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My father just gone through a breakup with my stepmom who I have grown much attached to; although my father and her no longer speak she and I have been communicating for some time now, nothing has changed although she now hates my father. She frequently reminds me that I can visit her at any time I choose, I had made plans to visit her for the weekend when she wasn’t working. she met me in the town and drove me to her cozy home which I had come very comfortable being in, during the first few hours that Friday evening we caught up with each other, I had informed her how much my father and I have drifted apart and how much I resented him for leaving her, she reassured me that things aren’t as bad as they seem we are still able to see each other and that was more than enough comfort for her.
We later poked fun at each other; huddled close on the couch, she shared a little of her past when she was in her early twenties when and all the naughty things she did and how free she was. She was just as thick and round back then as she is now, perfect with a lovely set of G cups and thick in her thighs. Getting to the real reason why I chose to share this story, the hours rolled by as we sat there cuddled watching TV, her stories slowly crept along I was amazed at how open she was with me her arousing and erotic stories get my cock hard eventually knowing that the woman at the center of all those stories was huddled next to me. She eventually brought up the time I came home and saw her naked has she had not expected anyone to be home for hours, I felt her warm breath kissing my neck as she slowly ran her hand across my lap I was sure she had realized my cock was hard. I was hearing her warm voice but I was not listening to what she was saying, I soon realized that she had stopped talking I turned to face her without any time to react she held my jaw and sunk her pink like into mine. Somehow in the blink of an eye I made a resolve; we are not biologically related so this is a free pass at my mom, I allowed myself to do this taboo. The moment she realized I was not backing down her kisses erupted fully sinking her fingers into my chest in a flurry of passionate strokes, we only exchanged moans as we stared in each other’s eyes for a mere second before I plucked her amazing breasts from her top sucking on them like I hadn’t eaten in ages.
She laid on her back slowly as I continued my assault on her breasts, the more she moaned the more I sucked and bit her, my hands took over for my mouth as I made my way down between her legs; long before I saw her naked the first time I have had perverted dreams like any normal man would. She removed her skirt and her panties, I was too horny now to stop and stare at her pussy in amazement, my lips glided freely over her perfectly shaved pussy, my lips coiled around her throbbing clit, twisting and sucking it. As my hands squeeze and pinched her nipples, her fingers ran through my hair freely keeping my head where she needed it. My tongue slipped into what seemed like an oven; her pussy was so hot and wet, I quickly found myself drinking in her juices, she was extremely horny and not before long she came in my mouth. The idea that this was my mom gave me a dirty rush that possessed me to drink in every drop of her cum she poured at my lips. She looked down at me desperate to catch her breath and feel back flat on the couch; I slowly kissed her tummy up between her breasts and lay on top of her as she flung her arms around me giving me a big wet, sloppy, greedy kiss.
She looked me in the eyes and asked me to call her “mama” when I fuck her, this almost gave me a heart attack, I long expected that she would let me fuck her but hearing her say it shot me a rush of bl**d to the head. I got up and she sat on the couch ripping away at my clothes, I am 21 and I guess with being black my cock wasn’t something you shake your shoulder at, however I was not impressive in my own opinion. She held my hardened cock in both hands and slowly pumped it before laying a long sloppy kiss at the head, her lips swallowed my cock inch by inch, and my legs trembled slightly as my head fell back with a devilish smile on my face….

To be continued; the best is yet to cum.

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3 years ago
i have ran into some trouble posting the second part to my story, until xhamster has informed why they keep deleting my new story posts, you can find part 2 to this at my blog,
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice now let's have the rest
3 years ago
more coming very soon, this recently happened so i wanna make sure i dont leave anything out.
3 years ago
Yes,great start,,more please
3 years ago
MMMMMMM please continue.....
3 years ago
nice.. need the 2nd part soon
3 years ago
Great start.
3 years ago
Pray do continue.
3 years ago
I want the rest of the story PLEASE. Very hot indeed.