being said in Nikki's room. At seven o'clock the wedding party met up in the bar for a drink before dinner.

Nikki and Gary arrived together, laughing, smiling and very close. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Dinner was the normal hotel type, f****y occasion. After dinner Nikki and Gary asked me if I would mind going over the routine for the wedding, speeches etc one last time before bed. At 22:30 I knocked on Nikki's room door and Gary opened it and let me in. Nikki was on the phone to reception and ordered a bottle of champagne to be brought to the room. Reception said that it would be about 20 minutes so Nikki said that her fiance would come and pick it up.

Gary left the room saying he would be back in two minutes. Nikki told me that he had guessed that something had happened but seemed a little excited so she had decided to tell him everything. He had then got so excited that he had then spent the next 45 minutes trying to suck any of my remaining spunk out of her arse hole. My cock was solid before she had finished telling me the story. When Gary got back he was very sheepish. He knew that Nikki had just told me everything and didn't quite know how to behave. I decided to take the bull by the horns and told Nikki to stand. I told Gary to sit on the bed and then had Nikki sit next to him. I shocked them both a little when I took out my cock and offered it up to Nikki's mouth to suck. She is a game girl and quickly got into the spirit of things, deep throating me. I knew that everything would be just fine when Gary started to quickly undress.

I don't have the largest cock in the world at about 8 inches but it is quite thick. However it is about 2 inches longer and a lot thicker than Gary's. I could immediately sense that he felt inadequate and decided to tease him about it. We didn't really use the word cuckold back in 98 but that is what he was and has been ever since. That night we did things to Nikki that she had only fantasized about before. She took two cocks in her cunt at the same time. We dp'd her a lot, mostly with me fucking her arse hole. She saw her nearly husband swallow my cum after cleaning up her arse hole. She had champagne licked out of her cunt and arse and she got four fingers into Garys arse.

Gary gets as much out of this as Nikki or I do. He has a small cock but he cums loads, which Nikki is always willing to take in her mouth, cunt or arse hole. Of course she often makes him take it back from her!

They both enjoy being submissive to me and Gary even enjoys being submissive to Nikki.

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9 months ago
pretty hot, wish you would continue with it
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Very hot!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Want to read more about this story 2 isn't enough. Very hot story.
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3 years ago
This is so great how long did this go on or are you still doing Nikki and letting Gary suck it out of Nikki's holes thanks
3 years ago
Nice and dirty. Imagine if she'd whispered in gary's ear at the altar that you'd fucked her or she consummate her marriage with you whilst gary watched or was even still at the reception.
3 years ago
another great story
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me hard too
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That definately got my dick hard.
3 years ago
great read both 1 and 2 hope to read more 6/10