Who got lucky last night PT.1

This story is complete fiction.

He awoke at 2am, throat dry and scratchy and with a hangover the size of Jupiter. He removed the comforter and saw that he was naked, he usually never goes to sl**p naked unless he had gotten some tail. He didn't discriminate against who he go his tail from. Man, woman, old or young, teenage boy or girl. His theory on the whole thing was basically the same as every other logical person. If they could shoot spunk from their young throbbing cocks or if their sweet tight cunts bleed every month they were free game. He believed this religiously.
He saw a gold condom wrapper on the floor and thought to himself, "Ohh yeah, I definitely got a piece of ass last night." He sat up on the edge of the bed and fired up a L&M Turkish Gold cigarette, inhaling deeply trying to remember what had transpired last night. Nothing. He put the smoke in the ashtray and started to walk to the bathroom, he took a few steps and stopped dead in his tracks as a total feeling of dread overcame him. His ass cheeks felt lubricated as he took the few steps from the bed. Fear, shock, shame, and a hint of pain started to pierce through his psyche. The thing he feared the most, had happened to him he thought, someone or something had penetrated his sweet, tight, black ass. And then it all started to come back to him slowly, piece by piece he slowly started to piece together what had happened. He immediately got in the shower and turned the water to cold. Feeling ashamed and dirty all at the same time, flashes of a thick and long white cock flashed in his head. Slapping hard across his full thick chocolate lips, the scrotum that held these massive testicles were inside his mouth being manipulated with his tongue. He tried to get the images out of his head but the more he tried the more clearer it became. It transitioned from still images to becoming a POV style of view. He opened his eyes starring right into to the shower head as droplets of water hit his eyes, then he went to grab the body wash and saw that his 9 inch cock was throbbing. "Am I hard from remembering about what happened last night... No way!. But there is no other reason why I would be hard." he thought.
He exited the shower, dried off and changed the sheets on his bed and laid down. The details of last night began to haunt him again. Tears running down his cheeks, snot running down his nose, his throat making noises it shouldn't be making. "Deep throating?", he thought. Hands rubbed his head as if to indicate that he could ease up on what he was doing, the person he was sucking off approved of his skills but didn't indicate for him to stop. He put one of his rough black hands around what he was now beginning to admit was a pretty impressive cock. And started to work the head head slowly and methodically as if it were an obstacle to conquer but had not figured out how to do so. He started to suck it very gently, using his canine teeth to provide unsuspected pain/pleasure. Realizing how effective his cock sucking skills are the person beckoned him to cease. He took his hands off the now standing at full attention white beautiful pulsating cock, he began rubbing what appeared to be very smooth, almost silky legs. Putting his face back into the person's crotch area to steal a quick suck on the tip of the cock he heard, to his suprise, a very feminine moan. "A shemale, a voice in his whispered to him... Score!." the voice proclaimed. To confirm this he took a glimpse up at the face of the person he was sucking off. And sure as shit it was a shemale. The manly features were still there in the face but the tits looked too good to be implants. He raised a hand in an attempt to grab one when he heard something cutting through the air and a stinging sensation on his hand. "Don't forget your place, just because she likes you doesn't mean you can touch my master when ever you want!" a voice said. He looked to his side to see a woman dressed in a black leather outfit that revealed what looked to be DD breast and her trimmed twat. She was rummaging through her bag until she pulled out at least a 12inch dildo. "Put it away, my slave doesn't get to punish my prospects...yet. My cock and my cock alone will probe him." she said as sultry as she could. "On your knees and bend over, put your knees together. I think you can imagine what's about to happen, sorry I'm doing this under the circumstances but it's now or never." she explained. The tip of the huge cock pressed against his asshole and by pure instinct he squeezed his brown-eye as tight as he could, he could feel Astroglide being poured between his ass cheeks. "Squeezing won't help you baby, it won't hurt you that much I promise." she said. She grabbed a handful of his soft but firm chocolate ass and said, "Well I guess a hard head makes a soft ass, last chance. But be warned, don't make me ruin that butt!"
"Ok, but go slow ok please?" he begged. "You made the right choice sweet heart." she said. He relaxed his asshole and waited for what seemed forever for her to penetrate his ass. And then it happened, slowly she inserted the head, egging him on to push against her. He did so and then his asshole enveloped her cock-head. His back arched almost instinctively and his back raised up. "Get back down baby, it's better for you that way. I knew I was right about you, you like it. So let me give it to you." she said. He felt intermittent vibrations and he opened his eyes and grabbed his phone. "Who the hell is this?" he thought. He automatically hit ignore then his heart skipped a few beats. It's her.
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1 year ago
What a way to wake up still with the reamins of last night to continue with more of the same
3 years ago
wow thankswhat happened next did yo do it again thanks