Frat party-from dancing;to grinding to more...

I went to party at my fraternity last weekend. I've graduated for years now, but one of my buddies at the frat convinced me to come out and have a few drinks.

When I got there, the party was at full capacity. Every hallway was packed with d***ken college students. There were so many hot 19 year old chicks wearing micro skirts and low-cut tops, just begging to be fucked.

I had a few too many beers and ended up making a fool of myself on the dance floor. With my liquid courage, I got in the middle of a group of girls dancing and was busting out all of my best moves. In reality, I probably looked like a jackass, but the girls seemed to find it funny.

Eventually most of the girls left the dance floor, but one chick stayed behind to dance with me. A hot blonde with long legs, just barely covered by her miniskirt. I should have felt bad because she looked fresh out of highschool and I was closing in on 30 now. But in my state, I just didn’t care.

I took her to the back of the room and continued to grind with her. I was getting so hard and horny, I couldn’t take my hands off of her. I was grabbing her titties and kissing the sides of her neck. She was loving it. She grabbed my dick and was squeezing it through my jeans, telling me that it felt nice.

The next thing she did surprised me. She unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock right out in the public. I didn’t care. I just kept grinding my cock against her panties, which were soaked. Then she whispered to me “you wanna dip?”. I wasn’t really sure what that was, but she bent over in front of me, giving me a full view of her ass and she pulled her panties aside, revealing her perfectly shaved pink pussy. I got the idea.

I got behind her and positioned my dick so that just the tip was parting her pussy. She backed up a little bit, sliding more of me inside her. Her pussy was so wet and hot, I just wanted to get in all the way. So I pushed up against her, hoping to get my whole dick inside. She quickly pulled away and told me not to do that. I didn’t know there were rules to what we were doing.

She gave me another chance and we started grinding again. Again, I had the tip of my dick inside her pussy and this time I let her decide how deep it went. She’d back it up so that I was only halfway in and she gave me a few good pumps to the beat of the music, and then pull away again. I was getting so horny, I thought my dick was going to explode. She kept doing this over and over again, but each time, she was getting a little deeper, until finally I was all the way inside her.

But she kept pulling away after a few strokes, which was frustrating the hell out of me. Finally after like 5 or 6 times, I held onto her hips and wouldn’t let her pull away. I thrusted into her and started fucking her nice and deep. She resisted at first, but then she gave in and started fucking me back. I don’t remember how long we were fucking for, but I don’t imagine I lasted very long. I was so worked up from all of her teasing that after pumping her for a few minutes, I unloaded inside her.

After that, I quickly put my dick back in my pants. She turned around and give me a kiss on the lips and said “thanks” and walked away. That was the last I ever saw of her. But boy was I glad I decided to go to the party!
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