Her Fantasy

A old girlfriend of mine had this fantasy about me a while back... So I asked her to write it down, so I share it with everyone.

It was a little over ten years ago. I was sitting alone when suddenly there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it and discovered one of my close friends standing there. He came in and we talked to forever catching up. It had been a while since we had seen each other. He was telling me all these exiting things he had done with a particular girl, as I sit there listening I am getting sexually aroused trying not to let him know that. He continues and the urges I am having are getting stronger and stronger. I am trying to concentrate on what he is saying and listening intently, but it is getting harder and harder to fight the urges. I than suddenly shut him up by leaning over and kissing him. After a few minutes of passionate kissing I pushed him back on to the couch so he was laying down. I than start to undress. I first start to lower both shoulder of my top just enough to reveal a little cleavage. I than start undoing my pants slipping them off as I move my hips side to side. Than I turn my back towards him moving my hips more in front of him, than I slow slip out of my panties throwing them at him. I than continue to take my top off. I than start caressing and playing with my boobs. To get him just a little more exited. I lean over and undo his pants with my teeth and slowly pull everything off. I than start to slowly run my tongue around the tip of his dick about an inch down and start to watch as his dick disappears into my mouth as I start to suck. At first I suck very firmly and slow that faster, mean while he starts to slip his fingers into my pussy, which is very wet. I do this up until the point he has an organism. I hear the moaning and watch him close his eyes are his nice warm cum goes into my mouth.

Well, at this point I decided to let him relax while I went to take a shower. I was in the shower shaving my pussy for about 20 minutes. as well are shaving me legs. I than come out in nothing but a towel. He is still one the couch relaxing trying to recover. I than walk in and suddenly drop my towel. I get onto the other side of the couch and spread my legs. I start to pleasure myself rubbing my pussy so very gently, while he watches I continue by slipping my fingers into my pussy and continuing to rub my clit with my thumb. I put my head back with my eyes close and my back starts to arch as I get closer and closer to cumming. At this time my friend starts to rub himself. The moaning he is making is making my organism twice as intense. Before he gets to his point I stop him. I than straddle with my back towards him putting my wet pussy in his face while I bent over putting one of my hands on the base of his dick and once again run my tongue around his dick as I slowly make his dick disappear into my mouth. I stroke his dick as I suck vicariously, making my stuck tighter and tighter. My other hand reactions around and I start to pleasure myself. I than start to taste precum so than I stop again.I turn around still straggling him but in the opposite direction facing him than I start to play with my boobs and rubbing my nipples as I start rubbing my wet pussy up and down against his dick. I than sit on the floor and put my legs above my head exposing my pussy to him as I start teasing myself making me more wet and begging him to come play. I look at him on the couch and ask him if he wants some of this. A few minutes later he is on the floor. Next thing I know he is pushing into my small pussy and once he is in he starts to pound me hard and fast. We are both moaning and breathing hard than suddenly I start to contract and I have a huge organism, at the same time he fills me and cums at the exact same moment. What a awesome ending to a great night.
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