MILF magic 3

Jumping ahead a little after I had taken a shower, it was now pass midnight and veronica was getting into one of my mom’s pajamas while I stood at the door chatting and getting to know each other a little bit more. It turns out that she and my mom still fuck each other quite frequently and this was one of her regular visits, it appeared that my mom had told her a lot about me but never mentioned that I would be staying for the weekend as well. We continued to talk while my mom came up the stairs; she came up behind me at the door and said “what are you two talking about?” “Nothing much, just getting to know each other more” I replied. “Veronica, you’ll be ok by yourself tonight?” asked my mother, “well like I was [my name], tonight I had something planned for us but you and [my name] made me the third wheel”. My mom rested her chin on my shoulder and whispered in my ear “sweety, I cant let her let her sl**p alone tonight?” In all honesty my cock was soar and pulsing in pain but of course I am a young buck, hell if I was gonna pass this up.
Veronica an I sat on the bed in my mom’s room watching some crap on the TV while my mom was in the shower, just being in this perverted fantasy kept my cock on a constant high. Veronica was in a small top and a very thin short shorts, my mom shouted from the bathroom “[my name], get me a towel please” I went to the closet and got her the towel, I stepped into the bathroom and saw my mom completely naked looking at me “well? Are you gonna give it to me or stand there?” she responded to my stunned expression. With a smile on my face I handed her the towel, I made my way back to the bedroom to find veronica completely naked as well, it was time to man up. I took a big gulp and asked her if this is what my mom has been doing this entire time, she laughed and said “[my name] your mom is a very naughty woman, you only know the prim n proper side of her” I stood there and felt my mom’s body pressed against mine from behind, her warm breathe kissed my neck as her hands reached around and dipped into my pants. Her hands squeezed and pulled on my already hardened cock, less than surprised she laughed and said “come to bed” she walked by me completely naked again, I sworn my head hit the ceiling; my head was in the clouds, I almost tipped over is disbelief.
My mom, this thick white bbw milf and her equally sexy big and sexy friend, two bisexuals, my mother, oh my god. I grinned; you would swear I had more teeth than humanly possible. Of course my cock was still in pain with every pump of bl**d meant to keep it hard but I had faith in my youth. i walked over to the bed to these two fully grown women rubbing each other down, my mom stopped me before I could get on the bed, she told me to open the drawer next to me and take out all the toys that were in it, boy did she have toys. There was this big black monster dildo that gave my heart a jolt at the sight of it, I surely took everything out and dropped them on the bed. Veronica turned and began stripping me of my clothes, of course I had no problem in racing her; franticly taking off my shirt and underwear. I stood there with my cock pointing like a gun at her face, with a sharp jab she throated my entire shaft like the bitch I was making her out to be, my mom pulled her throat off my cock and said “greedy bitch, come baby I want you” she took me by my hand and pulled me onto the bed, the feel of their soft white skin drove me insane, I started sucking on the nearest breasts I could find. I was sucking on my mom’s breasts, they were amazing, and you never fell like you’re in heaven till you suck your mom’s tits like I did.
I started fingering veronica, still sucking and biting my mom’s breasts while my other hand fingered her, they both moaned and grind on my fingers. Veronica took up one of the dildos and started sucking on it, glancing at her made me jealous, she can suck a mean dick. I was gonna cum soon under all this ecstasy. I lay on top of my mom and placed my cock at her pussy, the raw feel of her pussy on my cock hit me like a fucking wall, I HAD NO CONDOM! And my mom didn’t seem to care, was I gonna say anything? Hell there is such a thing called abortion. Her hot wet pussy squeeze my cock as my cock inched into her pussy, my body weakened under the pleasure, I fell onto her my body continued pushing my cock in deeper, it was like I had no control, she held me jaws and kissed me deep and passionately. Yes, yes, fuck, my mother’s pussy was amazing, as sweet oral as it is phallic. Her hand strokes my body and I increased speed and f***e, she moaned and screamed my name telling me to fuck my mother harder. I could hear veronica pleading “fuck her! Fuck me harder!” I turned to see her fucking her fat self with a big black toy, I felt torn between the two; I wanted to fuck both at them but didn’t want to stop fucking any of them. I started to ram my cock even harder into my mom’s pussy slowing down to hold my cum back from time to time, I moved down to eat my mom’s pussy, fingering her pussy while I licked her clit. She moaned relentlessly writhing on my fingers, veronica turned to me and laid me on my back pressing her massive breasts against my cock, her chubby face was so cute I felt this abusive urge to fuck it savagely, she got up onto my cock, forcing it into her greased ass. This was my first time being inside an ass; god it felt amazing, my hands reached up grasping and squeezing her amazing breasts, my mother got behind her and started to kiss her back down to her ass.
It was between that moment and when I fell asl**p I exploded inside veronica’s ass. Sadly I didn’t last long enough to see the night through, I came so fucking hard I could stay get my cock up again. I laid there desperately trying to catch my breath glimpsing these two milfs being the nasty bitches they said they used to be, I only remember so much until waking up the next afternoon. So much for that night, the weekend wasn’t over but that night surely was.

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