When I was a sophmore in college I needed to make up some classes cause I
changed majors so I took some summer classes. I rented a room in an off
campus house with a couple of other guys I knew. I began dating this
girl. She was so hot - petite but with nice sice 34C tits - jet black hair
and green eyes. I was in love but she treated me like shit. She'd only go
out when SHE felt like it - refused to comit to a relationship with me and
continued dating other guys while seeing me. I didn't care tho cause she
could fuck me like a rabbit.

The two guys I was rooming with told me to dump her cause she was such a
bitch and was seeing other guys but I guess I had a submissive streak that
needed to be fed cause I wouldn't listen to them even tho I knew she was
fucking other guys.

One day I went over to her apartment to study with her. She answered the
door in a leopard print bikini - she smelled like coconut suntan lotion and
looked hot and sweaty and fucking sexy as hell. She said she'd been laying
out getting some sun.

I couldn't concentrate on studying and we did some coke and started making
out. I stripped her bikini off but before she'd let me fuck her she wanted
me to eat her out. I immediately knew the taste on my tounge was more than
just pussy juice. I'd sucked enough cock by then to know the taste of man
cum and cunt cream (tho she didn't know that).

She was getting more turned on than I'd ever seen her as I munched on her
sopping wet cunt. Then she tried to shock me by saying ''I'm so fucking
turned on right now, you wanna know why?'' But I shocked her right back by
saying, ''Cause I'm getting sloppy seconds and eating some dude's spunk
from your cunt?''

She said, ''You know??!!''

I told her I was bi and didn't mind it and told her I'd sucked cock before
(although I didn't go into details).

She fucking came, screaming, like a wildcat.

A couple of days later, I came home from class in the late afternoon. I saw
her car in the driveway of the house I was renting with the two other guys
and figured she was waiting inside for me. I walked in and immediatley knew
she was not waiting for anything. I could hear her groaning and moaning
down the hallway coming from one of my roommate's rooms. As I walked down
the hall I could hear her more clearly, "Yes yes, fuck me fuck me, fuck my
pussy fuck my pussy,"

As I turned the corner I was looking rite into my roommate's open door and
there she was, riding his cock facing the door. She saw me as soon as I saw
her and she immediately began cumming. My roommate was laying down and
couldnt see me but I guess her orgasm triggered his and he began grunting
and screamed, "Oh yeesssssssss you fucking slut!"

I smiled at her as the two of them came down from their orgasms and she
slid off of him not taking her eyes off me. My roommate sat up and saw me
then and began trying to apologize, "Dude, I'm sorry man, she just came on
to me and was all over me and I couldn't help it...."

I told him it was ok and went to my own room. She followed me in, still
naked, and closed the door. "Are you mad at me?" she asked in a teasing
manner. I could tell that she could care less whether I was mad or not and
I grabbed her and pushed her down on the bed and got between her legs and
began to lick her pussy. My roommate's cum still leaking out. She laughed,
"Oh my god, you're such a fag..." she began to say. "Shhhhh," I said. I
don't want my roommate to know that I suck cock." She couldnt reply as I
began to really suck her clit and lap at her sopping wet pussy. It took a
while for me to get her to cum since she'd just had an orgasm like 2
minutes before and by the time she came my jaw was tierd. I think I'd been
eating her pussy for like 20 minutes. When I finished my face was soaking
wet from her cunt juice and my roommate's spunk.

As she was gathering her energy again, I stripped and was getting ready to
fuck her when she stopped me. "I dont let faggots fuck me" she
said. "Fine," I said, "then give me a blow job." Again she said "No. I'm
not in the mood. But you can jerk off for me while I watch you." She began
to tease me by rubbing her tits on my back and taking my hand and putting
it on her tits and pussy and then moving it to my own prick and making me
jerk off. I was so horny I couldnt help it. I was too much of a pussy to
just push her down and fuck her so I began jerking off as she sat back on
my bed and watched and played with her pussy. "Its a shame you're a fag,"
she began to tease me, spreading her cunt wide, "I bet you'd really like to
stick your dick in here huh? Or would you rather get fucked? Maybe I
should get a strap-on and fuck you? Why don't you want your roommates to
know you're a cocksucker?"

"Cause I don't want it to get around campus. I dont know how my friends
would react," I replied stroking my dick.

"Maybe they'd let you suck their dicks. I bet you'd like that. Sucking your
roommates' cocks every night. Being their bitch and letting them fuck you?"
I was getting so turned on I was about to cum. She jumped up then and
opened the door and ran out of my room. I stoppped then before I came and
quickly slipped on my boxer briefs and followed her out of my bedroom and
saw her on her knees in the den sucking my roommate whom she'd just
fucked. She'd pulled his shorts down as he sat and watched tv and had just
dived in and began sucking him. My hard-on was hard to hide in my boxer
briefs and my roommate looked up at me and smiled and shrugged as if to say
"what can I do man?" He motioned with his head indicating I should fuck
her from behind so I stripped off my underwear and got behind her. As soon
as she felt my cockhead at her pussy entrance tho she stopped sucking my
friend and turned around and sat on his dick. She was sitting on his lap
and I could see his cock sliding in and out of her.

She looked me in the eye as I stood with a raging hard on and nowhere to
stick it. "Suck my pussy," she said to me. My roommate was just pounding
away at her cunt. "Do it," she said again, "you know you want to. Do
it. Suck my pussy. Lick my cunt. Or are you too much of a fag?"
I was in a quandry. If I didn't like her pussy would my roommate think I
was a fag? But if I did, would he think I was queer for licking her pussy
while he was fucking her? I suddenly didnt care. I was too horny. I knelt
down and began to tounge her clit, trying not to lick his shaft as it slid
in and out of her no matter how badly I wanted to. But I couldnt help
it. She was bouncing up and down on his rod and he was thrusting up and
down into her that my tongue just naturally slid along his shaft and I
washed his balls with my tongue. I tried to concentrate more on her clit
but it was about 50/50 me licking her clit and his shaft as they bounced up
and down.

My roommate began to cum again and I could feel his shaft twitch under my
tongue. She was good. She timed it perfectly and pulled off him and grabbed
his shaft and aimed it rite at my face as he let go another blast. she
stroked him fast and his next two blasts also hit me rite in the face in
quick succession. With her other hand she frigged her clit and she too
bagan to cum - getting off on the scene of seeing my face covered in my
roommate's cum.

My roommate only had a view of her back and couldnt see everything that was
going on. She leaned down and kissed me then. Smearing his cum all over my
face with her lips and tongue. When she sat up, both our faces were covered
in cum but by the time my roommate sat up and looked at us it must have
just looked like sweat or saliva from the tongue bath she'd given my face.

She got up and got some water and I said I had to go pee and went to the
bathroom. While there I sat on the toilet and began to finish myself off
stroking my cock. Just as I was about to cum, she walked in, saying she had
to pee too. As I came she laughed and said, "Poor baby. No one sucked you
or fucked you huh?" I couldn't say anything as I was rite in the middle of
an orgasm. "I'm sorry baby," she said teasingly, "But I really don't want
to be fucked by a faggot. I need a real man, you know? But we can still
have fun. Maybe we can be, like, girlfriends?" With that, she sat on my lap
facing me, straddling me, as I sat on the toilet, and she began to pee. I
could feel her hot piss running all over my cock and balls and into the
toilet. Even tho I'd just cum, I began to get hard again feeling her warm
golden liquid running down my balls. As she finished peeing she looked down
and saw my semi-hard rod soaked with her piss and she laughed. "You ARE a
sick fuck," she said laughingly, wiping her twat with some toilet paper.
She quickly got off me and left the bathroom. I thought of jerking off a
second time but needed to get my energy back. I waited about a minute
before wiping myself off and leaving the bathroom. On the way back to my
bedroom to get my clothes I could hear her car pulling out of the driveway.

My roommate came in as I was getting some clean underwear out of my
dresser. "She is a fucking sick slut dude."

"I know," I replied. I went and showered then.

I tried calling her over the next two weeks but she never returned my
calls. In class she always came a minute or two late and left quickly as
soon as the lecture was over and wouldn't talk to me. I heard a few weeks
later that she was dating some other guy that I knew slightly. He was very
rich and always had lots of coke so I figured it was a lost cause. But it
was fun while it lasted.

100% (10/0)
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4 years ago
should have got out of that sonner
4 years ago
Sounds like great fun to me!
4 years ago
You got while the getting was good!