Day at liz'es

It was an average day in home room where the k**s were talking while the teacher struggled to take roll. Me and liz were talking about drawing, anime and manga. Liz being a little “out there” says to me “hey I have a lil more risque stuff at home, you should swing by and check it out” “sure what time” I reply, to wich she says “any time before…” I had drifted off into space thinking about her her long flowing blonde hair, her petite little body and her perfect A cup breast. “hey, you there?” liz said as she poked my shoulder “huh” I said barley managing to get the word out of my mouth. “Any time before 5, sheesh you zone out easy” she snarked “yea it’s the ADD” I mumbled “so I guess Ill be there around 3” I said with a little more confindence “OK cool” she reply’s. so fast forward to about 3:10. I pull up to her house in my CJ-5. With the hole in the muffler she must have heard me coming because she steped out of the door eyeballing me and the dorrless and toplees jeep behind me and says “so that’s your money pit eh?” we both laughed and walked inside. She gave me the grand tour of her house an average sized 3 bedroom 2 bath house so after my little tour we sit down on the couch and she pulls out the black folder, and hands me a few drawings. See liz has always ben a good artist. Some of the very well done ones were of just a naked women and 2 girls kissing as I was lookin at these drawings I get a “rising feeling” in my pants. As I was flipping through some of the others. She looked over at her bedroom door and “I have some more in my room if u wanna see” I say “sure” so she took my hand (wich at the time I thought it was odd ) but I walked with her back to her room. As we walk in she closes the door behind us at this point I start to suspect what her intentions truly were so I just go with it. The she walks into the middle of the room and says “well its not drawings I want you to check out its this” at that moment she ripped her blouse open reveling her perfect breast if my jaw could have hit the floor it would have.To be continued...

part two cuming soon :)

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