My hot s****rs

My name is Matthew. I am 19 years old, I have 2 s****rs, and 1 b*****r. Melisa, Andy, and Jacob. I have to say, I noticed very big changes in the physical appearances of my s****rs. Melissa especially. She is 19 years old, brunette, got a very firm pair of breasts, and a fit body.
Andy is my other s****r, she is 21, she has brownish dark hair, and a very hot body, her boobs got bigger over the year. My little b*****r,18, is also my best friend. That's not pathetic to say right? He is also alittle bit of a perv. He buys playbody mags every week, and tries to peek at our s****rs when one of them is in the shower. I can't say I haven't peeked myself, but let's not go to that road.

Hey jacob, are you peeking at melisa under the door in the shower, I asked. He raised his finger up to his lips and mouthed for me to shush. He was on the floor, looking under the door of the bathroom, and looking at the reflection on the floor to reveal my s****r's awesome body.

My dick started getting tense at the though of my s****r showering. Jake, scoot over, I want to see. I told my b*****r. Jacob sighed and moved over steadily. I could tell he had a boner as well. And there I saw it. I couldn't believe that it was my s****r. I mean, my s****r is very pretty, but this was a goddess me and my b*****r were looking at. She had big boobs and my fingers were twitching as she scrubbed perky boobs with a soft sponge. She was rubbing it all over her body. Then she got shampoo and placed it on her lovely hair and rubbed it. She closed her eyes. She had a perfectly shaved virgin pussy.

My cock was rock hard by now, and by then I havent noticed that my b*****r was gone. I looked around to find him, but no one was there.

I then heard some soft moaning. It wasn't my s****r in the shower, it sounded like jacob.

I ran over to his room and there he was, jacking off. When he saw me and shouted at me to get out. I ran out and sprinted to my room. That was something I regretted seeing. But before I could erase jacob's ugly hairy cock from my mind, my heart pounded as I heard the shower from the bathroom turn off. My s****r was coming out. Immedialtly, my died down boner instantly became a hard hit erection. I didn't dare open the door to my room. But I needed to see that great body of melisa. Who cares if I get in trouble, it's worth my laugh just for a glimpse of those big teen breasts. As i put my hand on a door knob, I heard my s****r get out of the bathroom. I listened to her walk down the hall until she stopped dead at her tracks. I opened my door just alittle till I could see her standing.

She then opened my b*****rs door and put her mouth open of shock. Jacob! She screamed.

I could tell that jacob is fucked now. I thought. I chuckled to myself alittle, as I was glad i wasnt him right now. Now melisa is going to tell Andy, and then she would tell mom and dad. herefore my b*****r is screwed.

Serves him right, I thought. Now he sees why I dont listen to my little head on pants 24/7.

To my surprise, melisa and jacob were chatting and there was no more shouting or screaming. I opened the door alittle wider, till I could see that melissa was not there in the hall anymore, I opened the door just enough for me to squeeze in and I peeked at my b*****rs room. My s****r Was Facing jacob, and her ass was staring straight at me. Her towel was on the floor.

Jacob, were you jacking off thinking of me? She asked gently.

Umm, ummm, well... My b*****r stuttered. That was an odd question for a s****r to say.

Before my b*****r could say anything else, my s****r sat on her knees and put her hand on my b*****rs erected dick. My jaw dropped. Was this really happening? Was my s****r really handling my b*****rs dick?

She then put her mouth on it and deep throated it. My b*****r moaned. He turned his eyes to me, he could tell how shocked I was. He mouthed the words "holy shit" to me. I didn't say anything back. I was too shocked.

Melissa put her mouth off jacobs dick with a soft SPLUT and spit on it. Do you like that? she said. Jacob nodded impatiently.

Melissa then put her lips on his dick and rubbed it. Jacob moaned. Melissa then went deep throat again, in and out, in and out. It looked to be a very nice blowjob. Then after a minute of a deep throat, saliva started pouring out melissa's mouth and ozzed on to jacob's balls. He moaned even more. Melissa grabbed her perky tits and held the mtogether. He put jacob's dick between them and slid up and down.

She then stood up, and took jacob's jeans fully off. She stood up on top of him in the bed, and teased him with rubbing his dick on her clit.

She slit his dick in and they both moaned. The bed started creaking as they were both thrusting. Melissa was looking up at the ceiling with passion as she slid up and down my b*****rs dick. Then, cum oozed out of her clit and went down to the bed.

ooooh who's going to clean that up? my s****r said. She then went down and started licking the cum from the bed.

Before she could turn her sight onto me, I ran off to my room and locked the door. I layed on the bed and aggresively grabbed my dick out and started stroking wildly on what I just wittnessed. Cum jumped out and splashed on my face and neck.


It was nighttime, and the events still hadn't escaped my mind. Everyone was asl**p. I went out and looked into my b*****rs room. Jacob was sl**ping there with briefs on with a smile on his face.

Lucky bastard, I thought. Suddenly, anger stroke out of me. Why couldn't it be me, I thought. I always paid girls with respect, and I made tons of girls at college blush. Without hesitation, I ran over to my b*****rs bed and angrilly woke him up.

He gasped and woke up. He looked up at me, and grumpily said, whats your problem? My eyes filled with fury. What the fuck just happened earlier?!

Oh, nothing, guess I was just at the right place at the right time. You saw that right? I was fucking the shit out of her. I was pretty good for my first time, huh?

A moment passed. Tears were at the tip of my eyes. I punched jacob in the side of the face, and dragged him out by his neck from the bed. I kicked him in his stomach and he fell on the floor with a thud. He spit out bl**d, and he looked up at me, scared. What was that for??


Well... It IS my room, dumbass. He smirked.

I threatened a punch, and he cowered back.

Look man, I dont want any problems with you. I mean you're my b*****r, we knew each other our whole life. A stab of guilt felt my head now.

I'm sorry. I said. It's just that-

No. My b*****r cut me of. I know what you're feeling right now. And let me just say that it could have easily been you. It wasn't because of an affectionate thing thats been going on for years. It was just spur of the moment. So dont think that im better than you, because god knows im not. You are a good b*****r, that protected me my whole life. Dont let this ruin our b*****rhood, man.

I sighed. He was right.

I apologized and went back to bed.


The next morning. we were having pancakes for breakfast. I passed by Melissa who was brushing her teeth. Andy was off to work. She was a nurse.

When I walked down, I saw my b*****r greet me as if nothing happened last night. We both sat down and picked up our forks.

I picked my fork and stabbed alittle hole in the middle of the pancake. Then I put my finger in it and licked it.

My b*****r was noticing it, and lightly hit my back, as if to tell me to get it together. What was happening to me? I am letting this little event take over my life now.

Melissa went down to eat and sat across from me and jacob. Mom and dad are never home, we havent seen them since we were 6. I dont like to talk about it. So, me and Andy provide the money for the house, and she cooks the food for us.

I saw jacob smirk at melissa, and melissa smiled softly and took a bite of pancake.

After a few minutes, they both held hands and went back upstairs. Pigs.. I muttered.

So there I was. On the dinner table, alone, while god knows how freaky sex jacob and melissa are having.

I went and watched some tv at the living room. I stopped at some porno. I lost track of time, and slept. When I woke up, Andy sat beside me watching an episode of "friends".

Hey sl**pyhead! She chuckled at me.

I looked around. How long I been out? I asked.

Andy looked at her watch, well I came home an hour ago, and you were asl**p, you left the tv on, and it happened to be friends on at this time. So I just stuck around.

I stood up. Andy... I began.

Andy didnt say for me to finish. I know what you're going to say. And to tell you the truth, it really bothers me as well. Melissa told me.

Huh? She told you what happened?

Andy nodded. Really disgusting, she said.

I agreed with her, although i found it more hot than disgusting.

Before she could say something else, I heard some moaning coming from upstairs.

Andy sighed. She looked over at me.

What? I said. Nothing, she answered. You are just kinda cute.

Thanks. I said.

Out of nowhere, she grabbed my pants, and started rubbing it until I had an erection.

Andy said, I know this is so wrong right now, but if jacob and melissa could have fun, why cant we?

I quickly took off her nurse outfit and revealed her bra. She unplugged it and I started kissing her passionatly and went on to wildly licking her tits.

Wow! You really know how to please a woman huh? Andy said with exclaim.

I nodded and started rubbing her cunt through her blouse. She took it off and left her pink panties on. She kissed me on the lips and started to take off my shirt. She then licked my stomach, and went down to my pants. She unbottuned it, and started to suck it from the underwear. I moaned.

She took off my underwear and started licking the tip, and went down to a full on deep throat.

Damn! I said.

With that, andy kept going deeper and harder. She then layed down and revealed her shaved pussy to me. I licked it so hard.

Then she bend down on the couch and asked for me to do it in her ass. I then fucked her anal, and she moaned so much. I was having the time of my life.

Then I came all over inside her pussy.

Phew! She said, exhausted. We both layed in there and hugged each other.

I can't believe it, that was an amsing first time I had, and I couldnt wait what was going to happen tomorrow.

Then I saw my b*****r at the wall standing there. He was watching us fuck.

He put a thumbs up to me, but he had a dull look on his face, with anger and hate. He walked away angrily.

Fuck him, andy said. She then kissed me some more, and put her head down and fell asl**p next to my cock.
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3 years ago
well written
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love it!!!
4 years ago
very good & yes more
4 years ago
Do some more! Do some more! (The crowd is saying)
4 years ago
I really enjoyed this. Please write more.
4 years ago
great story jake i enjoyed reading it!