Pounded to submission CH.2

CH. 2

Two days ago Joesph was checking out porn like he usually did at his favorite site xhamster. A couple of BBW vids here some interracial there, the usual. Then he saw a just viewed picture with a Brazilian She-male and couldn't stop looking. With his curiosity getting the better of him he clicked on it. She was gorgeous! Her face appeared to be as feminine as feminine could get, her tits were remarkable. And then he saw it, she had at least an eight inch cock that seemed to defy gravity itself. It was curved upward and pointing towards her belly button. He felt his cock twitch and realized he had a hard on out of this world. Instantly he began to question his sexuality, surely he wasn't gay just a little curious. His curiosity would later be his un-doing. Checking the time it was 5:24 P.M. and remembered that he had a date with a hot white chick. Being from the deep south, interracial relationships were all but out of the question where he was from. But he was now in Houston, Texas and figured he would give it a try.

His date was at 7 so he started to get ready early to be able to beat the traffic that he was sure was going to be present. Ten minutes later he received a text from his date Julia stating that she wouldn't be able to make the dinner arrangements but wanted to come to his house to meet and greet. He instantly agreed and asked what time she wanted to come over. She replied at 6 P.M, 'Fuck that's less than 25 minutes!' he said to himself. They met through Facebook and he had his address on there so she knew where to go. Lucky for him he had just gotten out of the shower so his junk was fresh. He decided he would grill some T-Bones he ad taken out earlier to use for 'd***k food'.

Julia was eager to meet Joseph, he had seemed like an alright guy. He had a very dark complexion, thick eyebrows, high cheekbones, and a pretty smile she thought. She had never been in an interracial relationship so she had no idea what to expect but she had her hopes up and wondered if he would be different than the rest. She arrived at his place at 6:05 P.M. but didn't pull into the driveway just yet, she was too busy checking out the scenery of his house. It was amazing, the magnolias had just started to bloom and the cherry blossoms looked out of this world. She snapped back to her senses and pulled into the driveway, there was a late model deep blue ZO6 corvette parked in the garage that was half open. The garage walls were lined with tools and lawn equipment, obviously he was good with his hands. That would serve her well later on she thought. She got to the door and rang the bell, three seconds later the door opened.

"Joseph?", Julia asked.

"Hey what's going on, you must be Julia. It's nice to finally meet face to face. Please come in.", he said gesturing her inside.

"As she entered the house she noticed he was quite the decorator, the living room was decked out in vintage European furniture that seemed rather expensive but the room was massive and the decor simply made it look even bigger.

"I really wanted to take you out to dinner this evening but-", he said before he was cut off.

"It's fine I'm really not the type to be wined and dined really." she explained.

"Is that so, from what I can see you look like you should be wined and dined always." he said, being flirtatious.

She was simply stunning, everything he saw about her said she was take home to mom material at the least. Everything on here was perfect, her breast were well placed and seem to float in her sundress, she was not wearing a bra and her cleavage was showing very well. Her legs were outstanding, her hips were thick but not fat and her legs appeared to be as nimble as a lynx. And he couldn't believe how much her ass stood out in such a loose dress. He was completely enthralled.

Her face turned red and she looked down at the floor, when she looked back up she found him staring into her green eyes.

"Since I couldn't take you out to dinner i took it upon myself to make dinner for us. Would a T-Bone steak medium-rare with mashed potatoes and broccoli suffice?" he asked hoping she approved.

"Oh my, you are trying to make me loose my figure. That is going to go straight to my butt." she said jokingly.

He looked down at her waist and smiled. "That's completely fine with me Julia." he said raising one eyebrow and smiling ear to ear.

They sat down at the table where Julia marveled at how juicy the steak was. Joseph didn't eat much of his meal he was to preoccupied checking out the cleavage that seemed to want to leap out of the top of her dress.

She caught him staring and her face turned as red as the inside of the steak she was eating.

She looked him in the eyes and said jokingly, " I take it you've met my twins?"

"Why yes I have and from what i can see of them they look marvelous, hopefully I can get introduced to them formally." he said slyly.

"Time will tell." she replied as sultry as she could.

"Where are my manners? Would like anything to drink? I have wine and cognac." he asked.

"Cognac would be great sweetie." she replied.

He left and went into the den that he was using to serve as a bar. Back in the kitchen she adjusted the shoulders on her dress to reveal even more of her ample breast. They were basically falling out. He returned with the cognac and two glasses.

"Would you like to go into the living to chat if you are done with dinner?" he asked.

"Yes, please I would like that very much." she said.

She got up and walked towards the living room swaying her hips methodically making her cheeks giggle as she walked. She sat down and leaned forward to put her purse on the table. Joseph almost dropped everything he was holding at the moment when he got a top view of her breasts. She sat back up with an ear to ear grin on her face. He tried to maintain his composure and not give in to his impulses but his eight and a half inch cock betrayed him.

"I think I woke up your friend." she chuckled.

"Indeed, careful though, you may have to put him back to sl**p." he replied, with a tone of seriousness.

She blushed but had no response. 'I'll do more than put him to sl**p' she thought.

"So how is such a magnificent woman like you still single." he inquired.

"I dunno I guess I'm just different I guess." she replied.

"Diff-" he was cut off before he could finish.

"We should maybe have our drinks before the ice melts in it." she suggested.


An hour and half had passed both Julia and Joesph were well beyond d***k, he was hoping to get lucky and hit her with the 'whiskey dick'. So was she.

"So you said you were different, different how?"

"I dunno, just different from other girls I guess." she said taking another sip from her cognac and putting her left hand over her chest defensively.

He noticed her posture and fearing he would blow his chance at sex he dropped the subject.


Silence lingered in the living room for what seemed forever and then she spoke.
"Who did you hire to decorate your house, it's very nice." she asked changing the subject.

"I did it myself, I''m flattered that you like my taste." he said blushingly.

She took a long look at him and saw a opening she wanted to exploit.

"I was at a bar that turned out to be a gay and a shemale was hitting on me all night."

"Really, what did you do."

His eyes seemed to sparkle like stars at the mention of a shemales. She saw his cock starting to bulge in his slacks and decided to press the issue further.

"Are you OK?" she asked

"Yeah, that was just a weird topic to bring up out of the blue. I'm intrigued." he admitted.

'It's now or never, I cant let this one get away. I'm going to MAKE him mine, no matter the cost. I'll be subtle at first but if he resits me I'll be left with no choice but to make him love me.' she thought, reviewing her options.

"In what we talked about or the shemale?" she asked smiling shyly.

"Um, well-" he stammered before she cut him off.

He started to tense up, and stir in his seat and his erection subsided.

"It's OK to like shemales they are nice girls, society has just shunned them from being different." she explained in a tone as if she was their advocate.

He seemed to relax from her reassurance.

"Look I'm not questioning your sexuality or anything, if that's what you like that's what you like I don't judge. So, do you like shemales?"

His cognac was working against him and acting like a truth serum.

"I dunno, I saw a Brazilian one on the web earlier. She looked pretty hot."

"Did you see her... Well you know, her package?" she inquired,

"Well yeah, kind of hard to miss that hard cock pointing upwards." he chuckled.

Now any other time he would've put two and two together and got four, but tonight he was getting five. He clearly had no idea he was discussing how hot a shemale was with a hot shemale. Some would call this irony, Julia was calling this extremely fortunate.
She chuckled, "Did it turn you on, I mean did you get aroused." she asked.

"...... A little, I guess. I'm not-" she cut him off again.

She put her hand out and shook her head, "Look I already said I'm not judging you or your sexuality. It's kind of hard to be gay liking a shemale anyways." she said leading him own.

"Explain." he demanded, raising his left eyebrow.

"Well technically or should I say biologically a shemale is mostly female, with the exception of a penis. Shemales consider themselves women, they live their lives as women. The only way to tell one apart is if they have a penis or not. Does a hermaphrodite gets classified as a man or woman since they both sexual organs. They can be with any sex and be considered straight because they have both sexual organs. It all comes back to what society says about them and that's why most female hermaphrodites have their penis removed at birth." she went on to explain.

"So if a shemale has sex with a man he still gay because he let her put it in his ass right?" he asked.

She smiled.

"You just called a shemale 'her', that's the same as if the shemale was a hermaphrodite and her boyfriend let her have sex with him." she retorted.

He exhaled heavily and shook his head.

"I dunno, it's confusing. He said.

"You may be confused but your friend isn't." she cooed.

He exhaled, clearly embarrassed.

"If I ask you three questions would you answer honestly?" she inquired with a tone of seriousness.

"Sure, knock yourself out darling."

"Would you let a shemale have sex with you and vice versa if you liked her?"

"Probably, I would really REALLY have to like her though."

"OK, would you suck her cock?"

"....... I dunno."
"OK, fair enough. Enough talk about shemales, do you like me?"

"Of course Julia, what's not to like about you?"

"I mean do you REALLY like me?"

"Yeah, I REALLY like you Julia?" he smiled.

He still didn't get it but he was about to get it. He was about to ask her if she liked him when she grabbed the bottom of her dress and stood up raising it up to her waist.

"W-wh- what's are you doing Julia, why is that between your legs?" he asked petrified.

"You know what this is Joesph, it's a cock, it's my cock. And since you said you would suck a shemales cock if you REALLY liked her, if my memory is correct you said you REALLY liked me. I want you to suck my cock Joesph, don't turn out to be a liar Joesph. That would make me sad and upset." she said innocently.

"No. I can't do this you've been tricking me from the beginn-" he was cut off when he felt her slap his face.

"I know I'm not wrong about you Joe, you are the one for me I can feel it. I know you want me too, please suck my cock Joe I'm begging you!" she pleaded.

"I-I- need time to think." he said.

'Fuck, I don't want to this but I have no choice. I have to **** him, I'm going to **** him until he loves me.' she decided to herself.

He was face to cock with a thick, throbbing, pre-cum dripping cock that was at least nine inches. During the whole conversation he was staring at her cock, not realizing that he was as hard as he had ever been. She saw his bulge and had second thoughts about r****g him.

"Joe, quit fighting with yourself. Look between your legs." she said.

"Look I'm not leaving here tonight until you accept your sexuality and embrace me as the woman you saw two hours ago. My cock has never dripped like this ever, I'm not fighting my body and you shouldn't either. Just put the head in your mouth and see if you like it, that's all I ask." she implored.

Without thinking he closed his eyes, leaned forward, and opened his mouth. Julia guided her cock in his mouth and once Joesph felt the stream of pre-cum hit his lips and tongue he closed his mouth around the head and held it there for a while. The taste of her cock and the pre-cum in his mouth was intoxicating. The pre-cum was unexpectedly sweet and was similar to maple syrup. It was surreal. He grabbed the base of it and took his mouth off it and started to move his tongue around savoring the taste.

"I'm sorry Julia, I can't. It's jus- ack, ack," he was trying to finish his sentence when Julia rammed her cock in his mouth.

"No Joey, I'm sorry. I told you I'm not leaving until you accept me and your sexuality. I finally figured you out." she said pulling her cock out of his throat so he could breathe but mainland control of his neck with her hand.

"You are afraid that your brain is going to call you gay because your body is enjoying this. But your body can't enjoy this if your brain doesn't signal it to do so, now can it? Nod or shake your head." she explained.

He shook his head.

She was beginning to become irritated.

"So stop being a pussy and SUCK MY FUCKING COCK!" she roared.

Her yell sent a jolt through him and he immediately put the dripping cock in his mouth and began to suck and slurp on it like there was no tomorrow.

'I didn't think he was a sub, but here he is sucking the skin off my cock after being ordered to do so. Maybe i wont have to-' she was thinking to herself before a tsunami of pleasure crashed over her.

"Ohhh god Joey baby you are going to make me cum. This is the fastest I've ever came i told you were the one for me. I ccc-c an't last much longer Joe, uumMMM AAAHHH", she moaned in total bliss.

Her cock twitched violently and her left knee buckled. She put her left knee on the sofa and her eyes rolled in the back of her head and thick hot ropes of maple flavored cum sprayed in Joe's mouth. He lost count at the 10th spurt, he didn't care if he was gay or not, he didn't care if his mom walked in and caught him in the act. Right now all he wanted was more of Julia's maple flavored cum on his tongue and down his throat.

Julia fell on sofa gasping desperately trying to recover from supernatural orgasm she just had. Joe, completely dazed, just looked at her hard cock still twitching as if she was still cumming. And then he passed out.

He woke up in his bed next to Julia who was holding him tightly.

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1 year ago
hope there is a part 3
1 year ago
fntastic fantastic story made me cum so much I'm going to have to change my panties