Wild saturday night!!

So, one Saturday night my wife and I went to drink at her friend Kathy's house. We Had vodka and jagermeister and had been drinking since like 7:30 or so that night. Eventually things got a little racy once we started a game of strip poker. I won the first few hands and quickly got my wife and Kathy down to a bra and panties. I'll be damned if the tide didn't turn though. A few more hands and I was naked before them both. They certainly didn't mind ;) However it was fun to watch them decide who would take off what. Once everyone was naked we took a chance and played adult truth or dare. Her friend was extremely nervous so we took a little break had a few more shots and a cigarette. I had seen enough, So I took the reigns. I whispered in my wifes ear do you want me to eat her pussy? Quietly my wife replied yes, So I kneeled between Kathy's legs in the chair she was sitting in. I licked her pussy until she was wet enough for me to stick a finger inside. I tickled her g-spot and once I knew she was close I stopped and did the same for my wife. I then stood up and they took turns sucking my cock. It was amazing I'd never felt two seperete mouths sucking me. My wife would take my cock deep and slow and Kathy would take it fast and stroke it just right, it was perfect. Kathy then laid my wife down and started eating her pussy as I sucked on her nipples and licked her neck and ear lobes, I again whispered to my wife and asked if she would like to watch me fuck Kathy doggy while she ate her. My wife said yes fuck her hard for me. A little surprised I worked my way behind Kathy and rubbed my cock in between her cheeks before sliding my cock deep inside her. It was odd to feel a new pussy I have been wife for ages and a new pussy was interesting to say the least. It was awesome, the harder I fucked Kathy the better she would eat my wifes pussy. To hear Kathy moan as my cock pounded her with my wifes pussy in her mouth was heavenly. Shortly thereafter my wife pulled Kathy's head away and switched places with her. It was her turn for cock. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her pussy onto my dick and worked her harder than I did Kathy, I was making it hard for her to eat that pussy. They both loved it. I then laid Kathy on her back with her legs in the air and was fucking her slow and deep. My wife moved in and sat on her face. To watch my wife grind her pussy on Kathy's face and watch my cock slide in and out of a strange pussy was the most sexually pleasing moment I have ever experienced. My wife then turned around and started licking Kathy's Pussy just inches from my cock as her tongue danced all over Kathy's pussy I couldn't help my self and pulled my cock out to rub Kathy's clit and I'll be damned if my wife didn't start sucking her juices off of me. I almost came so I let the ladies play for a bit while I considered my next move. While they fingered and kissed each other I sat back and couldn't just watch any more I laid them both side by side, on there side. I then put Kathy's legs together and fucked her while my wife was masturbating and rubbing Kathy's tits. As I watched my wife watching my cock slide in and out of her friend I began to feel like I was going to cum. I asked my wife if I should cum all over Kathy's ass or if she was ready for me to cum inside her. Obviously my wife wanted my cum for herself. (stingy? ;)) I pulled out of Kathy and slid over to my wife Slowly inserting my cock. I pounded her hard and with Kathy playing with her tits and watching us I took a little longer than expected. Then my wife was moaning telling me she wanted it. I said you have to tell me what you want. She then started wiggling her hips and moaning louder cum inside me! Give me all that fucking cum! Then it happened I grabbed her hips and thrusted as deeply as I could while my cock was pulsating and filling her with each contraction. Watching it ooze out made Kathy even wetter, But I was spent and Kathy had already came like three times. Needless to say I hope every Saturday is this epic.
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8 months ago
Fucking excellent. I'm happy for you, you lucky dog