For my friend Jason about his wife Chris

I usually only write about true experiences but my friend Jason asked me to write a story about his wife Chris.
I had a load going to western Canada but couldn't couldn't cross the border until Monday so I layed over at a local hotel. I went to the lounge to have a drink an relax after a long day driving. I noticed a long legged brunette sitting at the bar with a short skirt on sporting those nice long legs. I asked her if the stool beside her was taken? She said she guessed it was now and gave me a big smile. I told her I was ready for a cold beer after a long day driving, she said she was having a drink after a long day of business meetings, I noticed the rings on her left hand and asked her if her husband was joining her and she said, no she was from out of town and he was home. I told her I was in the same situation my wife was home in Missouri and it would be at least another couple of weeks before I could get home. She said it must get lonely out on the road all of the time and gave me a kind of come-on sideways glance. I told her yes it did but I had some nice couples that kind of took me in on some lonely weekends. She kind of raised her eyebrows and asked, white couples? I grinned and said you got it. She said her husband Jason had suggested something like that and she was curious. I said "how curious?" She gave me that come-on smile again and said "very". I told her maybe we should do something about that and she asked her room or mine. I said your husband might call so maybe we should use hers. All eyes were on us as I put my hand on her nice ass as we left the bar.
As soon as the elevator doors closed I had her in my arms kissing her and my hands rubbing her slender white ass. When we got to her room, she asked me to believe she had never done this before but her husband had showed her pics and videos of black men and white women and she couldn't believe how endowed the black guys were. I took her hand and put it on the bulge in my pants and said "like this?" She just moaned "oh my god" as I kissed her again and started unbuttoning her blouse and she was unfastening my pants. I had took her top off and was unfastening her bra as she was sliding my pants and underwear down. My hard dick sprung out and I saw her looking down at it and exclaiming again "OMG" as I fondled and sucked her small but firm white tits. She immediately went to her knees and had my black cock in her mouth sucking it hungrily. I can't tell you how turned on I was having a beautiful 29y.o. married white woman sucking my cock. I soon had her on the bed skirt up around her waist panties off and I was climbing between those white thighs and my hard 10" black cock heading towards her married white pussy. She said "shouldn't we use protection?" I said I know I am clean since I wouldn't want to take anything home to my wife and since you said you haven't done this before I am assuming you are also. I knew she was referring to pregnancy but since we had come this far I know she wasn't backing out now and I took the head of my cock and rubbed it up and down the slit of her nice tight white pussy. I said "I take it you have never had a black man before?" She shook her head no and I took a couple of pillows and propped her head up so she could see my black cock going in her. I pushed it between her lips as she watched and moaned "oh god, oh god, I know I shouldn't be doing this but god I luv it, I can't help it, please forgive me Jason." I started pumping her tight white pussy pushing about an inch more in her with each stroke asking her " do you like having this black cock in you Chris?" and she was moaning "oh yes I can't help it, I do." I asked if it was bigger than her husband's?" as I shoved more of it up in her and she was shaking her head wildly saying "oh yes, yes" I told her I had been away from home a long time and I was going to cum in her. She said "oh god, don't stop give it to me, giiiiiive it to me." I said you might get pregnant and she said "I don't care give it to me." and I shoved it in her as far as I could and shot off as deep as I could in her as she went wild in orgasm. I fucked her 4 or 5 more times that night and she took my potent cum every time. So Jason if she is pregnant I hope you are in the delivery room when my black baby pops out of your wife.

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