MILF Magic pt.2

Her mouth devoured my cock slowly; I could only imagine that she had been doing this for a long time. She f***ed her mouth around my thick black cock; chocking greedily, this sensation was better than any BJ that I had ever gotten before. She began sucking harder and faster I could feel my cock ready to explode in her mouth. I held her head firmly fucking her throat aggressively, spit and cum poured endlessly from her mouth. The second I let out that last bit of cum the doorbell rang, I was so surprised at how calmly she went to answer the door with my cum on her breath. She open the door the woman apparently her friend who she game a big hug and kiss, I was so surprised. By now i had pulled myself together, they both came to the living room as my step mom introduced her friend. This woman was thicker than my mom, she was a blonde with fairly thick thighs and a very round and cute face. My mom introduced us, her name suited her; veronica.
I sat in the couch waiting for my cock to go back down, reminiscing about the amazing half hour that just happened, after about another 15 minutes my mom and veronica came back from the kitchen and sat next to me laughing and chatting like all women do. For one reason or another veronica seemed to had taken a liking to me rubbing me leg and stroking my hair as my mom told her all she could about me till eventually they brought up those kinky moments my mom was talking about earlier. I was less than surprised when they both said that they used to be bi together, however I felt more at ease as my cock started to get hard again. I was seeing an unknown side of my mother when she started talking about our little sucking session a hour ago, veronica sat there getting very excited like a school girl, she reached across my lap and groped my mom’s breast, I was intoxicated by her sweet aroma and the idea of digging into all that flesh.
They both kissed and felt each other up a little before my mom turned to me and asked “sweety, I want you to sl**p with mama tonight”. I chuckled a little, I swore she was joking till veronica said “that’s not fair; look at the cock on him and you him all for yourself?” I was amazed, the entire time we were sitting there I felt like I was dreaming, I not only had my thick sexy mother but her even thicker friend wanting to fuck me and it was okay with both of them.
It was getting late now and veronica got up to take a shower, she took me by the hand, dragging me behind her; I surely made no resistance, we left my mom in the couch half asl**p. before we even reached the bathroom my hands were taking her clothes off, I didn’t even wait for her to advance on me first; I was confident it was a good fuck she wanted. We kissed greedily sucking on each other’s tongue, my hand reach inside her panties and felt a similar smooth fatty pussy like my mom’s, my mother started to water, hungry to eat it. She stripped me down while I did the same to her , she grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off she took my cock and kissed it sooo passionately I felt like moaning. My head almost popped when she carefully so slowly fit my entire cock inch by inch down her throat, her big hazel eyes kept staring at my face while she sucked my cock with such passion; ever so slowly with long wet strokes. Her warm breath melted my cock inside her mouth as her sloppy mouth got spit hanging off her chin; she kept staring at me saying “does your mom suck your cock like this?” “is your mom this nasty?”
I couldn’t hold a breath long enough to say anything, she grabbed my cock and ran her mouth along the length of my cock before taking my balls into her mouth. I could feel her tongue begging to my cum to feed her, she brought her mouth around and dropped a mouthful of spit along the length of my cock, I rose my head to find my mom coming down the hall, she laughed saying “veronica you nasty bitch” she kneeled beside her and held her head forcing her to throat me, my mom rammed veronica’s head down my cock hard and fast, she started to choke before my mom gave her a breather and gave her a big sloppy wet kiss, I swore to god I almost came. We had a swap of throat when my mom decide to suck my cock, it didn’t take me long to explode in that warm, familiar, motherly mouth. She and veronica kissed each other as I painted their sweet faces with my cum, I almost fainted i came so hard. I sat there against the wall watching both of them kissing and fingering each other, I wished so much I could just get hard again right away seeing both of their hot thick bodies slipping along each other, I desperately tried to regain my composure, I kept telling myself that tomorrow things might change and I had to fuck my mother before the night ended and surely enough I remembered that she wanted me to sl**p with her…

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